amway an internation scam

Is Amway A Scam? A Billion Dollar Scam

amway an internation scamHave you been introduced to Amway by a family member, friend, or saw an ad somewhere?

Did this person or ad claim to show you how to make money from home? And you will have the freedom to be your own boss and break off a nice piece of business for yourself?

These claims are usually closely tied to scams, also claiming you will be able to make a ton of money. Amway sells close to $10 billion worth of product a year, it can seem pretty likely you could be making a nice penny from this company.

But is that true?

It is smart to do your research before you decide to start your employment with any company. This will be a full overview of what Amway is and how Amway might be a scam.


What is Amway

Amway is a direct marketing and networking based company.  Amway deals in a different variety of products but mainly focuses on the markets of health, beauty, and home care. Amway’s target audience for these products is primarily regular consumers as well as independent business owners.

Amway has been in business since 1959. Amway was founded by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. This company is based out of Ada, Michigan.  Amway has a record high sales report of $11.8 billion. In recent years Amway’s sales have taken a small drop off, down 8-10% in recent years.

Amway is an international company that conducts business in over 100 different territories and countries around the world. The product lines of Amway are diversified dealing in home care and personal products, jewelry, electronics, dietary supplements, water and air purifiers, cosmetics, and insurance.

Amway has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Amway has been ranked by Forbes as one of the largest private companies, and is known as being the 2nd largest direct sales company in growth.

If all of this is true about Amway, then how is Amway a scam?


How Amway Works

Amway is an international business that is earning billions, but that is off the backs of hard working people like yourself. This company may be accredited with the BBB and have rankings with Forbes and other companies. But this is not a stand-up business you want to get involved with.

Amway is a multi-level marketing company.

MLM companies are not illegal. But the vast majority of people who work for a multi-level marketing company will never make a sustainable income. In fact, you have a better chance of losing money!

When you begin working for Amway, you will need to start building your own “business”. Your own business is going to be recruiting others into the Amway direct sales force. You will want to build your own “downline”.

If you are not a personable character and very good at selling, you will not make any money with Amway. You need to have prior knowledge of building your network around your business. If you do not, you will fail when working for Amway.

Amway may be a legit company, but the vast majority of people who work for Amway quit rather quickly. Here is why people quit.

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How Amway is a scam

Is Amway a scam? It might be a legitimate business but there are qualities to this business that are going to say otherwise. There are certain things a great or even good company would not do to their employees.


You will lose a lot of money with Amway.

For the new members of Amway, the road to success lies just beyond the next seminar. Unfortunately, these seminars are not free to attend. You will need to shell out hundreds are dollars to attend these. Of course, the seminars are going to be worthless if you do not buy the tapes and reading material to go along. You could be looking at spending $250 dollars just to sit and watch a seminar and then spending another $50 on the books and tapes.

You will be convinced spending some money now to learn how to grow your business is worth every penny. That little bit of money for each seminar is going to start to add up very quickly when you aren’t making any money with Amway.

There are horror stories of people spending $10,000 – $30,000 just to make a couple thousand dollars. Your success is always going to be right beyond the next seminar.

Amway might have a huge product line, but they are making the majority of their money off of their own distributors. Amway is not teaching you how to run a business, they are selling you a dream.

If you get caught up in this scam, it will seem never ending. You will keep telling yourself you are in this business to win and you are already this deep in, might as well keep going.


You are told not to use the Amway name.

Amway has a horrid reputation and is losing customers and distributors. People do not want to buy from a company that has a shady side to it.

Some of the reps for Amway do not even know they are working for Amway. Network Twentyone and Dexter Yager Internet services are training associations for Amway.

These are separate corporation from Amway, whose sole purpose is to drive up direct sales and recruitment for Amway. As long as people do not know they are getting in bed with Amway, then more people would be likely to sign up.

Through your training, you will learn not to mention the name “Amway”, this way you will be able to sell more and recruit even more people.

You are recruited with lies.

Amway has perfect the system of direct sales. All you need to do is follow the perfect system Amway has set for you. If you work the system correctly you will be financially free.

The only way to learn Amway’s system is to spend money to go to the seminars, buy the books and tapes. If you are not becoming a master at your craft with Amway it is because you are not following the system correctly. Don’t worry there is a seminar you can buy that will fix that.

The major issue with this scam is that all of those resources needed to succeed are coming from someone higher up in this pyramid scheme. The people who are making all the money in this scam are the ones selling all the training to you.

The top distributors in Amway are not making thousands of dollars from their direct sales, but rather from selling you training so you can go out and sell!

You will annoy everyone in your life.

Amway is going to want you to target your family members first. They are the easiest people to potentially get an easy sale from. This is what MLM companies want. They want you harassing your friends and family for a simple sale.

Do you want to be the person in your family who is constantly trying to pitch some product at the dinner table?

Your friends would be next. You will spend hours calling all of your friends and anyone else you have met to try to pitch them on a sale.

Amway does not care about you or any of your personal connections.

Amway only see’s this as an opportunity to make a quick buck off of you.

The Question

Is Amway a scam?


Amway might be a company that is allowed to operate in your country or territory but this is a scam on the people. You will not make any money. You could potentially ruin your life working for this company!

If you have had a negative experience working for Amway, please leave a comment below illustrating how.

If you have had a positive experience you can do the same.

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  1. This is just what I needed, someone to support my thoughts on Amway. I haven’t run into anyone pushing Amway for many years until the other day. Yep someone from work wanted to meet with to discuss a great way to make money. I asked him does this have anything to do with Amway? He told me flat out that it did not, and proceeded to tell me that it was far greater than Amway, a sure bet on making money. He said he was doing so well that he was getting ready to quit and go full time.
    Against my better judgment, I accepted (my bad 🙁 ). Well low and behold by the time he got to the end of his well-planned speech it turned out to be just that Amway!
    I told him I was going to research it before doing anything, he didn’t take to that very well and continued to pressure me.
    So that is what brought me here, I want to thank you for the insight into this scam, and you saved me a bunch of money, by the time he was through I was looking at around a thousand dollars. OMG

    1. Kim,

      I am sure a lot of people are having the same thoughts about Amway. In some cases, your friends might be trained to invite you over to their house for a get-together or party. There never actually is going to be a party, it’s just a set up to pitch Amway. Sometimes they do not even mention the name Amway. You could be sitting listening to a presentation that your friend tricked you into attending and never know it was an Amway opportunity. The training is teaching people not to ever mention Amway’s name and pull people in. It is totally trickery. I am surprised to learn he mentioned Amway to you.

      Kim, I am glad you did your research. You would be losing out. Your friend was just trying to create a sense of urgency in you to join in. Almost like you could be letting the best opportunity slip by. You could potentially lose thousands if you went through. I am glad you did not.

  2. Yes my uncle had mentioned Amway there over the Christrmas but I was unable to get any real information on it until I came to your site. I cannot believe the seminars are not free to attend, the level of money you mention is enough to make me run away from it. Thanks for he honest review, i will also tell my Uncle to stay clear of it, thanks for saving us all this money!

    1. David,

      Yes, tell your uncle to get away from there fast. You do not want to have any of your family members tangled up in this situation. I do not think you want your uncle hounding your family trying to sell over priced products to you and the rest of your family. He will only be wasting his money. I am glad to help David.

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