copy my commissions review

Is Copy My Commissions a Scam? Yes, In my Opinion!

Quick Overview of Copy My Commissions


Owner: James Johnson

Price: $47 + upsells

Recommended: NO


What is Copy My Commissions?

Copy My Commissions is a program/software that will teach you how to make money online on autopilot. Copy My Commissions does this by bashing other “gurus” online to try to make us believe their system is the right one for us.

This program is what gives internet marketing a bad name and people find it hard to put any trust into a training or real platform online. Copy My Commissions is a get rich quick scheme.

The sales video claims that their program can’t be found anywhere else online, but the truth is that this program has the same exact blueprint of another program online called Instant Income Code.


Copy My Commissions Review

Copy My Commissions is disguised as an online program that will teach you how to make more money than you ever thought possible on “autopilot”.

They claim that this is done with their secret software that will allow anyone to be able to do this. Unfortunately, this is just not true.

Copy My Commissions is exactly the same as Instant Income Code. How is this possible?

It seems the marketers decided to use the same exact promotion video to promote the same product. Unsure whether Copy My Commissions is just a front to sign people up into Instant Income Code or a way to sell products to people throught email marketing.


The secret software

Understand that this program is nothing special and has quite a few red flags before even signing up, I have not purchased this software. Less money for these marketers to go out and try to dupe more people.

The sales pitches of this program are that you will be buying a software that creates several streams of revenue into your bank account on autopilot.

This sales video states that in 29 days this software has earned them close to $60,000 and cannot be bought anywhere else. This is not true.

is copy my commissions a scam

Actually, you can buy this software from the Envato Market for $22. All this software really is, is a way to capture people’s email address via a website.

This software has no connection to Copy My Commissions but is something you will buy once you are inside.

Here is what we are shown in the sales video:

Here is the software you can buy from Envato Market:

copy my commissions legit?

As you can see both List Fuel from Envato Market and List Fusion from Copy My Commissions look exactly the same. All it is is a plugin to grab emails.


More red flags from Copy My Commissions

The reused sales video is 50 minutes long and within those 50 minutes we don’t learn much about the program exact the secret software, which we now know is not very secreative.

The other part of the video is bashing gurus online and boasting about how much this person in the presentation has made online.

This is a done for you scam. A great money making product or program will boast about the benefits and quality of the system.

All we know is that there is a step by step system but we do not learn what these steps are and have to be taken at face value.

For a presentation that is almost and hour long, we never learn much about this system. This should be setting off alarms for you as it do for me.

There are better platforms online that focus on teaching so you can actually learn about making money online. My #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. (Click here to see a full review) This platform will help take you through the entire process of building your own business and making money online and the best part is you can try for free.

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Conclusion on Copy My Commissions

Is Copy My Commissions a scam? Yes, I think this program is a scam.

I do not recommend anyone pay a dime into this system.

What you might be buying is a mystery and the secret software is nothing special and can be bought online if you really wanted it.

I would avoid this program. If you have any questions, thoughts, or want to share your experience please leave a comment below!

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