infinity downline scam

Is Infinity Downline a scam? The truth Revealed

is infinity downline a scam

Infinity Downline Review

I believe that you have heard about this specific organization since you are interested in starting your own home-based business or you are just interested in making money on the Internet.

Yet being the business minded and intellectual individual that you are, you chose to do a careful research, and I truly salute you for that.

This tells me that you are either genuinely looking, or pondering starting a new business for yourself. You simply need the right opportunity to begin. While I would like to help, you settle on a very much educated choice regarding whether this business is ideal for you.

No, I am not an affiliate of infinity downline so you don’t need to worry about me attempting to sign you to join on my team.



What is Infinity Downline and How Can You be able to money from the program?

Infinity Downline is an online home business opportunity that ANYBODY can afford. It was officially launched on March 1, 2009, by Peter Wolfing; a trusted and well-established Internet Marketer Veteran. He had a dream, and that dream was to be able to offer pretty much anybody the chance to start a new business for themselves at an incredible start-up rate of just $25…

What?! Give me a chance to state that once more…

YOU CAN OPEN YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND CAN POSSIBLY EARN A SUBSTANTIAL WAGE FOR ONLY $25!!! Equate that with opening a typical business where you would need to pay rent, employees, payroll, upkeep, and also the Tens, to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in start-up fees that you would more likely than not have.

Infinity Downline is an always expanding, stable and popular online business opportunity that gives you the possibility to earn a genuine passive and residual income.

When you join Infinity Downline, you will in an instant get a product offering hundreds of premium audios and videos, training you in online and offline marketing principles and computer skills while having access to an always expanding library of self-improvement products to help you in developing your business.

You will also get a website personalized and customized to you, with your name and telephone number, for you to promote and benefit from the minute you join.

The products, videos, audios, and personal training that are available to you are valued at thousands of dollars alone! It is basically a package that is almost difficult to beat with regards to beginning your own Internet Business. In any case, before we go any further, I need to make one thing clear:

Infinity Downline is a legitimate home business opportunity, and like all legitimate businesses, you must put forth some effort to become successful.

Since we dealt with that, how about we take a look at the Good and Bad of Infinity Downline.



You can read the Infinity Downline sales letter throughout the day, but until you really find out about the framework from somebody you can believe, somebody who has been within, it’s difficult to consider it important. This is my legitimate Insider Infinity Downline Review:

  • It is awesome for any individual who needs to begin a home-based business with little start-up cost ($25).
  • It is incredible for marketers who are searching for a simple extra income stream to add to their existing opportunities.
  • Your customized website is designed and ready for business the minute you become a member.
  • It has a complete, step by step, live and pre-recorded video training that helps anyone to promote and work their Infinity Downline business.
  • It is a perfect ideal base which is great for entrepreneurs to expand to other areas of marketing.
  • Since the market is as of now decided for Infinity Downline, there is no need for market surveying with respect to what to sell and promote.
  • Infinity Downline gives you the potential to earn a six-figure yearly income and an added enormous residual income. A few people make some additional spending cash from Infinity Downline, while others manage to earn a yearly six figure wage from Infinity Downline alone.
  • Infinity Downline deals with a system of duplication: on the off chance that one individual can accomplish something to succeed, then others can do a similar thing to recreate their success.
  • The customer support and help desk are very helpful, always available and willing to help on any matter that needs resolution.
  • Infinity Downline has A VERY INEXPENSIVE $9 ADMIN FEE. This is extremely uncommon. Additionally, 100% Payouts on each deal recurring to you!
  • Equal the initial investment on the first deal! 100% Money back on the first individual that you bring to the system. Everything from that point is profit. This is incredible in the Internet Marketing Industry.



I mentioned earlier that I was going, to be honest. I am going to give you the good and bad, this is not an article that will tell you the good parts of the program, and won’t give you the bad part too. Similarly, as anything you will discover on the web, there is by all accounts snippets of information that gets left out.

This information is left out for one reason, individuals are trying to make a quick buck from you. I feel that if somebody has an upfront idea of what they are getting involved in from the beginning, they will have a significantly higher shot of being successful, which thus helps both partners in a long-term beneficial business relationship. This is the thing that separates this review from all the rest.

Now let’s focus on the Bad:

  • In addition to the $25 start-up cost, you will bear a couple of added costs that Peter Wolfing suggests. These include buying daily leads to promote your business, getting your own web domain, and hosting to host a personalized website and utilizing telephone broadcasting and postcard marketing. These extra costs are optional and you don’t need to get them through Infinity Downline. This is the means by which Infinity Downline makes a profit. It is totally up to you in the event that you need to put more into growing your business.
  • Similarly, as with any other business, there is no 100% assurance that you will succeed. Hopefully, you have not given in to all the hype everywhere on the Internet about “joining ABC organization and make a gazillion dollars”. All things considered, not everybody profits from Infinity Downline. In any case, truly, has there ever been a business that has an ensured 100% success rate?
  • Although extremely valuable, the training that is immediately available to you can only carry you so far. A great deal of training and education important to your success in the world of internet marketing, (for example, search engine optimization, article marketing, video marketing, and attraction marketing) are things that you will have to learn somewhere else.



Is infinity downline the right opportunity for you? Truthfully, Infinite downline might not be for you. I am going to be candid here…


Infinity Downline has been with us for 6 years now so it can’t be called a scam.

The problem with companies like this is that they promise a lot of good stuff and take advantage of the uninformed.

The truth is you can make money with this company if you know what you are doing.

The problem is, 98% of people don’t know what they are doing and will fall into this trap.

You will have to learn the skill sets to become a great internet marketer which will cost you more than $25.00 per month that Infinity Downline offers.

That being said it is always going to be challenging when you join as a marketer for an MLM company.

If MLM is not for you then I suggest seeing my #1 Recommendation.

My alternative recommendation to MLM is becoming an internet marketer. This platform is going to teach you all the necessary steps to building your own business online. You will receive all the training step-by-step to do just that.

The process is simple enough but takes your time and effort just like MLM would.

  1. Choose your interest.
  2. Build a website
  3. Generate traffic to your website.
  4. Earn revenue from affiliate marketing.

You will receive all the training, support, tools, and resources to do this the correct way. If this is more your speed and something you would be interested in learning to do, then click the link below to join.

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