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GrandBux Review – Is it a scam?

GrandBux Review

Name: GrandBux


Owners: Grandteam LLC

Niche: Paid to click


GrandBux overview

GrandBux is a Californian company that was launched in March 2014 and registered to Grandteam LLC. It has a steadily growing website whose user base has witnessed an exponential increase consisting majorly of active members.

It is a paid to click (PTC) website where users are compensated for clicking on ads posted by advertisers and also for performing a wide range of micro jobs.

In this system, members can choose to either earn money by participating in the clicking of ads or focus on bringing in new members to the system through referrals. With this system, you have the opportunity to earn good money as you are provided with a much better system of compensation than a lot of other PTC sites. Get paid for your opinions.

However, due to the fact that a lot of similar PTC platforms have crashed in the past, it is important that we examine its method of operation to determine if it is a viable investment or not.


The good

  1. GrandBux has built a reputation of very fast pay-out which makes it easy to withdraw your earnings as they come.
  2. The platform is accessible all over the world which not only makes it the perfect choice for reliability, it also brings large traffic which attracts more advertisers ultimately increasing the earning potential of the users.
  3. As opposed to a lot of other similar sites, GrandBux provides its members with a large number of ads daily which makes it easier to earn.


The bad

  1. It has a very low potential for income. Each ad you click is typically rated at $0.05 which would mean you have to go through a lot of clicks before you can earn any reasonable income. It is important to note that earning with GrandBux is better done through active referrals.
  2. The system has minimum cash out of $5 which may seem quite small but is actually difficult to reach considering that the price per click is about $0.05.
  3. All members must be active as a dormancy period of 10 days leads to account suspension.


Who is GrandBux for?

The great thing about the system is the ease of operation. Even individuals who have no prior knowledge of online earning can get in on this system.

As long as you have good access to the internet, you can participate. However, if you are looking to earn big, then it will be an added advantage to have the ability to build networks and generate leads in order to help you increase you referral line and directly spike your earnings. Increase your earnings with this online marketing program.


GrandBux support and training

Earning with GrandBux has been made so simple in such a way that new members need not have any specialized training before they can participate.

However, it is of great importance that they are acquainted with all the services offered by the website before participating. Before signing up, you must ensure that you have a PayPal or a Payza account.

Once you have successfully joined the system, you may then proceed to earn money by clicking on the view advertisement tab after which you are presented with a layout of ads to select.

New members who may have some inquiries or questions are required to either go through their sponsors/ referrers or visit the company website at where they can contact the company support for answers.

Advertisers who also wish to present their ads can visit this site to view the packages that are available for purchase.


GrandBux price and compensation system.

GrandBux operates a very simple system of earning that requires very little stress. Each ad click is valued at $0.05 which can be earned after a one-minute timer runs out.

One would think that this rate is stable for all ads clicked which imply an earning potential of 30 cents every hour but this is not really true as a lot of ads in the system are worth far less than this benchmark.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that all members are expected to remain active within the system as any account that is inactive for a period of ten days is deactivated from earning.

Members also earn 1 point per add click and if accumulated, 10,000 points are equivalent to one dollar. Needless to say, this takes a lot of work to earn that single dollar.

Perhaps the best way to earn in this system is through the use of referrals, just like every other referral system, as you increase your number of active referrals, your earnings are also increased.

With GrandBux, when your referral clicks on an ad, you automatically earn the same amount as them. This would mean that you should focus all your resources on getting new members to join in under you.

Users are presented with an opportunity to either buy or rent active referrals to help them earn more and each referral costs about $2.50 to buy and $16 to rent 100 referrals for a period of 3 to 7 days.


My final opinion of GrandBux

While the system may seem quite straight forward, there are a few loop holes that new members must take note of. The first thing is that it is practically impossible to get rich with GrandBux as the ridiculously low earning makes that obvious.

Just like every other paid to click website, members can only earn actual money by bringing in active and long-term referrals in bulk.

However, the system has made provision for renting and purchase of referrals which raise a red flag, these referrals could be bots as opposed to actual people which ultimately makes it a careless gamble.

It is important to know that GrandBux is not a scam and is a legit system that users can earn money no matter how little and if you don’t mind spending a lot of time in front of a screen in exchange for meager pay then this for you.


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