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Is Easy1Up a scam? Yes, I think it is!

easy1up.com Review

There is a great chance that you have heard about easy1up from a Facebook, Instagram, or a Twitter friend. This program has a lot of affiliates promoting this biz opp via their social media.

Good for you for taking the time for researching into this opportunity before buying in. People who tend jump right in are usually the same people who lose a lot of money to these programs online.

Yes, I do believe easy1up is a cash gifting scam. Cash gifting scams are very similar, if not exactly the same as a pyramid scheme.

Easy1up makes some outrages claims and that is all too typical with scams online. Let’s start this easy1up review by setting the record straight about these claims.


easy1up false claims

You can make big money and FAST!

When it comes to online marketing, there is no such thing as making big money fast. It takes time and determination. Anyone who claims to be able to show you how to make tons of money in a short amount of time is usually trying to rip you off.

It’s as simple as black and white!

Having an online business is not always simple. You need to have an understanding of marketing. How to use SEO and PCC. What impressions mean and how it affects your conversions. Social media adds a whole other side to it, which at times is a full-time business on its own. Building a business online is not black and white.

Learn on any device, from the foundation all the way up to the masterly level of multi-billion dollar niches.

Easy1up is providing you with one type of training, how to promote, sell, and recruit others into joining this cash gifting scheme.


Who owns easy1up?

Easy1up.com has an ABOUT section, which has to be new since all of the reviews online seem to have been at a time when the actual owner was not disclosed.

The owner of easy1up is Peter Wolfing.

Peter Wolfing was a United States Marine according to easy1up.com. Service men in the United States tend to be held to a higher standard of morality, respect, and honor. So why has Peter Wolfing a former marine, turned into a scammer online?

Here are a few of the other known scam websites Peter Wolfing owns:

  • nationalwealthcenter.com
  • handofheaven.com
  • infinitydownline.com
  • paymeforward.com
  • infinity100.com
  • turbocycler.com
  • ultimatecycler.com

Multiplex systems is the holdings company that Peter Wolfing uses to hold the money he has acquired from scams.

Peter Wolfing has stated that the easy1up system was designed to funnel people into a different opportunity, National Wealth Center, which is a different scam on its own.


How does the easy1up scam work?

There are different money making levels you can buy into.

  • Evaluation: $25
  • Evaluation Elite: $100
  • Vertex: $250
  • Vertex Elite: $500
  • Vertex Pro: $1,000

When you buy in at a higher level, you will also have access to the lower levels and will be able to market and sell those memberships.

Example: If you buy Vertex for $250, you can market and sell Evaluation Elite and the basic Evaluation.

Once you decide which level of the money making scheme you want to buy into, you can now sell the level or the lower ones to other prospects.

When a prospect purchases in the easy1up scheme, payment will go directly to you, with a 10% admin fee going to the easy1up.

You will get to keep your first sale and the first person you recruited. BUT, the second sale and the second person you recruit will be passed up to the person who sponsored you into easy1up.

Easy1up has all the signs of it being a cash gifting scheme. Buying into this biz opp, to market and have others buy in and make payments to you and then have them turn around do try to do the same thing.

Cash gifting schemes are illegal. All 50 states have laws against pyramid schemes. 


What’s inside each product?

Each package of easy1up offers different information and training. If you buy in at a higher level, all the lower levels are unlocked and you have access to that information as well. So what is offered inside each one?

Evaluation $25

  • Network marketing basics
  • Affiliate Kickstarter video series

Evaluation Elite $100

  • Free marketing
  • Cash generation video series

Vertex $250

  • Advanced digital business video series

Vertex Elite $500

  • Money counts live business building course parts 1 & 2
  • Drop shipping counts
  • Zero Cost traffic
  • 50 nonstop traffic methods

Vertex Pro $1,000

  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Zero cost traffic
  • Video sales funnels
  • USfreeADStraffic
  • Tumblr training
  • Traffic exchanges
  • Streaming profits authority
  • membership authority
  • Snap chat marketing
  • Social media domination
  • Social media authority
  • Slide share
  • Reddit marketing
  • Recurring business models
  • Linkin basics
  • Instagram marketing
  • IM business models
  • Google hangout marketing
  • Facebook remarketing
  • General traffic techniques
  • Facebook ads made easy
  • Email marketing
  • Coach authority
  • blog authority
  • Be heard social media

Vertex Pro is a high ticket item. Looking at what is offered for $1,000, I do not think it is worth spending a penny on. A lot of the training or social media marketing can be found for free online. As a matter of fact, almost all of these topics can be found for free or at a much cheaper price.

But, you are buying it so you have the right to go and sell it to someone else for a profit.

There is a 10% admin fee on all purchases that goes directly to easy1up. You will not break even on your first sale because of these fees. Also, you will not break even on your second sale because your second sale is rolled up to your sponsor. You will not break even till your 3rd sale.

All these products are simply just a bonus for participating in this cash gifting scam.


Close look at the policies of easy1up

As we know, your second sale and person you recruited in passed up to your sponsor. That is a reverse 1 compensation structure. It is very popular with MLM companies because it makes a ton of money for the company and appears to make a lot of money for the direct salesman.

But let’s look closer at the income disclosed.

“we make no claims on how much money you can make with our program.” Easy1up.com

Interesting, because right on their homepage it claims to be a system so easy to use that it is black and white!

There is no refund policy. Once you give easy1up your money, there is no getting it back! What a company to get involved with that won’t offer refunds!

“All sales are final. There are no refunds”. Easy1up.com


Conclusion on Easy1up

Is easy1up a scam? Yes, I think easy1up is just a cash gifting scam and no one should get involved with anything that Peter Wolfing has created.

You might be wondering why hasn’t easy1up been shut down? Well, because they are not operating a huge cash gifting scam and it is rather smaller cash gifting scam.

Every person who profits from easy1up is profiting off of the purchase of products by which a new member is also interested in profiting from the same products. Easy1up is a scam.

If you are looking for a real affiliate program that will teach you the correct affiliate marketing methods, then check out my #1 Recommendation.

This platform is free to join. You will have access to 10 lessons, 2 free websites, help and support for the first seven days. Think of this as a free trial period for you to test the platform out before you buy it.

To continue with this platform you would have to upgrade to a premium membership which costs $19 the first month and $49 dollars every month you stay a member. Considering the cost of this platform vs easy1up, it is much cheaper and the training, tools, and resources are far superior.

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  1. Amazing!! I mean this is really amazing. What I am talking about is how you tore down easy1up stating how it is a scam, blah, blah, blah and low and behold if right at the end you are not trying to direct me to your site. I have seen this before. You and whom ever else is involved write a negative review on someone else’s marketing campaign and then tell them how cheap and brilliant your campaign is. Yours is the wealthy affiliate and the other review writer or author I found was the Honest affiliate. I have to hand it to you. It is a brilliant strategy. Wow!! I am curious as to how many others have caught on to your method and the people I am talking about are those who actually take the time out and research the programs. Your hope is that no one goes beyond your review and signs up with you. Brilliant.


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