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Is Push Button Profits a Scam? Full Review

Push Button Profits is another make money program. What seems to separate this program from others online is that this is fully automated.

How would you like to make thousands of dollars from the push of a button? Does it sound to good to be true?

In my experience, when marketers are trying to sell you an automated system that can produce huge incomes with little to no work, it is a scam.

This Push Button Profits review will break down what you need to know about this system and whether you should get involved.


Quick Overview

Name: Push Button Profits / Traffic Authority

Website: pushbuttonprofits.com / trafficauthority.net

Price: $47 or $144 + $97 upsell + buying traffic

Niche: Multi-level Marketing


What’s Push Button Profits about?

Push Button Profits is simply an affiliate website that is promising thousands of dollars in sales with the click of a button.

Push Button Profits is trying to funnel you into buying one of Traffic Authority’s packages.

  • Starter Package – $47 a month
  • Top Earner Package – $144 a month

If you click through Push Button Profits’ website and buy one of the two packages, the owner of the website (pushbuttonprofits.com) will earn a commission.

So, if you do, now we need to find out what is Traffic Authority about.


What is Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is a multi-level marketing company. This MLM company is in the niche of online marketing. Traffic Authority sells visitors (traffic to a website), tools, resources, and training for online marketers.

The main issues with MLM companies are that they rely heavily on the recruitment of new members. Most people in MLM fail because they cannot recruit new members into the scheme.

You would be paid when you found a new recruit to buy into this money making program. The more people recruited, they more money you should make, right? Well, with MLM the people who make the majority of the money are the ones who are at the top or joined early on.

Most the time with MLM companies, the products are sub-par. This is the case with Traffic Authority, the products are not quality products.


Is money made with the push of a button?

I think you already know the answer to this question and it is NO.

When you are an online marketer (like myself) you understand that generating high-quality traffic is not an easy task. It takes a great amount of work and dedication to accomplish.

Push Button Profits / Traffic Authority claims that you can buy high-quality traffic. The only time this would be true is if you are using Google Adwords or Bing Ads and paying per click. (The sponsored ads at the top of the search engine results page)

PBP / TA is a scam because they claim it is done with the click of a button and they will have a team watching the visitors enticing them to buy items that will earn you a large commission. Yeah, okay!

Buying traffic this way is sending visitors, who do not care about your website but are PAID to click on your website and are not going to actually buy anything!


What’s inside the starter package?

If you think you can earn huge commissions for buying traffic which is going to cost you extra from the $47 a month membership fee, then you will want to know what you will get.

You will get 4 things:

  1. Email capture pages
  2. Click tracker and traffic rotator
  3. Split testing software
  4. Pop-ups, timers, and exit pages

Wait for a second, all of these tools require a website. Do you have a website already?

There is an option to use these tools without a website and try to generate commissions online but honestly, without a website it is going to be very hard to break even!

To get the most out of these tools, you will need to have your own website. Create a website for free.

So you have those resources set up and want to start buying traffic, here is the breakdown of the traffic packages.

  • Basic – 170 – 190 clicks – $220
  • Bronze – 340 – 380 clicks – $440
  • Silver – 510 – 570 clicks – $660
  • Gold – 850 – 950 clicks – $1,097
  • Platnium – 1,700 – 1,900 clicks – $2,197
  • Titanium – 3,400 – 3,800 clicks – $4,298
  • Diamond – 8,100 – 8,400 clicks – $8,397

*all traffic packages will be delivered in 7 – 14 days.

Once you buy traffic, you will have two options:

  • Send traffic to your own website (if you have one)
  • Send traffic to your Traffic Authority sales funnel

You would think it would be cheaper per click as you pay more for a higher amount of traffic. But no, if is just as expensive and has no discounted rate for spending 8 grand on traffic.

The issue is, you do not know where this traffic is coming from. It could be low-quality traffic from a click farm in India.

These people that are clicking, are not finding your sales funnel because they are interested in it but only because someone is paying them to click.


Hidden traffic

As I just stated, we have no idea where Traffic Authority is buying this traffic from.

They could be using a service overseas or using another ad service that pays per click from users. We do not know is the main concern.

Traffic Authority will not release where the traffic is coming from.

If you know where Traffic Authority is buying traffic from please leave a comment below!


The training at Traffic Authority

If you do not own a website, TA is going to try very hard to sell you their $97 a month training on internet marketing.

You are only going to have training for $97 but remember you will still need a domain name, hosting, possibly email responder and all of these are not included for $97.

This is an insane price since another platform online (Wealthy Affiliate) is only $49 a month and includes websites, training, help & support, along with hosting.


Conclusion on Push Button Profits / Traffic Authority

If there was truly a system that you could use, click a button and turn a nice profit, don’t you think we would all be rich?

The truth is, this is just an MLM scam. I would avoid this entirely.

It is going to be hard to recruit people first off. Then, if you don’t have a website, the training is overpriced. And if you think making money is going to be quick and easy, you are being lied too.

The traffic purchases are the worst part of this scam.

Whatever you do, do not buy any of the traffic!

If you want to make money online, the first thing you need to realize is that there are no shortcuts to success. It takes time and dedication to making yourself successful online.

Try out my #1 recommended platform for starting a business online.

You will have a free trial for 7 days before you decide if you should upgrade to a premium member. You will also have tons of training, help, support, and anything else you need there!


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