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Is Phoenix Power Rising a Scam? Find out here.

Of late there has been a business that has been getting a lot of hype and attention that people are pitching it left, right and center. The business might have been pitched to you in social media or by family and friends. There are a lot of scams out there and you and it can be very hard to determine if a company is going to be there

There are a lot of scams out there and you and it can be very hard to determine if a company is going to be there in the long run. You will want to join a company that can guarantee you profits and not waste your time and money.

This article is aimed and at enlightening you so that you can know the company, product plan and compensation plan better so that you can make an informed decision.

I need to clear the air that I am not promoting the business in any way neither am I an affiliate or marketer for phoenix power rising. I am here to give an unbiased review about the company.



It can be very troubling when you decide to find out about an MLM company and there is no real information you can lay your hands on. The company can be quite suspicious if there is no clear information as who is behind the company and what is going on behind the scenes. If a company is reputable or legitimate it should put up its information for the whole world to see, people tend to get a bad feeling in their gut when that information is absent.

The company’s official website is and it was registered in July 21st, 2012. Terri Petty was listed as the owner of this domain and the address for California United States was listed. The California address that is tied to the domain completely goes against the company’s Terms and Conditions.

In the Terms and Condition, it states that the company offices are located in Nevada in the United States. Although Petty can be determined as the owner if the domain it is pretty unclear why his name doesn’t appear on the Phoenix Power rising website.

When the company was launched back in 2012 it was completely clear that it was a three-tier matrix scheme. One of the infamous claims made by the company was that by investing $100 you will get an ROI of $850. This sounds very good to be true and really it was.

During the late 2012 and early 2013, Phoenix Power Rising had a massive internal collapse. Despite this failure Petty relaunch in April 2016. Before he created Phoenix Power Rising he created a company called Project for Freedom in 2010 and it made similar high-flying claims and it promised its investors a return on investment of up to 400%. As you can guess it crashed by nearly 2011 despite launching in 2010.



Since Phoenix Power Rising has gotten off to a rocky start, it doesn’t make it any better with the company’s lack of a product line. Affiliates who are part of the company only get to market and sell the affiliate program the company offers and that is a bad idea as it is common with MLM scams.

It is stated on their website that their affiliates are granted access to some “downloadable digital products”. They usefulness of the products are not clearly stated.

They usefulness of the products are not clearly stated. Also, the tell their affiliates that they will have access to advertising credits to be used on the company’s website to advertise their brands.



The compensation plan that has been put forward is nothing more than a copy and paste of the same plan that was used back in 2012. The only new thing is the matrix position. The fees for the various positions have increased and this results in greater commissions that the company promises to pay to its affiliates.

The exact matrix being used is a 2×3 matrix cycle. There are 16 positions available in this matrix. There are 3 matrix levels in total. You move to the next level by filling the matrix.

This is how it is;

Matrix 1 (positions cost $120) – pays out $300 and cycles into Matrix 2

Matrix 2 – pays out $1500, generates a new Matrix 2 position and cycles into Matrix 3

Matrix 3 – pays out $7500 and generates a new Matrix 3 position



Anyone interested in joining Phoenix Power Rising will have to pay $120.

The payment is for the position in the company’s matrix system and this is the only way to buy in into the company’s money earning opportunity. The affiliates can invest in as many matrix positions as they desire as there is no limit to the matrix positions you can buy and you can also invest a lot of money if you choose.



With all the information gathered and the history of Terri Petty with MLM scams, it is an open secret that this is a Ponzi scheme that uses a cynical matrix system.

There are several flaws about this company and its business opportunities.

The $120 investment will get you a $9300 ROI is questionable. This requires 77 payments of $120 through the first matrix and this was the main problem because people stopped joining and that is why the affiliates were not getting paid the promised ROI.

They have a “No Refunds Allowed” policy.

In my honest opinion, this new re-launch is not in any way different than the original one and it will definitely crash, it is just a matter of time.

I would stay clear of this company.

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