is steal my system a scam

Is Steal My System a Scam or Legit?

Can Steal My System really earn me $3,000 before the video ends?

I watched the video and did not learn any big revealing secrets to earning $3,000 by that video. I wanted to know is this a legit program or just another binary options scam.

We have to be careful because there are a lot of scams online that want to take advantage us. In this review of Steal My System, we will determine if this is a binary options program worth joining or staying far away from!

is steal my system a scam

Steal My System Review

Company: Steal My System


Owner: Hidden. The site is based in U.S.A. but the actual location is hidden.

Price: $49.95 start up fee. $9.95 a month after the first month.

Overall Ranking: TBD

steal my system scam

What is Steal My System about?

Steal My System claims to be another online program that can make anyone rich. The system is so simple that anyone can use it and make a ton of money. Of course, this program has gained some traction online with people wanting an easy way to earn money, but this system is a scam.

Steal My System is supposed to be an auto trading software that runs in the background of your computer and makes winning trades for you. This auto trading system claims to be able to make you $3,000 a day without having to do any work!

The claims of this system are just to trick a mass amount of people into paying the start-up fee who would love to become rich. Unfortunately, “millionaire Steve” does not have the program that will help anyone become rich.

The claim that this system actually works is fraudulent. There is not a scientific approach to their algorithm system that will actually make winning trades for you. Anyone who says they have an auto trading system who can make you thousands of dollars a day is lying to you.


Who is the owner of Steal My System?

I started to research into this system and try to determine who the actual owner of this system was. The hype man in the video was calling himself “Millionaire Steve”. Who is “Millionaire Steve”?

I started to backtrack my steps and see who the actual owner of the domain name ( is. That is where I discovered whoever actually owned this system does not want anyone to know.

This is common with scams. The scammer does not want anyone to find out who they really are. So they register their website to hide all their information. But, I think I have an idea who “Millionaire Steve” might really be.

If you have never heard of 12 Minute payday, it is a system that is owned by either 1 or all of these 3 men. Travis Stevenson, Steven James, or Justin James. I learned about Steal My System from being subscribed to Travis Stevenson’s email list.

Since in the video the spokesman calls himself “Millionaire Steve”, I am thinking this is owned by Steven James. Since in the promotional video he only lets his most trusted business partners promote this system.

It could be another program owned by all 3 of these guys and it is just Steven James talking. We will never actually find out but we have an idea of who could actually be behind this scam.


Major Red Flags with Steal My System

This is how I can show you that this is nothing more than another auto trading scam. With the evidence I am about to present to you, I hope you stay away from this scam.

Fake Owner – All we ever heard mentioned was about a “Millionaire Steve”, but the video never actually reveals who Steve really is. I have done some research into who I think it is but you cannot trust a program that will not state who the owner actually is.

Fake Testimonials – This is common practice with scams online. The scammer will head on over to Fiverr and hire someone to create a fake video for them. In the video from Steal My System, the 2 people who claim to have used this system were actually only hired from Fiverr.

review of steal my system

Same guy. That is a video testimonial from a seller on Fiverr. There is one of a female too. That is fake also.

fake testimonial for steal m ysystem fiverr testimonial

She was harder to find. But I believe this to be the same exact girl. The video quality was not as great but there are similar characteristics that make me believe this is the same girl.

They are lying to you – At the end of the promotional video, Steal My System says all you have to do is enter your email to create a free account. That is a lie. Once you enter your email you are directed to a secure webpage to pay for a subscription. You have to pay to use this system. The video is trying to deceive you into believing you can actually make money with this system.

Conclusion on Steal My System

Overall Ranking: Scam

Do not join this auto trading system. This program will never make you rich. There are a lot of scams online promising you the world and this happens to just be like all the other scams. Avoid it.

You can make money online but not with Steal My System.

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  1. I love the way you went from step 1 all the way to step 5 and even put faces with the scammers. I had never actually paid attention to things like that before now, and I have bought into many scams like that, until recently when I realized that you have to be able to tell the difference before you commit. great website!

    1. Carmen,

      Of course, I wanted to fully bust this scam open. I have looked into a lot of scams so I know what to look for. It is pretty easy to figure out that these testimonials are fake and that people are getting scammed because of them. I am here to help you not get scammed by this kind of stuff any more!

  2. Great review on Steal my System. But more like Steal my Money!! You really do have to be careful about what you find online in regards to making money. There are a ton of scams out there, a few which I have fallen victim to over the years. Now, Wealthy Affiliate, that is a great community, I can vouch for that.

  3. wow, great research into the scheme. I have been burned by binary trading in the past. It is a very tempting way for people to lose money quickly. Granted there are probably some who make huge amounts but I believe they need to work at it 24/7 to make that much.
    I love how you have found out they hired actors to make their video testimonials! Great detective work! Thanks for an informative article, I’ll be sure to stay away!

    1. Jennie,

      Stay away from auto trading binary options. When someone claims to have a system that will make you money on autopilot, there is a good chance it is a scam.

  4. I never even thought of people on fiver making fake testimonial videos for products or websites. Thanks for the heads up on that and Steal My System.

  5. That girl on the picture seems very familiar to me. Are these scammers using the same actors on all of their “service”? Seems to be that way.

    1. She was probably hired for another scam. She makes a quick 30-second video for who ever hires her. She will say whatever you tell her too! She is pretty so when you see her face pop up in another testimonial it is easy to remember that she creates fake testimonials.

  6. I remember hearing about this and even went a step further with contacting the people who run this. After realizing what I was getting myself in to I quickly backed out. However this did not stop their ‘call center’ from calling me once a week, going on about how he (the call rep) just got back from some tropical paradise and really, really wanted me to get in on this. Totally scripted and completely fake – it was way too obvious.

    Thank you for informing others who could potentially fall prey to this scam.

    – Nehpets

  7. Thanks for sharing Kurtis. Any company that claims to make you money fast I am wary of. So this was no difference. Also, with the actual location of the company to be hidden sent off alarm bells for me.

    So thanks for information great us about this company. I’ll be steering clear of it for sure.

    1. Owain,

      The best I could come back with was that the website was in Panama. I do not think this is legit and the website is probably just scrambling their IP address to keep bouncing.

  8. Thanks for showing all there is to know about steal my system, I had heard about it before however I never knew enough about them to make any decisions until I came across you site, your major red flags have provided enough information for me to run a mile from it! Thanks for saving me the hassle and money I would have wasted

  9. Great article about this total scam. The sad thing is,,, they are really clever at making sales videos that make people hand over their money.
    The crazy thing is,,, if they were real opportunities that can make you money automatically ,,,, why do these gies need your money if making money was so easy.

    Sounds scammy to me.

    Sadly the internet is filled with these kinds of people that are happy to take your money.

    Thanks for exposing such a business and hope they get caught soon.


  10. Hi Kurtis,

    Well done mate in exposing another scammer giving the trading industry and in particular binary options trading a bad name. I do agree that anyone giving a blind guarantee of being able to make $3000 a day is almost certainly talking BS, as there are no guarantees in trading. I will say however that I have witnessed first hand, automated trading systems able to make this kind of money in a day given the enough capital invested. You could say that it all comes down to context.

    Thank you for helping both traders and non traders alike stay a little safer.


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