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Name: Slice the Pie


Owners: David Courtier-Dutton

Price: free sign up

Overall rank: 85/100


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Founded in 2007, Slice the Pie is a unique type of money making system. It is a platform where up and coming musicians or bands can put out their music to get honest reviews and opinions from a wide variety of people.

The main idea is that songs with the best reviews stand a chance to get the best ratings and publicity on the site which could eventually result in recording contract opportunities or radio airtime play. The reviews that are provided are viewed by the artists in order to help them improve on their sound and technique and also to provide a thorough and valuable insight into their music.

Members or reviewers are paid a certain fee for every review they submit and are eligible for an increase in rank/payment level as they improve their skills and provide more detailed reviews. Each reviewer is provided with 90 second listening time per song to form an opinion and rating of a song after which you submit a fair assessment in a text-based format.

From its description, Slice the Pie seems like quite an amazing opportunity but then so do most money making avenues until they turn out to be scams. Therefore, we will examine its modes of operations and determine if it is a legitimate venture or just another Ponzi scam.


The good

  1. It provides lovers of music with an avenue to listen to new songs with no restrictions to genre, artist, and style while getting paid.
  2. At Slice the Pie, the amount of money you make is directly related to a number of reviews you submit. This gives you control over your earnings and allows you to scale up and down anytime you like providing you with the liberty to take it up as a full-time source of income or something to make money on the side.
  3. Membership is free and you don’t have to pay a fee before you start earning.


The bad

  1. The biggest problem with Slice the Pie is the ridiculously low reward scheme. Reviewers are expected to write amazing pieces of reviews after listening to a wide range of songs only to earn meager pay in return. This makes it more of a hobby than a business or source of income as the time spent translates to a poor return on interest.
  2. Reviewers have no control over the genre of songs they can review; this means that you may have to review songs which you have no interest in or even a base knowledge of what to look out for.


Who is Slice the Pie for?

The system is designed to suit music lovers who want to turn their passion into an income source. Aside from connecting musicians to constructive listeners, Slice the Pie is just right for people who have an ear for good music and this is exactly the kind of people that are wanted in the system.

It is also well suited for people who can express their thoughts in clear and readable English in order to help the musicians improve their style.

Even if you have no particular interest in listening to music, it takes no special skills to be able to review a track. By listening for a short while, you can express helpful tips you feel can make the song better.


Slice the Pie tools and requirements

Although they are no specific training and tools specified for members, it is always great for you to have premium listening tools that will help capture every sound to immerse yourself better.


Slice the Pie support

The songs are determined by the system administrators and so is the payment schedule, this greatly reduces the responsibility that each listener is charged with allowing you to focus on submitting detailed and informative reviews. The company hosts an easy to navigate website that provides all the information that new and existing members would need and a portal to contact the administrators for any inquiries.


Slice the Pie price and compensation system

The payment structure for reviewers on Slice the Pie is based on the rank which you have attained. New members can earn anywhere from $0.02 to $0.07.

However, as time goes on and you start to move up in rank with better and more detailed reviews, your potential for earning can increase to values above $0.20.

Each member can cash out when his earning amount to $10 and above. Therefore, if you want to make the best out of your time with this system, you stand a better chance at doing that by putting more effort and creativity into each review.

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How to rate songs with Slice the Pie

As earlier mentioned, even if you have absolutely no interest in listening to music, you can stick to the basics and create helpful reviews. You can do this by;

  1. Analyzing the vocals, lyrics, bass, musical effects, and overall production.
  2. Rating the songs you have listened to on a 1-10 rating system.
  3. Submit your reviews and get paid for the session.


My final opinion of Slice the Pie

There is no doubt that Slice the Pie is a legitimate system. The pay-out is prompt and accurate. However, we must address the elephant in the room; it is impossible to get rich or make a living with this system. While it is always great to listen to new music for free, you should keep in mind that you cannot become wealthy with this system. You are required to pay attention to the music and create expository reviews at the end which can often run into hundreds of words if you choose to be detailed enough.

Therefore, if you are looking for great ways to make good money, your time can be spent on other lucrative means but if you have no problem in helping independent artists by providing a listening ear, then this is specifically for you.

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