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I Need A New Job – I Hate My Job

i need a new jobThere was a time in my life that I hated my job. Every time I needed to get up and get dressed to go to work, I became very unmotivated and angry. I hated my job and I needed a new one.

As I searched for a new job on Indeed, Glass Door, Monster, Career Finder, and even Craigslist. I could see there were not many great positions out there. I was stuck in a job I absolutely hated when I desperately wanted to find a new job.

That is when I decided to do something I had never done before. I decided to start working online. I was very unsure of what to do or how to begin. But, I have figured out the correct path to starting a career online and I can show you how to the same.


Choose your Passion

When I was searching for a new job, I did not want to find another job I would hate in two years. I wanted to find something that I was truly passionate about. There are not many job positions open for you that are going to be your passion. It is incredibly hard to find a job that is your top interest in life.

“A job that does not feel like work.”

That is the key to success in finding your new job. Especially with a job online. You can work from anywhere at anytime you want. So, it is amazing to have a job you are passionate about.

For myself, I hated my job so much and was very unhappy with my work and that was making my life feel unfulfilling. I started my website online as a way to help others find a new path to success.

Here are some ideas of passions to help you get started in finding a new job online.do what you love

  • Helping others
  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Travel
  • Golf
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Teaching Children
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Snowboarding
  • Dancing
  • Etc.

The list can go on and on, but the idea is for you to select something you enjoy in life. That is the perfect place to start your new job.

And yes, you can make money and a living from your passion or hobby.


Website For Your New Job

When you are following your passion and starting a new job online, you will need your own website. Websites are very easy to setup. You do not need to know coding or HTML. All you need to be able to do is type!

The idea for what you should do with your website is build content around your passion.

So let’s say I have an interest in fitness…

You would want to create posts and articles related to fitness topics.

  • Workout routines
  • Workout clothing
  • Food to eat
  • Supplements to take

As this is already your interest, you will know how to help people and provide people with quality information. You have a passion and will be able to reach others with the same exact passion all across the world online.

What you need to do with your website is.

  • Have a content management system (CMS explained)
  • Simple and clean design.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Loads quickly.

Pretty simple so far, you have your passion and your website. Is this feeling like a job? Your new job should be fun!

You can build a website for free, here is howHow to create a website for free.


i hate my job, i need a new jobGaining Traffic for Your Website

The next most crucial step for your new job is for people to be able to find you. How will they find you? Through Google and other search engines. (mostly Google)

This is called search engine optimization.

People will need to be able to find you online. Creating posts about your passion is exactly how they will. People right now are searching for answers about your hobby. You can be the one who answers them.

The more traffic you have to your website, the more money you will make.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to turn your passion into your new job?


Making Money with Your New Job

If I still have your interest and this sounds like the exact thing you are looking for. Then, you need to know how you will make money. It is not very complex how you will make money.plan to succeed with a new job

There are multiple ways to make money off your passion online.

The two easiest ways to make money.

  1. Ads from Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.

Google Adsense –  You can use the Google program Adsense. All you have to do is post ads on your web page. When someone clicks that ad, you will get paid! So, the more traffic you have coming in, the more clicks on your ads, the more money you make!

Affiliate Marketing – This is my favorite. You get paid for selling products you do not own. Affiliate marketing fully explained.

Amazon is home to the largest affiliate program. All you do is sign up for it. When you discuss topics on your website, you link people to that product. When they buy that product, you receive a commission.

Fitness example:

You know a great home workout routine. You create a post about that routine and what exercises a person should do. I am sure there are some products that would enhance that workout. A home pull-up bar, push up handles, TRX ropes. The possibilities are endless.

The best part of affiliate marketing is, if something is being sold online, you can become an affiliate for it!


How to Get Started

With any job you start, you will need to be trained and learn how to do it correctly. That is where I can help you. There is a website that is training and teaching people how to do this right now.

It is where I learned when I was searching for a new job.

You will be trained in many different ways:make money with wealthy affiliate

  • Video walkthroughs
  • Lesson Courses
  • Classrooms
  • Webinars
  • Live Training sessions
  • Community members
  • Blog posts

Of course, you will have a lot of questions when you get stuck, that is where the community comes in handy. I know I could not have started without help from others.

What you will get for free:

  • 2 Websites
  • Live chat box
  • lesson course
  • website security
  • website backup
  • website support
  • Affiliate program
  • Video lessons
  • Earn while you learni need a new job WA

Are you ready to start your new job?

I need a new job, that was the exact thought I had which brought me to Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life for the better and I am very happy to have started.

Click here to get started!

Or you can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate first.

Wealthy Affiliate Review.



  1. It seems that when it comes to internet scams, you just need to use a little common sense and you probably won’t fall victim to it. The Free Money System already sounds like a scam, especially when Walter Green claims that there are only “7 spots open” to become a millionaire. If that were true, he would pick 7 people he knows in person and who he knows has a good business model. What millionaire is going to trust an average Joe who’s just starting out in business?

    1. Kennedy,

      You are right. Why would Walter Green pick 7 strangers from the internet? Oh yeah, cause he is scamming as many people as he can.

  2. Great article Kurtis!!
    A lot of people are not happy with their 9-5 job. Many people I know in that category say they are still in the job as ‘it pays the bills’. If only they knew that there was a legitimate and enjoyable way to earn money to pay the bills. Yes, Affiliate Marketing is BIG business and what’s good about it, is that if they’re passionate about a particular niche – you’ve mentioned several – then they are going to put their all into promoting this through great content which we know means visitors and potential buying customers.

    It’s great that you are helping out others by being genuine about your circumstances – hating your job – and taking the leap.
    People like genuineness rather than fakeness so I see you going places with your online business in helping others.

    Wishing you much success.

    1. Jacqueline,

      Opportunity is paid for by risk. I had heard that somewhere and it is very true. I can only speak from my personal experiences. I know how it feels to b stuck in a job you hate because it pays bills. It is a hard lifestyle to live and it does not make you happy. I just wanted to be happy and I knew I had to take a leap of faith. I did it and I know you can do it too.

  3. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article here because I can relate very well. I used to hate getting up in the morning to go to work a job that was paying me just over minimum wage but would work me like crazy for that money..I myself did find Wealthy affiliate as well and wasn’t sure at first about it but am happy to say I have been a part of wealthy affiliate for months now and I am starting to see awesome results and am excited for my future. Your article is very real and I encourage anybody reading this that wants to stop investing so much of your time to earning pennies to start investing to learning how you too can start earning money online. Wealthy affiliate will teach you everything you need to know.

    1. Nicole,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate. I know your story and my story are similar and there are others who are in the same boat as us. I hope your story will help inspire others!

  4. I know the feeling of my job making me unhappy and in search of something new. I know that answer is not finding a new job, this will solve nothing but rather I need to find a different way of life.

    Building a business online and working from home will not be an easy task. This will take dedication, time and patients!

    Thanks for the post, I can most definitely relate and I believe others can as well. This will help anyway who is unhappy at their job start thinking differently and looks towards a different way of life!

    1. Great things in life are never easy. But, they are always worth it. This will be worth it and I really do suggest you give it a solid go. It is free to join and start, so why not check it out?

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