duplicate dave review

Is Duplicate Dave a Scam? Full Review

duplicate daveDuplicate Dave review

Name: Duplicate Dave

Website: www.legendarymarketer.com

Owner: David Sharpe


Duplicate Dave overview

Founded by a well known and established information marketer, duplicate Dave is one of the largest creations in the network marketing sector. This system has gained quite the popularity across the internet as it claims to show you how to become a successful internet marketer and makes millions while you’re at it.

An especially attractive clause about this model is that it gives people the opportunity to learn as they earn which means that they can start generating income as beginners while honing the craft to become experts.

It is famous for teaching people the ways of making money while surfing the net and working for only 30 minutes a day. Dave Sharpe who has been reported to have earned 170 million dollars from online sales is known to have acquired 99% of his wealth from online sales and internet marketing and the program is simply designed to show people how they can do the same.

The idea is to “duplicate” Dave’s success and imitate his technique in order to get ahead in the information marketing and internet business world. Of course, programs that promise huge success and amazing testimonials are eye-catching and tend to draw the attention of the public, but it is imperative to investigate the legitimacy of such systems before going in and figuring out if duplicate Dave is a scam or not.


The good

It avails you the opportunity to earn a good income while still undergoing training. What this implies is that, with this model, you learn more about the system while you earn.

There have been extensive reports that the course being offered is easy to implement and simple to understand.

It is owned by a well-known internet marketer as opposed to several Ponzi schemes that are run by faceless personalities.


The bad

Interested members are not provided with explicit information as regards to the price and packages of what they are getting into until the point of entry.

It may require a lot of waiting and patience before you start to see real progress on your investments.


Who is duplicate Dave for?

Duplicate is a system that is quite simple to understand and features hands-on training and orientation strategies. Therefore, there is an allowance for people who are entirely new to the internet marketing world to adjust with time.

This ultimately makes the system right for people who are passionate about making money online and transforming the time they spend online into a money making avenue.

Seeing as everyone these days is connected to the internet, the system is suitable for anyone who has a base knowledge of surfing the net and is looking for a way to make money while working from the comfort of their homes and having enough time to engage in personal activities.


Duplicate Dave products and training

The training covers a wide range of online marketing avenues. It covers the sales of several premium products like;

  • Ad placements
  • Email marketing
  • Sales conversion strategies
  • Use of sales videos
  • Sales funnels and marketing copies.
  • Duplicate Dave price and support

The duplicate Dave network is a very closely knit system that provides members all the resources they would need upon signing up. The founder, Dave Sharpe has been featured by Forbes as a legend in the marketing world and an eight-figure earner with an inspirational story. He runs and operates his own personal website at www.davidSharpeelive.com and an active Facebook page where you can reach him through his comment section on any inquiries you may have.

There are a lot of different packages for different affiliates with the setup, however, if you are a qualified product owner with the scheme, you are required to pay $30 per month and then you get paid depending on the level you are at. You are also entitled to commissions from your marketing endeavors and your live events.

Affiliates earn depending on whether they are at bronze, silver, gold or diamond levels and receive their commissions accordingly. The setup is arranged in such a way that interested members are expected to contact the company staff to have the specifics disclosed.


My final opinion of duplicate Dave

Information and internet marketing is definitely a growing industry and a wise investment to make, duplicate Dave is clearly offering that opportunity.

The founder has your typical rags to riches story that tend to get a lot of attention and make a lot of people believe that they have a high chance of modeling the same technique. While the system has provided really legitimate testimonials of people actually getting ahead, you should take your time to fully understand the packages you are being offered before joining.

Also, be ready to work hard seeing as a 30 minutes-a-day work schedule is not really going to get you an 8 figure income anytime soon. All in all, duplicate Dave is worth a shot.

Verdict: LEGIT

This is not the program I started my online adventure with, If you wish to see the program I started making money online with, then see my #1 Recommendation.

As I am not affiliated with the duplicate dave system, this review has a been a third party oversight to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in a comment below!

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