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Global Affiliate Zone Review – Scam or Legit?

is GAZ a scam

Global Affiliate Zone has been gaining a lot of attention recently. Social media marketing has helped this company expand its reach online, but a lot of people have been wanting to find out if this is a legit company or another scam.

Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam? Well, in this GAZ review we will determine whether this is the perfect opportunity to make some real money with affiliate marketing or another scam.

You should know that I am not affiliated with Global Affiliate Zone or have ever promoted Global Affiliate Zone, so this will be a 3rd party review. You can consider the facts before you decide to pay for this program.

It is a good idea to always do your due diligence before signing up for a program online.

You should ask yourself. “Do you really want to join a multi-level marketing company?”


Global Affiliate Zone Review

Company: Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ)GAZ review


Owners: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang

Price: $99 start up fee + Hidden upsells

Rating: TBD


What is Global Affiliate Zone

GAZ has been trending as of recent and with that trend, I want to find out if this company is legit.

Global Affiliate Zone is an online MLM company.  This platform is going to teach you how to recruit other people online into joining GAZ. When that person joins GAZ through your affiliate link (a special link that tracks clicks) and decides to purchase the program, you will earn a commission. Simple enough right?

GAZ goes even further to claim that this is a 90% done for you system. That this system offers 1 on 1 coaching, sales funnels, generating traffic to those funnels, and just sitting back collecting on commission from the recruiting you have done.

This is the first major red flag with this program. Internet marketing is not a done for you system. It takes a lot of work and effort on your part. False claims are a sign of a scam.

So is GAZ a scam? Let’s take a look at the owners.


The ownership of Global Affiliate Zone

is global affiliate zone a scam

If you are like me then you found GAZ through Facebook. I saw a lavish lifestyle type ad with payouts of $5,000. I was intrigued and skeptical but decided to click through to see a sign up for a “live webinar”. It became very clear after just a couple of minutes that this was just another recorded webinar. As the names that were being called out and welcomed did not line up.

Julian was the hype man in this “live webinar” telling us to type “yes” if we want to make some cash online. Typing “yes” I didn’t see my response get entered in till about 15 minutes later.

I listened to Julian babble for over an hour. Most of it was common knowledge but then he was going to reveal his big secret. But first, he decided to tell us the steps.

  • Creating a high converting sales funnel
  • Capture page
  • Email leads

Julians big secret was never revealed. So, are those 3 things the big secret to online marketing?

That is all it takes? Of course, I was still very skeptical because it takes a lot more than that.


What it really takes to build a successful online business

The message that I did not hear from the webinar was what it really takes to build a business online. This is the process I know and what you should understand if you want to build a business online.

1.) Choose your own niche or interest. (I choose to help people get started online.)

  • This can be anything from – Sport and fitness, music and art, computers and electronics. Whatever you like and enjoy. A way for you to follow your passion.

2.) Building a website around your niche.

  • If you are going to be building a business online you need a professional website. It is not complicated to achieve.

3.) Generating Traffic to your website from search engines. (This is the hardest part)

  • You need to be relevant in search engines. You need to understand using keywords, content creation, SEO, adding pictures and videos. That is how you build a business and it is never DONE FOR YOU type of system like GAZ claims.

4.) Earning revenue from the visitors of your website.

  • This is done by affiliate marketing relevant products to your audience. By placing ads on your website. By selling an ebook. There are all types of ways to do this besides just recruiting people.

You need a platform that can teach you these steps correctly. GAZ is not the platform that is going to teach you this. If you want to spend your day posting links all over social media to try to earn revenue then have fun with GAZ.

If you want to learn how to do this correctly then you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

My full Wealthy Affiliate Review. It is FREE for the first 7 days. You get to try it. And the membership fee is much cheaper and does not have any hidden costs. The first month is only $19 and the monthly membership fee after that is only $49.

Much cheaper than GAZ and there will not be any thousand dollar upsells.

make money online

(Click image to join)


Costs of Global Affiliate Zoneglobal affiliate zone reviewed

GAZ is only teaching you how to leverage making money by sending referrals to join. The things I do not like about this MLM company is that there is no free trial. They want your money upfront before you can even test the platform.

