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Income Snap or Income Scam?

Income Snap is a sales funnel page for another website. That website that wants to send you to is I have reviewed and what is offered there before.

I will keep this review of Income Snap and MyFlexJob short. If you want to see the full review of where Income Snap wants to send you, then click here. Review of MyFlexJob.

incomesnap scam


What is Incomesnap?

As you can see from the above picture, that is the homepage of There is nothing else to that website besides a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and an earnings disclaimer. This website serves one purpose, to funnel you to MyFlexJob.

What is MyFlexJob?

MyFlexJob is a website that claims to have an affiliation with Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Disney, and Groupon. The website of MyFlexJob states that these top companies need people for trial processing. What that basically means is when a larger company has a new product/service, they will want to have consumers test the product before it goes out into the free market. You would essential provide feedback to these companies about what you like and did not like about their products or service.


That is not what MyFlexJob actually is offering. That is why it is a scam. Trial processing is a real gig but that is not what is happening here.


What you will actually be doing with MyFlexJob and IncomeSnap

You will not be helping Fortune 500 companies with their trial processing needs. You will actually be doing something completely different.

The way you will earn money with this “work from home” opportunity is to complete different tasks to earn credits. When you have earned a minimum amount of credits, you can exchange those credits for cash.

Some ways you will earn credits is by…

  • Signing up for credit cards. You will fill out applications for credit cards you do not need.
  • Signing up for a free trial with Gamefly.
  • Buying a subscription to Netflix.

Yes, some of the ways to earn credits are to actually buy a product or service. So, if you bought the Netflix subscription for $11 a month, you would earn credits that would equal $12. You would really only earn $1. Plus, you would have to cancel your subscription before you get charged at the start of the next month.

Some of the offers and companies you are signing up for are not well known. Some of them are very shady and you do not want to give them your information. These shady companies make it very difficult to cancel your membership. Those companies will make you jump through hoops and literally hide their terms and services so you cannot cancel!

You will be providing your credit card information to a lot of companies to earn a small amount of money. I do not think all of these companies are worth trusting with your information. You may need to cancel your credit card.


There are red flags.

I will only give you my initial findings. If you want to see the full details on how these are red flags and a part of a scam, then read my full review on MyFlexJob.

  • Claims to be real job offers but the application process is sketchy.
  • You need to pay for a subscription after you are “approved” through the application process.
  • Fake Testimonials about MyFlexJob.
  • Income claims are inconsistent.

In my full review, I go into more detail on how these are red flags that are very well part of a scam.


Incomesnap and MyFlexJob is a scam is just a landing page that wants to funnel you into a scam.

Don’t fall for the sales pitch on Income Snap. You will not earn $23 an hour by filling out and completing different offers.

If you are looking for a work from home opportunity that is 100% legit, then I have the perfect recommendation for you. It is building your own website and monetizing it! You will learn exactly how to do this with my recommendation!

It is not a get rich quick system and takes time and effort. It is where I started and where you can start too!

My #1 Ranked Platform.

Here is how it stacks up against Incomesnap and MyFlexJob

It is free to test this platform out, unlike MyFlexJob which requires you to pay for a subscription for $25 before you can begin.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this scam! You have saved a lot of people from getting tricked and losing money as well as time going down the “rabbit hole.” I appreciate it!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the informative article. There are so many scams out there that many people get sucked in.
    The truth is that if you see an offer where you supposedly get a lot of money for little effort, then it’s some kind of scam.
    Nothing is free in this world. If you want to earn good money on the internet, just like in a physical job, you have to put in the effort.
    If someone offers a job but you need to pay to get access to it that means it’s more than likely a scam as well.

    1. Yes,

      With this, you have to pay $25 for a subscription to MyPCBackup. Which, I cannot find out if it is owned or run by the same people of MyFlexJob. But, If I had to guess I would think it is.

  3. It is disappointing that there are so very many scams on the internet. I understand that they are everywhere, but the internet is like a magnet for this kind of stuff. I will be relying upon people such as you and others like you who call out these programs that present only half truths. Thanks,

  4. Nice review post. The website sounds to good to be true, it would be nice to earn money by doing trails for large companies, but it only turns out to be earring credits and siging up for subscriptions, that’s sketchy. Plus it would be hard to cancel them like you mentioned, especially if the company is not reliable. I think maming your own site is the best way to make money from home!

  5. Thank you for posting this. I have not come across this one but did come across another that turned out to be a pyramid or very similar. If you come across another scam I hope you post it here. What a raw deal for someone wanting to make legitimate income.

    1. Hillard,

      Do you remember the name of that scam? Yeah, Stay away from this and check out my recommended platform. It is not easy making money online. It takes real work and dedication!

  6. Hi, Kurtis! I agree that anything that advertises itself as a job offer but then wants credit card info and payment right off the bat is probably bad news.

    I fell for one of these in the beginning of my work-at-home search, but then found Wealthy Affiliate and have been very happy with the training and the opportunity for growth.

    Thanks for the good tips!

  7. These work from home scams are really annoying. I caught wind to these types of scams a long time ago, luckily I didn’t have to learn the hard way and lose a lot of money. It’s good to see people like you reviewing these types of “businesses” to make people aware before they ending up wasting valuable time and money.

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