how to be a successful entrepreneur online

How to become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Since I began my entrepreneurship online, I have searched all over the web to find tips and tricks on being a successful online entrepreneur.

The sad truth is, I think most of those tips are just theories because none of those worked for me. Living in the age of the digital marketer, it seems everyone has an idea of how to become successful, are any of these people even successful online?

They very well could be but what worked for them and what works for me is very different.

Follow me and I will show you how to become a successful internet entrepreneur.


1.) Get Started with your idea

An entrepreneur has an idea and 1 month later is working to make that business grow.

A wantrepreneur has an idea and 1 month later still has an idea.

The hardest part is taking action to begin. Too often we think about the challenges that we will face way down the road and that deters us from ever even beginning.

There is a way around this and this is what I do.

I know what my main goal of my online entrepreneurship is. I keep it in the back of my mind. That goal is so large it frightens me half to death and seems way out of reach at this point in time.

But, I broke down my overall goal into small manageable goals.

My first money goal was not to make thousand dollars online, it was simple and small. Make my first $1. If I can make $1, I can make $10, then I know I can make $100, and shortly after I know I will get to $1000.

Have goals that are reachable. Reach a goal and then set a new one. This will help you keep taking action towards your idea as you are crushing milestones you set along the way.


2.) A mentor to guide you

You do not know everything and you should be learning from someone who is more successful.

Everyone needs to have someone they can ask questions too and learn from. I am talking about someone who is successful in your niche online.

Find someone and ask them to be your mentor. How to find a mentor.

Do not be afraid of being rejected when asking someone to mentor you. As someone who is mentoring a couple of people right now, it is a very humbling experience when someone approaches you and asks to learn from you.

When I started I didn’t have a mentor and I was alone. Who can I ask who will know what I am looking for? I was operating by trial and error and I have found what works and doesn’t on my own. It was a much harder and longer road.

If you are interested in being mentored by me, leave a message on my profile here. Kquick. Or join the Alpha Academy newsletter.


3.) Focus on the right challenges

Too many of us get distracted and lose focus on what actually works. I am still guilty of this from time to time. Go back to the basics of building an online business and focus on what really matters.

  • Gaining a high volume of web traffic.
  • Landing pages and funnel pages that lead to sales.
  • Writing posts that your readers going to want to read.
  • continuing to expand your knowledge about an online business.

You need to understand what is going to work for your business and what is not working. Focus on those 4 things if you do not know what is working.


4.) Don’t stretch yourself too thin

You should start out with one business idea and work to make that business successful. I have seen too many people come into the internet game with multiple business ideas and fail at all of them. They were not providing enough attention to each one to make it successful, so all of them were sub par and they quit all of them.

Work to make one business become successful before you start a second one. I am talking about 6 months to 1 year before you even think about adding a second one.

What I found that worked for me to build an income online that was sustainable, was writing product reviews and earning commission from affiliate links with those products. I kept doing that until I had enough reviews that I was earning at a steady rate.


5.) Do what you are good at

There are many ways to outsource a lot of your business activities on the web. You can find someone to handle those tasks you are not good at.

To keep the costs down you should learn how to become better at those things but don’t be afraid to have someone else do it for you.

Your time spent on your online business should be with tasks you are great at. If you are a great writer then write. If you are an unbelievable social media marketer, then get on social media and grow your business.

You need to have an understanding of your strengths and weakness. Handle the tasks you are best at, work at becoming better at your weaknesses but you can always have someone else do them for you.


6.) A group that supports each other

When you are working on building a business online you are usually working from home or a remote location by yourself. You can feel like everything is on you and no one understands the pressures you put on yourself.

I can tell you that there are a lot of people that have the same goals online as you. Working and networking with a group of like-minded people will help you tremendously.

I am part of a community of internet entrepreneurs that are all in different niches. We help motivate each other, give feedback on each other’s websites, and are always there if there is a problem.

Find a group that can do this for you too. Or you can join my group at Wealthy Affiliate.


7.) Do more

As an internet entrepreneur, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, where ever you want. There is no “boss” breathing down your neck to get something done.

You need to have the self-discipline to understand that an online business is like any business, it takes time, effort, and determination to make it grow.

You will not become an entrepreneur online and have the freedom to work only a few hours a week. You need to be willing to grind for 80 hours a week in the beginning.

If you eventually want a 4 hour work week and the laptop lifestyle, then you need to work long hard hours to get there.


8.) Blog, Blog, Blog

As an internet entrepreneur, one of the best resources you could possibly have is a blog. A blog is going to build a solid source of traffic and potential clients.

Here are some other things a blog will do…

  • Make you an expert in your niche
  • Have a source of traffic that supports your business
  • Create a loyal following when you engage with comments to each person.
  • Leads and sales will come from blogging

Starting a blog for your business online is a great tool. It is not free to start but the organic traffic that will be coming to your blog posts and pages will be free.

If you want to start a blog there is only 1 place I recommend. This is where I learned how to build a website and where you can too. Click here to see my full review of what is offer.


9.) Get social

When you have your business online, one of the first things you should do is start setting up social media accounts. If you don’t know how to or how to use social media, you can go to and hire someone to manage your social media for you.

You want to have real people who are engaged with your brand, business, or blog on social media. People that like your status updates, pictures, and other content.

Building a loyal following on social media will provide more leads and sales.

For Twitter I use Crowdfire. Facebook I do on my own. For Instagram, I use an automatic service called Jatch.

Social media platforms are a great way to find people who are interested in what you have to offer.


10.) Emails are not spam

From the beginning of your business online, you should be working on growing your email list. This is a great resource to have as marketing. The people who join your email list want to be on it. You can market directly to people who want to hear what you have to say.

You should have a subscription box on your blog and landing pages that capture emails of people who want to join.

This is not something that you should wait on doing tomorrow or when you have traffic. Start right away. Build your email list to over 500 people before you start marketing to them.

This is not a random number. You will be able to measure the statistics of who is opening your emails, who clicks your links, who buys, and how many people ignore them.


11.) Don’t stop learning

The internet market is always changing. It can happen overnight with an update from Google and your business will be gone. You need to keep learning in order to keep a business alive online.

There are rapid changing to the internet game. What might have worked a couple of years ago from some people will no longer work now.

With the Google penguin update, a lot of people lost their business. They tried to use the same marketing tactics as they did with Google panda and it failed.

Always be prepared for changes and continue learning because that is the only way to survive on the internet.


Final words

I hope this article helps every online entrepreneur out there. This is what works for me and I wanted to provide a simple list that others should follow too.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in a comment below.


If I have missed an important step that you think is very important to being an entrepreneur online, please comment that below.



  1. You have a lot of great advice in this post. Especially about spreading yourself too thin. Being an online entrepreneur myself, It takes an enormous amount of work to get one idea running on a website. Trying to do more would only hinder progress and I wouldn’t get anywhere. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kurtis, as a fellow online affiliate marketer, I could not agree more with the recommendations you make. Particularly, you mention 6 months to a year before you start seeing the fruit of your hard labour. Potential entrepreneurs should never expect immediate earnings. As you say, you need to put hard work and commitment to work more hours than you have ever done with an employer before you can start seeing an income. Only then you can then start enjoying the benefits of passive income. The one benefit you will enjoy immediately is being able to manage your working life around your other commitments. That freedom, once you gain it, is irreplaceable!

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