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How to make money with Blogging

blogging for moneyI am going to show you the exact formula I follow to make money while blogging. If you have a blog, this will work for you and if you do not but are interested in building a blog then I suggest looking at my #1 Recommendation. If you wanted to learn how to make money with blogging, you have come to the right place, now let’s begin.


The story about this blog

I never thought I was going to find myself as a “blogger”. I have a preconceived idea of the type of people who blogged. I was judging something I knew nothing about. I never knew that people could make a boat load of money from blogging. But, then I saw the potential income you could make from blogging and I had to dive in.

The main goal of this blog here is to help educate and protect people. I do a lot of company reviews (most are complete scams) to help my readers make an educated decision before they buy into a business opportunity.

Within 6 months, I went from a job that I hated (don’t get me wrong, I was making a lot of money) to a full-time blogger. I had figured out how to replace my income while blogging. This was the ticket to freedom I had always hoped to find.

Now here I am a blogger, sharing my secrets to success for others who are interested in blogging for money. The thing about blogging is that you cannot judge it before you give it a real honest try.


How to make money by blogging

I hear this question a lot, “how do you make money by blogging?” I figured it was time to lay out the aspects of blogging for money.

How far you take this and how much you make is entirely up to you, What you put into your blog is exactly what you will get out of it.

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Create your blog.
  3. Start adding useful content.
  4. Share your blog everywhere!
  5. Engage your visitors.
  6. Make money from your visitors with different income sources. (affiliate marketing)

As simply as I can put it, these are 6 most effect steps to follow that will generate an income from blogging. You need to follow each step before you move onto the next step.


1.) Choose your blog’s niche.

The biggest mistake I see all too often is a blog that is all over the place. Of course, this is your blog and you can do anything you want with it but having posts that are polar opposites hurts your blog’s authority.

The most effective way to monetize your blog is to have a specific focus. This is going to be your niche. You are going to be blogging in a sense to own that niche with your blog.

Your blog’s niche can be anything you would like. Just make sure you know the focus of your blog because this is going to be the foundation of building your blog and a certain type of visitor who is coming to visit your blog.

Example: (my blog)

This blog is set up to talk about business topics. I focus only on topics that are going to draw in a crowd who are interested in making money, building a business, scaling their business, or looking for business opportunities.

The blogs main focus is educating viewers on business topics and making money.

I do not post articles about other topics that interest me on this blog because it would not be related to my viewers. Know your niche and audience and stay focused on your articles and posts.


2.) Create your blog

You cannot be a blogger without a blog. Building a blog is not very complex. You can use content management systems such as WordPress. WordPress makes it extremely easy to add text, pictures, video, and any other types of data to your blog.

Your blog should be simple.

Simple in the means of color and design. Easy to navigate and has a quick responsive rate.

Buying a domain name for your blog is not very expensive. It can cost you about 13-15 dollars. I prefer to buy my domain names at WA. You can buy one there too. Follow my directions on buying a domain name.

There is also a way for you to create a free blog. I have created a previous post about this. Free blog tutorial.

To become a blogger you need a blog.


3.) Start adding useful content to your blog

The more content you add to your blog, the more money you are going to make.

A rough measure of how much content you need to have on your blog before your start making money is about 100 posts.

Your posts should strive to be about 1,000 words with pictures and videos.

You should also have a menu and possibly a drop down menu depending on your blog.

The more content, the more money you can potentially make.

Blog every day.


4.) Share your blog everywhere!

This is a very important step that should never be skipped over.

When you finish adding a post or content to your blog. Share it.

Share your blog on all your social media accounts. Share it in Google Plus communities and Facebook Communities that are relevant to your blog.

This is a great way to find readers who are going to be interested in your content and blog. But more importantly, search engines can pick up on websites being shared on social media. The more you share your blog, the better your blog will rank in the SERPS.

Get social with your blogging.


5.) Engage your visitors

You want to become involved with the visitors to your website. You can do this is two different ways.


Always have comments enabled on your posts. You can let your visitors decide to leave you a comment or you can encourage your visitors to leave a comment.

“Share your thoughts on this post with a comment below.”

This is a good way to begin engaging your visitors.

Email opt-in:

This is another way. The visitors who love coming to your blog and reading your posts are going to want to hear from you. A great way to do this is to have an email opt-in form.

Once you have someone’s email, you can directly send them newsletters and updates on your blog.

The more engagement means more returning visitors.


6.) Time to make money

This is my personal preference on how I like to make money with blogging. That is affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is join free affiliate programs online. You want to join affiliate programs that offer products/services that are related to your niche. Products that your visitors are either going to want/need.

These affiliate programs will give you a special link. When your visitor clicks this special link and buys that product, you earn a commission.

This method of monetizing a blog is the most profitable. There are other ways to earn money with blogging but the payout is going to be much smaller.

You can place ads on your blog that will earn you money per click, but how often do you click an ad online? I know I never do. I like to think most of my visitors are not going to be clicking them either, so I do not put them on my blog. All an ad is going to do is make your blog look ugly with advertising.

You will make a lot more money from affiliate marketing products on your blog that you like and use and your visitors will like and use themselves.

I make thousands of dollars every month from affiliate marketing alone. Affiliate marketing is how I turned a hobby into a full-time business online.

If you are looking for more training on affiliate marketing by blogging, then there is only 1 platform I recommended.

My #1 Recommendation.

If you have any questions about making money with blogging, please leave them below!

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