is the golden goose system a scam

Gold Goose System Scam – Don’t buy it just yet!

The smartest decision you can make is doing your research into a business opportunity before signing up or in this case buying the Golden Goose System.

You want to find out is the Golden Goose System a scam? When I look at this system, I see some major red flags that indicate this is another online scam.

This review of Gold Goose System is going to point out those red flags and show you I think it is a scam.


Initial red flags

When you are new to online marketing or trying to supplement your income online, you might not be aware of some of the marketing behind scams. I am not new to online marketing and can tell when a marketer is lying about their products.

#1 The Counter –  The counter at the top of the sales page of Golden Goose System is not actually counting down to anything. At any point in time, you can refresh the page and reset the counter.

Golden Goose System is creating a false sense of urgency to try and make you buy it right away without doing any research into their system. (good for you for looking into it)

As a marketer, if you do have an exclusive offer and an actual deadline for people to sign up, then a counter is a good idea to let people know that the offer actually expires.

Golden Goose System counter is fake and is an unethical form of marketing.

#2 Will be able to earn $277 per day without doing anything –  This is a very bold claim made by the Golden Goose System. Income claims like this tend to never hold any actual truth to them.

Throughout the years and trying different make money products, I have learned one thing. There is no shortcut to success and making money.

Making money online takes time, effort, and dedication. If anyone is trying to sell you a system with an income claim that sounds too good to be true, it probably is

#3 The video testimonials –  “Real” members from the Golden Goose System creating video testimonials about the system.

When was the last time you recorded a video testimonial about a company, product, or service? Probably never!

Unethical marketers online love to hire actors on Fiverr to record fake testimonials about their systems. I have seen this done on many different occasions such as  The Richmond Berks scam.

You cannot trust video testimonials online, it is very easy to hire someone to record a video for $5 or have a friend do it for you.


The sales video presentation

The sales video starts with the owner Desmond Ong introducing himself as an expert internet marketing “guru”. He then transitions into tells us that we can easily make $1,000 – $2,000 a day by stepping up the Golden Goose System and then never having to touch it again.

Does this sound way too good to be true?

Apparently, there are only 3 steps you actually need to follow to make thousands of dollars a day but we don’t get to learn what those steps are just yet.

Desmond goes on to tell us about a student of his who was brand new to internet marketing and within 5 days of setting up the Golden Goose System, she is earned $4,500. If this actually were true, we would all be rich.

Desmond claims that he normally charges $1,000 for this information but today he is offering to you for only $19. We learn that if we see a price tag of $197 it is because we are too late but the truth is that the price tag will never go up.

He is trying to scare us into buying the system at a “discounted” rate.

Desmond registered the domain name of in February 2017. The early bird launch special is currently still being offered as of June 2017.


The cost of the Golden Goose System

You might think that with the early bird launch you are only going to have to pay $19, but that is a big fat lie.

This system does not even offer a free trial period or a test drive of the system before you buy. Reputable online marketing programs offer free trials so you now exactly what the program offers. Like, this platform here, Wealthy Affiliate gives you 7 days full access to try out their training.

Once you are inside the Golden Goose System, you will be bombarded with upsells.

There are 3 upsells that will come at you:

The Initial cost: $19

First, upsell – $27 per month and a down sell of $19 per month

Second, upsell – $37 and a down sell of $19

Third upsell – $47

If you pay for all of this you are looking at spending $103 + $27 monthly fee that will be due.

You are going to be told if you are serious about making money with the Golden Goose System that you NEED these upsells.

In reality, you do not need this system or any of it’s upsells.

golden goose system review


Finally, what is the Golden Goose System

Don’t you absolutely hate when you watch a sales presentation about a money making system and they don’t ever tell you what it is? Golden Goose System does this and it means that they either don’t believe in their system enough to tell you about how great it is or they have zero transparency.

Golden Goose System is going to teach you how to build an email list or solo ads to run email marketing campaigns to spam people with your affiliate links.

That is ALL this system is going to teach you. So, put your wallet away don’t spend $103.

Email marketing is a great way to earn an income online but it is never a 3 step system. Email marketing is not easy to do. You need to learn the art of marketing to people through emails. There is never a 100% full proof system for you to follow. It is always changing.

Building an email list first off is not easy to do. You need to have a ton of people coming to your blog or opt-in form to sign up. This take effort to accomplish.

If you decide to use solo ads which are paying someone to send emails to their email list that they have built up, you could lose a ton of money. There is never a guarantee anyone will sign up. The bigger the list, the more a person charges. Plus, the people in these lists have been marketed different products for quite some time.


Is Golden Goose System a scam?

Yes, I think Golden Goose System is a scam because of the red flags laid out to try to convince you to sign up.

Also, they are trying to convince you that you will get rich quick.

Even though they do offer some training on affiliate marketing that could be beneficial. It is outweighed by their unethical marketing tactics and the lure of unrealistic income.

Do not sign up for the Golden Goose System.

If you want to make money online, then try my #1 recommendation, which allows you to try for free.

Click here to see my full review.

it costs you $0 to sign up and start their training course. If you decide that you enjoy the platform, the training, and the tools that are offered, then you can join as a premium member.

The premium membership costs $19 the first month and every month you stay a member after that it costs $49.

It is one flat rate each month and there is never any upsells.

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