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How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name

how to buy a domain nameAre you ready to NOT get ripped off on the purchase of your domain name?

There are a lot of website registries online from Godaddy to but all of these websites have ridiculous upsells after you purchase your domain.

Of course, you want to have your website to have Privacy Protection, be SSL Secure, and have Website Emails.

Why do these websites that sell domain names have to have back end upsells and not just included these features into a fair reasonable price?

First, I will tell you the best and cheapest place to buy your domain name and then I will show you how to do that.

If you want to find the best place to purchase a website domain name then continue reading…


What is the best place to place to buy a domain name from?

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to buy your next website. You might not have heard of them before and that is because they are not over charging people for domain names.

GoDaddy, Name, NameCheap, and SquareSpace all have huge upsells when you buy your website. I’m sure if Wealthy Affiliate did this too, they would have a lot more of a brand recognition.

But, they are not overcharging people and so they are not running TV and Radio ads with all their extra profits.

Everything you want your website to have, Wealthy Affiliate includes into their purchase price.

  • SSL Secure
  • Privacy Protection
  • Email Accounts
  • Premium DNS
  • One Flat Rate

Your renewal price of your website is not going to go up next year either. What you pay for your website is exactly how much it will cost to renew it at the year’s end.

Wealthy Affiliate will even offer you 2 free websites from their domain platform. Your website will still have all the above options minus having to pay for it. All they want is to advertise their domain registry.

So it would look like this… < That is if you want a free website. Launch your free website.


Okay, How to buy your cheap domain.

The first thing you will need to do is create a free account on WA.

Do not worry, they do not ask for your credit card information as you sign up.

All WA wants is your…

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • And Username

wealthy affiliate for domain names

When you create an account at WA, you will be entering into an internet entrepreneur community. That is how Wealthy Affiliate makes money, internet entrepreneurs are paying subscribers to their platform. That is why you are going to be able to pay for a domain name for almost next to nothing.

There is a lot that is going on and it might be hard for you to find where you will buy your domain name.

I am going to show you exactly where to go.


Inside WA finding the domain registry

When you enter into WA, there will be a welcome video that would show you around. You can skip that video and follow my instructions below.

Your home screen is going to look like this.

where to find a cheap domain name

You will want to click on the blue tap labeled Site Rubix.

This screen will pop up next.

Once this tab pops up, click on Site Domains. This will bring you to the page where you search, find, and purchase your domain name.

(yes, this tab offers a lot of help. As you can see, you can manage your comments from this tab)

From here you will be directed to the page where you find your domain name. If the domain name is available you will be able to buy it.

This is the next page…

how to buy a cheap domain name

There will not be up charges here.

It is one rate because this community is for online entrepreneurs, but if you want to buy a cheap domain name, you can do that here.

Big domain registries are easy, you land on their homepage and right at the top, you begin searching for your domain name. But, with WA as it is a flat rate and not known for just selling domain names it is going to be a little bit harder to find where to buy it.

prices of domain names

As for all domain registries.

.COM is the cheapest.

.NET and .ORG are more expensive. That is the case with EVERY place you would buy a domain name from.


WA vs the competition

I was not lying when I said other websites are going to overcharge you. I can prove that.

WA has your best interests at heart. (not stealing money from your wallet)

comparing domain names

As you can see clearly here, buying a domain name from another company is going to be much more expensive.

You want a cheap domain name then this is where you get it.

Click here to buy your domain name.


How WA is the best place to buy a domain name

WA does something that no other domain platform will do. Of course, all of them are going to have security and protection (if you buy it) but WA has something that other platforms do not.

There is a technical support team that can fix issues with your website. If for some reason your website goes down, they can fix it. Whatever technical malfunction you might have with your website, Site Support will be there to help you.

You will never be without your website live on the internet.

This is what makes WA the best place to buy your domain name. They have a double backup system to make sure your website is always running.

buying a domain name

Every 24 hours WA is backing up and downloading a copy of your website. This is how they make sure they have a double image of your website.

You will always be protected. And it does not cost you more. It actually costs you LESS money to have your website on WA.


Even more offered

Unlike other places you will buy your domain from, they do not offer what WA offers.

Since this is an entrepreneur community, there are lessons and courses that people have designed that would help you with building your website. If you need it.

There are 10 free lessons that will help build the foundations of your website.


What are you waiting for?

You are not going to find a better platform or a cheaper place to buy a domain name.

No other platform can offer you what WA can. Do not overpay for a website when you do not have too.

If you are interested in seeing my full review on WA and how I got started making money online from their courses, then click the link below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Or you can get right to buying your domain name. Just click the link below, create your account, follow my steps here of how to get to the domain registry and purchase it!

Buy your domain name.



    1. Marie,

      No, you will get the first 10 lessons free. Which will be great because it will show you around the platform and how to access your website and where you will manage it from.

      The lessons are geared for people who want to be an internet entrepreneur, so if you are only interested in blogging or have the know how already, then you do not need to pay for the membership.

  1. Thanks! I wish I had this information before I purchased for but for future sites I definitely will be using WA! thanks for the detailed information and great site!

  2. Wow. I would have never of thought there would be other hosting platforms that offered this much for so little. Thank you

  3. Wealthy Affiliate does seem to offer more than the rest of the places for domain names. I like how it’s really secured with SSL certificates and all the backup it has. It seems the training would be a bonus. So we just pay for the domain and get all these other things?

    1. Grace,

      Joining and buying your domain from WA will give you Protection, SSL, Emails, and everything listed above. You will get 10 free lessons if needed on building the foundations of your website. There is a premium membership which is how WA makes money. I suggest reading my full review on WA before buying that.

  4. Wow, Kurtis, the actual breakdown in the pricing of getting a domain name from Wealthy Affiliate verse the other three domain brokers is astounding! I had no idea the over pricing with all the upsells involved. I am glad I read your review first because I was going to use GoDaddy because I hear their ad almost daily on the radio. Now I am going to use Wealthy Affiliate for all my domain name purchases.

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