click intensity is a scam

Is Click Intensity a Scam? Yes, find out how!

Click Intensity has been generating a lot of buzz online since its inception in March 2016. You might be considering joining this program or wondering what exactly it is.

In this review of Click Intensity, we will cover what it is, how it works, compensation, etc. But more importantly some details you should not skip over because you will regret that later.

Hold off on signing up for Click Intensity until you read this review. Then decide if this is right for you.


Quick Overview

Company: Click Intensity


Owner: Nick Johnson

Price: $25 per ad pack

Rating: SCAM


What is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity is a revenue sharing website. (Revshare). What makes Click Intensity different than other rev share websites is that it has a lot of different elements that are also involved.

Click Intensity not only is a revshare platform but also an MLM, PTC, and affiliate marketing program.

Before Click Intensity was launched in March 2016, it was being marketed as a brand new multi-level marketing opportunity for people who joined prelaunch.

(Most people see MLM companies as a problem and not a solution to making money.)

The first major red flag when it comes to Click Intensity is that PayPal is not supported.

Click Intensity is using payout sources such as Payza, Trust Pay, and Payeer. Trustworthy companies would never consider using one of those payout methods. Reputable companies online prefer using PayPal.


How does Click Intensity work?

Click Intensity is structured as a 7 level deep multi-level marketing company.

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 – 1%
  • Levels 3 – 6 – 0.5%
  • Level 7 – 2%

Each level is going to require a different level of investment into the revshare program. You will have to buy $25 Silver Ad packs.

  • $25 Level 1
  • $2,500 Levels 1 – 2
  • $5,000 Levels 1 – 3
  • $10,000 Levels 1 – 4
  • $25,000 Levels 1 – 5
  • $50,000 Levels 1 – 6
  • $100,000 All 7 levels

To fully get paid in this compensation structure you will need to invest or reinvest your earnings up to $100,000.

If that isn’t a giant red flag, I don’t know what is.

So how can you earn money from Click Intensity?

1.) Complete tasks daily:

  • Share posts on social media
  • Watch videos
  • Simple online tasks
  • Clicking ads
  • and other simple methods

2.) Earn from profit shares

You get paid $30 for every $25 silver coin pack. That is 1 profit share inside of the company. And yes, these coin packs expire daily. Every day the profit share values vary because of the total gross revenue that is generated.

3.) Earn from referral sales

You can earn 10% from all Silver coin pack purchases made by your referrals. If you are a free member then you will only earn 5% per purchase. As you can see the more members you can refer, the more money you could potentially make.

4.) Earn from team income.

This is where you will earn from having a downline within Click Intensity. Filling out the matrix that is shown above is how you will begin to earn from team income. To reach level 2 you need to have 100 people under you.

5.) Earn from backend sales

You can also be paid for all the advertising sales that result in Gold Coins. Earning 1,000 gold coins is equal to $25.


Notable red flags

Click Intensity has a Facebook group that is closed and the admins. are Nick Johnson (owner), Tara Mish (communications manager), and Ankur Agarwal.

The Facebook profile of Nick Johnson appears to have only been created a few weeks after the start of Click Intensity. This could be for the sole reason of promoting Click Intensity or possibly, that Nick Johnson is not actually a real figure but someone fabricated as to hide who actually owns Click Intensity.

Also, in the video above, the spokesman states that after the launch of Click Intensity, the global rank of their website is going to be 5,000. That means they are going to have a lot of traffic to their website.

Well, from the Alexa rankings we can see that the global rank of is far from 5,000.

click intensity scam


Things I don’t like about Click Intensity

There is almost nothing I actually like about Click Intensity as it seems it is not actually an MLM company but a Ponzi Scheme.

These are the 4 major things I don’t like about Click Intensity.

1.) Buying silver packs daily

The core commitment #2 is buying silver packs every day for $25. The goal is to reach 4,000 silver packs purchased. Tara Mish states that buying these silver packs every day is going to directly affect how successful you are.

25 x 4,000 = 100,000

Do you really want to spend 100,000 on silver ad packs?

2.) Low-quality production

A company is recruiting people in hopes that will eventually invest 100,000 dollars into their scheme. Most of the videos are whiteboard production videos that you can pay someone $5 on Fiverr to make for you in 24 hours.

Even the training modules are low quality. There are long segments with dead air time. They do not even edit their videos.

Can you trust a company with such a low-quality production in their videos?

3.) Zero training on scaling your business

As we know the more you earn with this scheme is by recruiting people. The training that is offered by Click Intensity is basic. Sending emails to your contact list and posting on social media to your friends.

What happens when those don’t convert to sales?

How is Click Intensity going to help you earn?

They aren’t, your business is going to fail because there are no resources to help you improve your own business.

It seems as if the owners know this scheme is going to fail and were only interested in stealing your cash without providing you any training or tools to help you earn more.


Alternative to Click Intensity

Click Intensity is not a recommended platform for you to join as a way to make money.

If you are interested in making money online, the best way to do that is by building your own business online following these steps.

My top recommended platform for people to begin a business online with is Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has an entrepreneur course that will teach you step-by-step how to choose your niche, build a website, generate traffic to your website, and earn commissions from affiliate marketing.

If you are dedicated and determined to start your own business online, then joining Wealthy Affiliate is the right decision for you.

Click here to see my full review of Wealthy Affiliate.


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