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How to Improve With Social Media Marketing

If your social media accounts are just you sharing promotional and sales pages to your followers, you are failing at social media marketing.

If all you do is create a post in an attempt to turn a follower into a customer, then you need to learn how to improve your social media marketing.

Stop and think for a quick second. What are most people doing on social media in the first place? It is a place for people to go and engage with friends, families, and brands. It is a form of social entertainment.

People join social media platforms to discover, be entertained, and become informed on new topics.

As a social media marketer, the last thing you want to do is turn your accounts into sales funnel pages. You will lose followers and your following is not going to care about what you are sharing.

Here are 5 ways to improve your social media marketing strategy.

1.) Provide value

Providing value to your audience on social media does not always have to be your own content. It is perfectly okay to share someone else’s work on your social media that your followers are going to interact with.

If you are social media is based around Travel, then you can share travel vlogs of people exploring new places. Share blog posts about all types of travel topics. Packing light, places to visit, being safe while traveling, and so on.

You cannot provide value on social media if all you are doing is sharing promotional and sales funnel posts.

2.) leverage emotion

Emotion plays a very important role in marketing and not many people can invoke emotion with their brand on social media.

You should be trying to share posts that are related to your brand that is happy, friendly, uplifting, or motivating.

Try to invoke a positive emotion while doing your social media marketing.

3.) Use impactful images and videos

Using a good quality image along with your post on Facebook or Twitter is going to help stimulate people’s eyes. This is going to be catchy and people enjoy looking at pictures.

Including short videos is always a great thing to do to. It can be a video you created or a video from Youtube that is going to be relevant to your audience.

If most of your marketing on social media platforms are text based, you could be missing because you do not share enough images and videos.

4.) Keep a consistent voice

All great social media marketers have a consistent voice on their pages.

Find a voice that is going work well on your social media and use it for all the social media platforms you are on.

If you are in the fitness niche for social media then using motivation and inspiration is going to be a great voice to have on social media.

5.) Engage your audience

This is by far the most important point and that is why I saved it for last.

Social media is not about you and your brand. So the best thing you can do is engage with your followers. Go out there and like their statuses and leave comments.

If someone comments on your post, do not wait, engage with a comment back.

A meaningful conversation with 1 follower on social media is more important than 50 likes on a status update.

Try to create conversations with your following.

Following these 5 tips will improve your social media marketing. I have seen a lot of marketers miss their target audience on social platforms because they are not providing value, using emotion, adding visuals, and engaging with their following.

Using these tips is going to require more effort on your part. You cannot just dump a post onto your social media page and hope someone interacts with it.

If you have questions or concerns about your social media marketing then please leave a comment below.

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