It costs $99 to join. But wait there is more!

There are hidden upsells to this program. An upsell of $495 and $2,475. If you are questioning if you would pay that type of money for an internet marketing program, well then guess what? So would everyone else.

Let’s say you decide to join and only pay $99. You will only earn a commission from people you recruit who also join and pay this amount.

You will not earn a commission on the upsells from your recruits if you do not buy the upsells.

That’s right if you want to earn the large commissions you have to buy them. It is a scheme. Trying to trick you into thinking by buying this high priced item that you will be able to sell it and get rich and earn HUGE commissions weekly.

Don’t fall for this marketing trick.


The Pros and Cons of Global Affiliate Zone

Not all MLM companies are bad. GAZ does have some offers for you that can benefit you. GAZ of course, needs to be worth paying $99 for and eventually $2,475.


  • Half hour coaching call
  • 3-Hour Coaching Mentor Training
  • Private GAZ Community Access
  • Team Group Chats, Weekly Training
  • We Provide you with High Converting Offers
  • We Build your Capture Pages
  • We build your Auto-Responders
  • Email Leads on your Behalf
  • Handle your Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Sales Presentations and Live Webinars for your Leads
  • We Close Sales for YOU!


  • Miss leading
  • The $99 does not offer what it says it will
  • Hidden costs
  • Overpriced for internet marketing

Take a look at what Lisa had to say about Global Affiliate Zone and her experience.

GZA review

Or how about Reddit user girl__

GZA complaints


It seems the ownership of GZA are just experts at telemarketing and convincing people to buy the upsells of their program. I am sure they will drop this program when the whole MLM company is not legit and is just a Ponzi Scheme.

Seems we will have to be on the look out eventually of these people running a new con online.


Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?

Yes, Global Affiliate Zone is a scam.

This platform is trying to trick you to sign up for $99. Then, once you are inside and realize there is no actual training, you will get a call from your “coach” who is going to try to sell you on actually buying the training for close to $500.

These guys at GZA are not running an MLM company, they are running a Ponzi scheme masked as an MLM.

You do not want to spend any money on this program. If you are serious about affiliate marketing and making money online then you should see my recommended platform below.

#1 Affiliate Marketing Platform.

Here is how Wealthy Affiliate stacks up against GAZ.


  1. Thanks for this info, I’ve been looking around the web for good affiliate marketing program to learn the ins and outs. So far Wealthy Affiliate has been great.

    1. Greg,

      It is an actual program that will teach you how to affiliate all types of products online, not just how to promote one service. Wealthy Affiliate is much better than this.

  2. These stuff makes me so angry, i’ve been looking for mentors for the past year and there are so many things like this, they may give you some good infos but why hiding the money you have to pay? just be honest!
    I found wealthy affiliate amazing in one month i have my website up and running without previous experience it’s a lot of work but this is the good thing about WA they don’t tell you ” you’ll be rich tomorrow” that, doesn’t exist! thanks for this review i hope many people can read this!

    1. Luca,

      I would love to help mentor you. I suggest going through the Wealthy Affiliate training course. It is a great course and there are no hidden costs. You get to try it for free which is wonderful. I can help mentor you. Contact me on my profile and we can work something out Kurtis Quick WA Profile

  3. Great Post. I love they way you compare the two companies. If one was going to get into affiliate marketing they would want to choose wealthy affiliate. Thanks again for the post.

  4. I tend not to label online business as scam so quickly and easily, Kurtis. But as you say, when I see the shadow of upsells looming over online programs, I get shivers down my spine. Nope, I do not do upsells, and nope, I do not do video or webinars where the secret to big earnings is never revealed. So I am afraid GAZ is going to be a no goer for me.

    1. There is a time to give a program a great rating and a time not too. When you “coach” is calling you and trying to pitch you on spending thousands of dollars for more training, then it is a con game. This should be a no go for everyone.

