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Home Earning System – Another work at home scam?

When it comes to business or money making opportunities online it is a wise decision to do research before signing up. You are smart for doing your research into Home Earning System to see if it is legit or a scam.

Is Home Earning System a scam? Yes, it is. This program is a scam but I suggest you read this full review to find out how this scam works to expose it’s nature so you do not fall for another scam similar to it.

I can tell you right off the bat that this program is not worth joining and paying for. If you want an honest program online that is going to teach you how to build your own business and make money online then there is only one platform I recommend for people to look at.

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Home Earning System Review

Program: Home Earning System


Owner: Kelly Richards

Recommended: NO


Quick summary of Home Earning System

Home Earning System is about selling products online as an affiliate marketer with premade website templates.

Selling as an affiliate with a website is a great way to produce an income online but with a premade website this will never work.

Premade websites are junk and Google along with other search engines will never rank a premade website high in their search results.

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Behind the scam of Home Earning System

You might think Home Earning System is a reputable opportunity since it was featured on a news website.

The problem with this “news” website is that it is not a news website at all. Every single tab or link that you click will lead you to Home Earning System’s sales page.

home earning system scam

This website is the definition of a “fake news” website.

The disclosure at the bottom of this news site states that none of the information provided about should be taken literally. What this means is that this is just a website that is advertising Home Earning System. The program is trying to trick you into believing a mom made $7,000 from home but in reality that never happened.

I have seen fake news website used in scams before such as Total Income Answer.


Red flags from Home Earning System

Home Earning System is willing to go to extreme lengths to trick someone into buying their system. The image of “Jen Frazier” is fake. That is a stock image that can be purchased online. When you buy a stock image you are free to do whatever you want with it.

home earning system legitis home earning system a scam

To keep the lie consistent from Home Earning System, they go even further to photoshop another image of Jen Frazier holding a check.

kelly richards home earnings system

I can tell you right now that Jen Frazier is not a real person and has neve made 6-7k from Home Earning System.


Proof of earnings

When watching the sales video for Home Earning System, we are shown a “proof” of income. The problem with this is that the “proof” we are shown is from statements back in 2013.

It is not uncommon for scams to reuse old statements when they design a new scam. But, most scams are actually willing to update their “fake” income statements.

home earning system

Home Earning system was willing to photoshop images of a single mom who makes 7k from Home Earning System. But they are also willing to fake the testimonials.

When looking at the people who are writing testimonials, we have found that these people are just images that were also found online and then another BS testimonial was written. These are fake and should not be taken seriously.


How does this scam work?

The target audience for this scam are people who are beginners online. People who would love to make thousands of dollars online. Someone who has not seen a scam online before. Unfortunately, we have seen them all to often…

To state all you need to have is a credit card. Then, it is on to purchasing the products.

You are told at a 0 percent fee, you get to try the system. You only are paying $2.97 for the products to be packaged and shipped to your home.

This is actually not a free offer. You are giving your credit card details and the initial price is actually $135.95 and a $4.95 monthly fee.

You are also going to be pitched upsells along the way. Selling to you is the best way for Home Earning System to make money.

The 10-day money back guarantee is BS. When you pay for these products, you have billed right away. The products have not even shipped yet, so you do not know if you will actually want them. By the time the products arrive and you have tried them, it will be too late to get your money back. The 10 days will have past by the time you receive them and try them.

Getting a refund from Home Earning System is going to be near impossible.


Is Home Earning System a scam?

Yes, Kelly Richards Home Earning System is a scam.

Do not fall for this and save your money.

They are lying to you with fake income reports, news websites, and testimonials.

If you do buy it, you will not be able to get your money back and chances are you will need to call your bank to have a hold put on transactions from Home Earning System as they continue to bill you each month.

There are real programs online that can help you start a business online. I highly suggest you check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate, which is a program that teachings affiliate marketing. The good thing about this program, you get to try it for free before you buy it. 100% free to try without having to hand over your credit card information.

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