Is MyFlexJob a Scam or Legit? Review

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Overall Ranking: 1 out of 10 is commonly confused with is a legitimate website that will help people find work at home jobs that are flexible in their hours. My Flex Job is using a deceptive tactic of a similar domain name to lure people into their program.


What is MyFlexJob?

MyFlexJob is supposed to be a trial processing company for top Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Beezid, Disney, and even Groupon. You will be temporarily helping out fortune 500 companies from the comfort of your own home. Trial processing is basically when a company has a new product/service and wants to have it tested before that product/service goes out into the free market.

When you land on the homepage of My Flex Job, it appears to be very professional. There is a 3 step process for how you will be working from home and even a tab to submit your “application”. (I put application in parentheses for a reason) Unfortunately just because this seems like it is a great opportunity does not mean it is.

Filling out your “application” with MyFlexJobs will most likely leave you with my questions as to what you are going to be doing rather than give you the understanding of how you will be helping these companies.

Once I began digging into this company and figuring out how I would be making money from home, I began to realize this is a very deceptive opportunity and felt just like a scam. I will explain why below…

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The work with MyFlexJob

What you will be doing with MyFlexJob is not actually work. This is why this platform is deceptive in what they are portraying on their website. What you will actually be doing is filling out surveys and completing offers that will earn you credits.

You will be doing things like signing up for credit cards or signing up for a free trial with Gamefly or paying for a subscription to Netflix. Each offer is going to land you a certain amount of credits. When you have a minimum of 5,000 credits, you can exchange them for real money.

This is not the type of work that will allow you to make money as a full-time job. You will have to spend some money upfront to earn credits or just put your credit card information down. You might have to spend 15 dollars on a product to receive a cash amount of 16 dollars, so in actuality, you are only earning $1.

The one thing I really do not like about this is that you will be providing your credit card information to a lot of companies. This can really cause some major headaches. Of course, you can cancel all your subscriptions but most of these companies will make it extremely difficult. Some even hide their terms of service to keep you locked in.

The majority of the offers you are going to be filling out are for products or services you are not even going to be interested in.


Red Flags with MyFlexJob

Every company is going to have some negative aspects to it. Let’s be real, no company is perfect and you are still working. But, these red flags are some major issues that should be addressed and you should consider before joining this program.

1.) Claim to have real jobs but their application process is bogus.

The job application is just a simple questionnaire to make this seem like a legitimate opportunity. It will take no longer than 1 minutes to fill it out. There is no wait time to be approved for a “job”. Real companies and jobs will have a waiting period before you are approved. All you have to do with this is fill out some basic information and you are instantly approved to start working.

2.) You need to pay for a subscription after you are “approved”.

Immediately after you enter your information and submit your application, you will be approved. From there you will be shown an orientation video. In this video, you will learn that you need to pay a $25 subscription fee to MyPCBackup. The video claims you will be reimbursed for this fee but it is only in the form of credits. You will not be able to cash those credits in for real money until you complete more tasks and spend more money on junk you do not want.

Real companies are not going to make you buy something right away to begin working. Every applicant has to pay this upfront fee to MyPCBackup before they can begin earning more credits. This is not a service you want or will even need.

3.) Fake testimonials.

The testimonials on the application page are fake. These testimonials are bought on Fiverr. This is very common with scams online, they will pay someone to provide a fake video to help trick people into their scam.

myflexjob legit

myflexjob scam







As you can see this is the same girl from the testimonial video on MyFlexJob. She never worked with this program. It was only a trick to try to lure you in.

I am sure all the other ones are fake too. Just head over to Fiverr and you will see all the people willing to make fake videos for scams.

4.) Income claims are inconsistent.

The home page of MyFlexJob claims you will make $12.33 to $27.90 an hour. That is a pretty big gap. There is another graphic on their website that says you will make $23 an hour. But, then in the orientation video, it says the average person makes $26 an hour. Either way, none of this is true. They are just trying to trick you. In no way will you ever make close to that much an hour.