  5. I started GAZ Nov 21 2016, right after being a car accident , I was in a neckbrace when I started , the reason why was a semi side swiped me , I went off the road , up a snowbank , airborne , through the air , through a barbwire fence , knocked out on impact . I was out cold for 2-3 hours, luckily a farmer found me and I was taken to the hospital , when they called my boss he asked two things . He said is my truck ok ? He said is the stock damaged ? The farmer said , ” You don’t want to know how Joshua is !? ” He replied , ” Well if he was dead , you would of told me so I would assume is ok . ” So as I said I was in the hospital , had the 99 usd in my pocket , the upgrade was not doable and they told me it was not mandatory, however depended on how I wanted to build my business , packages starting at 280-going up to 8000. Also what was nice was the commission was paid in us so because I am canadian it was a nice conversion . The only negative I would say would be I had to wait a few months to get my gaz commission cheque however they added 10 % on the cheque because of being late which was really amazing . When I reached out to the top guys on facebook and mentioned it in one our weekly masterminds , they didn’t even ignore it he specifically said Joshua reach out to me on facebook and I will get that figured out . Julian has a good heart and actually wants me and everyone else to succeed . He is making good money and the fact that he takes time to reply to me out of the 1000s of messages he gets on a daily basis if not more than that . The other thing is they do mention in the webinar that their is a option to partner with products and a company that is bbb accredited and that it has been around 41 years . They do not say the name of the company but that is simply because GAZ and that product are two different entities so there are privacy laws . Just so anyone reading this knows , that anyone who says they don’t was not paying attention during the webinar and needs to rewatch it . Now as far as the 99 , it’s nothing , and people complain about that ., a nurse was scrolling down on my news feed I saw a video and said wait stop . Register for the webinar , watched it with the nurse , we both got started after even though I was having buyer remorse , she said we will never know if we don’t try and your sitting here anyways mise well do something . Did I mention my boss owed me 13,000 and refused to pay me so I figured I have no choice , I burned all the boats and changed my mindset went in know that I will succeed even if it kills me . I blocked negative thoughts , was in a city where I knew no one , I used my data because there was no wifi , spend probably 400 on my cell phone bill because I went over my data however , the first day I made 2000.00 in a hospital bed so anyone who says it doesn’t work is full of it . They just like to complain because they attracted bad results because of their mindset . Like attracts like , law of attraction is a real thing . Don’t believe me ? Well how about that time when you said it couldn’t get any worse ? what happened? Well you guessed it , it got worse ! So wouldn’t that mean if you switched your mindset it would work the same way with being positive ? So I had to pay for my cell bill , was in the hospital for 30 days , by the way I had 0 experience in affiliate marketing before this . By the end of the month I had made 4,000 dollars , so why did it work for me ? Did I mention I had 0 income , I started with nothing but the sign up fee , I ran my fb adds on credit through fb and got a sale then would get money , pay it off and start it up again , it wasn’t pretty but consistency is key just like anything . So yes to run adds at one point I had to promote tangerine to people to help them which payed it forward and changed alot of lives , I helped 10 people each earn 1000 , so I created 10,000 of freedom for people , one lady was able to pay off her rent and send her kid on a ski trip with his school that she never though she could afford , she told me two days before we started talking randomly she was about to evicted and didn’t know what she was going to do . So that also allowed me to run my adds , run on credit , pay off , credit , etc . Now we are 6 months in officially this month , I am about to do 10 k in sales ! So believe me that if you come in hoping for a get rich scheme you will 100 % fail but if you follow the training and stay consistent I guarantee you will have results !. So it’s a scam because they give you opportunity to partner with a company that has been around for 41 years ? That is what your trying to say right , because there is a upsell ? Ok I hear exactly what your saying , now let me ask you this , member when you were in school or university ? You pay this money for the books and pencils etc . Then boom actually we want you to give us 10 of thousands of dollars just to read to you information out of a book then we do not guarantee that there will be a job for you when you are done the course , we don not even guarantee you will have success at it .

    1. Joshua,

      I have seen this story about GAZ commented on other blogs too.

      You claimed to make 4,000 dollars very quickly and that is how I know You are a LIAR!
      No one who starts out makes 4,000 that quickly. especially from a hospital bed, with no prior skills in marketing.


