how to succeed in life

How to become successful in life

Success does not have a universal meaning to everyone. Your idea of success could be completely different than mine.

Success to me does not mean acquiring wealth and being able to own any type of material object I could want. But, success to me means that I am happy, healthy, help others, and I am able to spend the majority of my time with my loved ones doing things that we enjoy together. That is what success means to me.

Whether you agree with my idea of a successful life or have a completely different idea for your own successful life, there are 10 ways for you to have a successful life.

Following these 10 rules will transcend you into have a successful life, so let me share with you 10 rules to follow.


How to have a successful life

1.) Make your bed every single day.

Every single day you wake up, the first thing you should do is make your bed. Making your bed first thing in the morning is going to be the first small task you completed that day. Completing one small task is going to help you go onto completing another task and another and another.

You will have a small sense of accomplishment every single morning and that will prompt you to accomplish your next task. Completing the small tasks in life such as making your bed is going to reiterate the fact that small tasks matter. If you can’t complete the small tasks in life, you will not be able to complete the big tasks.

On the off chance that you have an absolutely horrible day, coming home and getting into a bed you made will give you a small sense of satisfactory.

Understand that the small details in life matter and will help make you ready for the big moments in life.

2.) Find someone to help you through life.

For you to have a successful life, you will need help. You can have a successful life alone but it is going to be much harder and you might never reach the level of success you desire.

To have a successful life you will need the help of others, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors. Don’t take these people for granted because they will help you when you need it.

Life is easier when you have the help of others in the times of need.

3.) Judge people by the size of their heart.

The only way to be able to judge someone is by knowing who that person truly is. You have to get to know someone before you can even consider passing judgment upon that person.

It does not matter someone’s ethnic background, race, education, or social status but rather the intentions in their heart and their will to succeed in life.

I’m from New Jersey and we have gas station attendants that pump the gas for you. I would stop at the same gas station to fill up. It was always the same Indian man working and we would chat for a few minutes while he was putting gas in my car. I came to learn this man story and I am going to show you that the size of someone’s heart cannot be judged by looking at them.

Sing came to the United States after the love of his life was set up for an arranged marriage. The only way to forget about the love of his life was to move halfway around the world. He dropped everything he was working towards to heal his heart and mind. He was studying to become a doctor in India. He left without a degree. But, Sing did not come alone, he brought his younger brother with him who wanted to study in the United States.

Sing and his brother were cut off from their families money for leaving India without their parent’s blessing. With no money and no education, Sing found the only job he could. Pumping gas. Sing helped enroll his brother into college and stressed to him that he does not need to worry about money but only about his education.

Sing worked at the gas station 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to support himself and his younger brother. A man that was only a few years away from becoming a doctor himself, he put that life on hold to shelter, feed, and take care of his younger brother to have the life he set out for. He put his needs/wants on hold to make sure his brother could accomplish his goals.

Sing never directly told me this story in one sitting but over many small conversations throughout months of seeing him. I decided to help Sing get his CDL drivers license and helped him find a higher paying job as a truck driver. He is now making close to double what he was at the gas station and has time to spend with his brother.

Show respect to everyone, you have no idea the character someone is until you understand them as a person.

4.) Life is not fair

Some people fail to understand that no matter how hard you try it is just not good enough. You can strive for perfection but you will always come up short. You will never be perfect because nothing in life is perfect.

No matter how well you prepare or perform you can still fail. It is just the way life is sometimes. You cannot let this deter you from moving forward and keep going.

All you can do is make the best of every opportunity that comes your way. 

5.) Your failures will make you who you are

Life is filled with failures and it is going to be painful. It will be discouraging and frustrating. At times it is going to test every fabric of your being but you cannot be afraid to fail.

The more you fail and don’t give up, it is just going to make you stronger. We learn from our failures not from our successes. Once you understand that, you will be ready to fail again when you know it is just going to bring you one step closer to succeeding.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

6.) Face everything head on

Your life is going to be filled with obstacles that you must overcome. The only way to overcome these obstacles that stand in your way of having a successful life is to face them head on.

Life is about taking risks and to overcome the challenges that you are faced with, you must be willing to risk it all.

Sometimes you must be willing to risk it all to conquer challenges.

7.) Don’t back down from sharks.

In your life, there are going to be sharks who want to take advantage of you. You cannot be afraid of these people. You have to stand your ground and face these people.

The only way to defend against a shark is to stand your ground and punch them in the snout and they will always retreat.

Treat the sharks that come your way in life with the same attitude and you will have a successful life.

Don’t let anyone bully you around.

8.) Be your best when you are at your worst

You have to try to be your very best when times are the toughest. When everything is not going your way or everything is going against you the only viable option is to step up and perform at your best.

It is the only option that you truly have because the other option is to just crumble and quit. You cannot quit when it gets tough. This is the perfect time to step up and show the world what you are truly made of.

When times are the darkest, you must step up.

9.) Hope will keep you going.

With every point that has made here, all of it is dependent on your hope. Hope that you will succeed, hope that you can do it, hope that you are right.

The power of hope can influence you in positive ways that will keep your life going forward. Your hope cannot come from others but from only inside you.

If you want to have a successful life, don’t ever lose your hope.

10.) Don’t you dare quit

The only way to have a successful life is to never give up. If your failures keep you down, will you be a success? No, the only way is to keep going. You cannot quit.

Forget about quitting, quitting is no longer ever going to be an option. No more thoughts of “I will try this instead because this is pretty hard.” No, the harder something is, when you accomplish it, it will give you a much higher sense of pride.

Your success will never be reached if you quit.


If you want your life to be a success, follow these 10 tips and you will not live your life with any regrets.

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