MyFlexJob is a scam!

Is MyFlexJob a scam? In my opinion, this is a total scam. You will have to pay up front just to get started “working”. This in no way is a real opportunity to earn any kind of money online. Sure, you might earn a few bucks but their could be some really bad consequences from providing companies you do not know or trust with your credit card information.

I think you should stay away from this program. I know I will and I hope you do too.

There is a much better option out there. This platform will let you try for free. There is a paid membership which will include website hosting, tools, videos, security, and a ton of other important things worth paying for!

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  1. What a bunch of losers. I hope this company dries up and blows away. Why would anyone supply their credit card info to these companies?
    That is a big No! No! To think you would earn $16 by spending $15 is beyond ridiculous. The other disturbing thing you so rightly point out is those paid actors faking testimonilas. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books yet people still get taken in.
    Thanks for the heads up on another complete scam. Really well done.

    1. Peter,

      It is an old trick but it works a lot for these scams. I spend a lot of time research into scams to help protect people. Almost all of the scams I have looked into have used fake actors from Fiverr. Spreading the word about this company will make it dry up for sure! The worst part is you are not receiving $16 into an account, you will get credits = $16. So, make sure you put $15 dollars to the side for when your credit card bill comes around!

  2. Good review. Thanks for sharing this to caution your readers. I will always be very wary when there’s upfront payment like this. I will look for a free starter package to test the program first before paying. Thanks for writing this review.

    1. The other program I recommended has a free 7-day trial. You will get to test out the entire platform before you decide to buy it or if it is not for you. I started there as a free member.

  3. You have done the research well, especially finding out the information about the girl in fiverr. It would be good to spread the word out that this is a scam so others don’t fall victim too. Anything asking for subscription without first giving value is very likely to be a scam.

    1. Moon,

      It is a subscription to a service that is not even a part of MyFlexJob. It is just the first initial process to getting started. If I had to take a shot in the dark, I would say this scam could possibly be set up by MyPCBackup. A way to earn extra money from unsuspecting victims.

      MyFlexJob could very well be owned by MyPCBackup and that is just another way for them to earn extra money.

  4. Great information, thanks for sharing. I’m stunned at some of the garbage out there trying to suck people in.

    1. Shirley,

      Unfortunately, I think people get sucked into these scams before I can review them. This one is just so tricky because it uses a domain so close to a legit company. Stay away from MyFlexJob.

  5. Hello Kurtis!

    Thanks for taking care of us. I really don’t get it all those people on fiverr or whatever platform, that agree to make a fake testimonial. In my opinion, someone should just get a lawyer and sue the sh*t out of them. Also, $25 for a subscription, that is a rip-off. Thank you for your recommendation, I will look forward to it!

    1. Some people have nothing better to do. I just wish they understood that doing such things was leading to people losing a lot of money. Maybe, that section of Fiverr will be shut down some day. But, till then let the scams keep hiring them and I will keep calling them out!

  6. Hi, thanks for highlighting the issues with MyFlexJob. I was looking into it earlier but your article has really discouraged me from joining. I have joined survey companies before and it’s very difficult making money so I can see how MyFlexJob would also be a problem.

    1. Craig,

      It would be a big problem. I think you will need to cancel your credit card from all the products you buy or subscribe too. Don’t want to let a ton of internet companies to have your information do you?

  7. Thanks for sharing this review! Great you exposed another scam. I don’t get why people cannot make money legal way but need to scam and cheat.

  8. If I could say just one thing about it, it would be thanks for saying all of it.
    I hate when people try to take money from honest workers that want other ways to make an income.
    I will stay far away from this company.

  9. This is really disgusting. I really like how you did the digging for us and showed us the pictures of the girl from Fiveer with the fake testimonial. And like others said…who needs credits??? I still can’t believe that companies like these are still constantly popping up and luring people in.

    What also bothers me is how they took a domain that is almost exactly the same as another legit company which will confuse people!

    Thanks for exposing this to us.

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