      1. Kurtis the Beauty of being successful is you don’t have to prove anything to anyone . I am not here to impress you or convince you of anything . I am here to impress upon you what is possible with the system , you are right , not everyone can have the results , it depends on your mindset and your work ethic , I was put in a position so I did not have a choice but to succeed . That is nothing , a guy named Steve did 7 k his first month and I personally know him . He did get really lucky but it was because he worked on his mindset just as much as his business . Now if someone comes in , is not coach able , does not go through the training and exercise what they learn then they will not succeed . Knowing something and not exercising it is the same thing as not knowing . Without the system you are right I would not succeed with 0 previous experience , it is because of having 90 % of the work done for you that I was able to succeed . I would of not known back then how to build my own landing page , do my own webinars , facebook add training , create a sales funnel , do emails , run a-webber , close sales , do coaching calls , marketing , spit testing , get conversions , etc , and fund all that . Without those pieces to the puzzle I would of failed but with having the 90 % done for you at first , it gives anyone a fighting chance if they put their effort into it . Feel free to reach out to me on facebook , I am still not walking and had a 4k day the other day . Have a great day , take care .

      2. How about Kurtis Quick you add me on Facebook and talk to me . I will show you proof , or answer the questions you have on the phone or even on face chat . Lastly I did not post my story here , someone else did but it is nice to see I inspired someone . It is 100 % true and I have no problem showing you Proof Kurtis , reach out to me like a human being . We can have a civilized conversation .

      3. Hey Kurtis, why is it that someone cannot make 4k that quickly? Once you buy into one of those “up sells” everyone is so afraid of which is an amazing product by the way! You are able to start making up to $1100 on your first sale. Joshua only needed to share the opportunity with 4 people. Simple easy math. That’s nothing and super simple to do. I’ve seen multiple people make 50k+ a month in their first year. It works, its proven to work. I’m not sure why everyone is hating on it. I have seen him on the leader boards hes doing great. Tons of people are doing great right out the gates! Great mentoring, great training, great system, great product.

        Part of being an entrepreneur is being supportive of others success. And Josh’s is as real as it gets!

  6. This Joshua guy is trying to scam someone I know as we speak. I didn’t even know what this whole setup was, but it was his behavior, aggression, & language with family & friends that were offering their skepticism that made me extremely uneasy (note: I’m a clinical mental health therapist, trust me, I KNOW behavior, & it rarely makes me uneasy).

    1. Oh is he ? I am pretty sure he promotes a product so I don’t think that is qualified as a scam . It is medical grade technology that has been used in japan for over 41 years , he has helped alot of people that I personally know . He is still not walking and it is unfair to pick on him , he is a good person , the people who truly know him know this . Do not be so fast to judge a book by it’s cover , Joshua has a good heart , he is going through a hard time in his life . It’s pretty low of you to pick on him , considering you are a clinical mental therapist , how would you like it if I went to the media with the fact you are picking on someone with a disability on social media Doctor ? What would the hospital think of that ? Probably would not find it very professional , lastly instead of talking about a guy behind his back , why don’t you try reaching out to him and talking to him like a normal civilized human being ?

  7. Just a quick question:
    If you walked into a restaurant and saw they had an entire menu dedicated to bashing other restaurants, would it give you a good or bad taste in your mouth for this restaurant? Wouldn’t it make you question the desperation and integrity of this restaurant and make you wonder why they were so desperate to make themselves look better than the rest? To me it would reek of no class, no integrity, and desperation for sure. I wouldn’t be going back.
    GAZ is an amazing business, backed by an amazing team that I know many of personally, and they are changing thousands of lives daily! And the success stories are incredible and absolutely real!! You don’t have to like it or believe in it… but then just go on doing your own thing… you don’t have to go out of your way to go bashing. It just looks really bad on you and what you stand for.

  8. I am thinking of joining GAZ – have researched reviews etc to the point my head is swimming as to what to do – what I struggle to get my head round is the amount of people who have spare cash around to be able to buy these up sells! I for one don’t and I’m concerned about the cost this could result in!!!!

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