tai robotic review

Is Tai Robotic A Scam? Find out before you sign up!

Tai Robotic Review

Name: Tai Robotic

Website: www.tairobotic.com

Owner:  Alex Knecht



You are on this page because you need to affirm that TAI Robotic is legit before you put in your money. Your decision to be rational and prudent with your money is highly applauded as most people would just jump on the bandwagon without making due research.

Forex and binary options trading is quite popular and loads of apps have been created to ensure maximum success in the trading of currencies. The major selling points of these apps are reduced physical input, reduced human sentiments and artificial intelligence which will help traders understand and utilize the trading terrain better.

These features are what TAI Robotic allegedly offers, allegedly because some software programs do not deliver on their promises. TAI stands for Trading Artificial Intelligence, the app is a trend indicator that scans the trading market for the most appropriate time for entry and exit, and it calculates the market mood for the benefits of traders.

On its website, Alex Knecht the developer of the software submits that he is an expert developer engineer and that in Germany he created self-driving cars that run mainly on artificial intelligence; a niche he is master of. He then thought if AI can be applied to cars why not write a program that will create a robot that will automatically trade and also get the best trade opportunities to make money.

He claims to have first used the software to raise funds for a dying friend and when he made lots of cash decided to bring it to the open so that others can benefit too. Alex looks the part; nerdy wears glasses and has the whiz kid look. In this review, you’ll find out if this physique is just a scam tactic and if TAI Robotic is a legit and a functional app. Learn how you can turn your spare change into small investments.


The Good

  • The software is free.
  • It might help your trading opportunities yield a profit.
  • If it is indeed functional it will be easier and quicker to use.

The Bad

  • Little about the company is known and the claims of Alex that he created self-driving cars is unverified, How sure are we then that the app will be functional when there is no precedent proof to bank on?
  • Though the app is free, you have to invest nothing less than $250 which is called your trading capital. This looks suspicious.
  • The name Alex Knecht is fake, no web search gave details of him asides for his link to the company.
  • The testimonials are spurious, they do not represent the real picture of things because the internet is rife with negative testimonials from real people who have invested.
  • The earnings are bogus and in addition, a closer look at the picture of checks on the website reveals that the company name on the checks is Azure instead of TAI Robotic. Also, the check that Knecht hols in the picture have a different name; Paul Carr. The lies in this system are glaring.
  • Most of the brokers that the automated software links you up with are mostly offshore and unlicensed.
  • Poor support system.
  • It is highly risky.


Free App?

Of course not! Though TAI Robotic tells you that the app is free and membership is at no cost, you will have to pay a trading capital that your assigned broker will give you. The amount ranges from $250 to $500, which is used to trade for you.

To tell you the truth, you will mostly lose money than not because most of the company’s brokers are without a license. You think the app is predicting when to gain entry and close a deal, but you are actually putting your money in the hands of untrusted agents.

You need to ask why TAI Robotic does not partner with legit brokers, isn’t the answer obvious? Start saving your spare change with Acorns.



On its website, it states that “TAI Robotic uses the revolutionary technology of artificial intelligence to provide trading signals of the highest possible quality. The software automatically directs when and how to trade in order to maximize your potential profits and minimize temporarily loses.”

Simply put, the Forex and Binary options trading markets are highly volatile, there are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ moments. Opportunities crop up when the market is active and traders need to know when to enter and exit. Traditionally, traders spend hours on the computer scanning these moments for profit, hence TAI Robotic is a tool that will scan and identify opportunities for them thereby reducing their physical exertion if it is indeed functional. It says that the app does not only depend on AI but enjoys supervision from expert traders. It further claims to have these features:

  • Auto-trading features- newbies in the trading market can adjust the app to suit their trading style, and then sit back and let the app work for their profit. They have power over how much risk the app takes on their behalf.
  • Semi-Automatic trading feature: this is a trend indicator that gives signals as to which currencies to trade with and the perfect timing that will yield dividend.
  • Social Trading: expert traders run this and also get income from other people’s profit.

We now quite understand how the software intends to make people earn, but do members really gain profit? The internet is rife with negative comments on blog posts about how TAI Robotic has scammed them. The outcry is alarming and disappointing, as there are several legit software that helps traders make money. It has been discovered that the app has no link with Forex trading in any way and it uses unaccredited brokers who help to siphon funds for the creators.

The online testimonies are fake and several blogs have been paid to give awesome reviews about them, this makes it very difficult to get the true picture of things. However, truth always wins.



There is nothing revolutionary about TAI Robotic, it scams people and fails to deliver on its promises. Its scam associates (brokers and unethical bloggers) have made people lose money. Bogus claims, non-functionality of software and huge lies trail the company, even its website disclaimer states that “…You may lose some or all of your invested capital…our software’s past performance does not necessarily predict future results…AI Robotic does not retain responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the data hosted on this site.” This is all the proof you need. If you still want to go ahead, heed to TAI Robotic’s disclaimer; don’t invest more than you are willing to lose.

Verdict: SCAM


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