is millionaire mafia instagram a scam

Is the Millionaire Mafia Instagram just another scam?

Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery review

In this review, we will take a good look into the Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery program and determine if it is a legit business opportunity or just another online scam. See our #1 program online.

With the massive attention that social media has gained in the past few years, more and more people have found great ways to draw attention to their brands and even monetize their audience by marketing their products and finding new ways to promote content. Instagram is perhaps one of the fastest growing social media and a large following on such a platform could mean a potential for business opportunity.

Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery is a program that capitalizes on this possibility for earning and transforms it into a revenue source.


What is Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery?

A quick peek at the website shows you a few pointers and explains that you could make a lot of money through Instagram.

The program is designed to show you how to increase your follower base on the platform from 0- 100,00 in 90 days or less. While this may seem like such an outrageous claim, it proposes that you could do this by capitalizing on the direct knowledge of Instagram algorithms and exploiting this knowledge to your benefits.

It explains that you could automate your Instagram account and even create viral content that skyrockets the number of followers you get per day thereby allowing you to reach a wider audience with each post.


How do you make money from this?

This is no doubt the first question that comes to mind when one encounters this program. The idea behind getting such a large number of followers is not just to get a large audience but to also look for innovative ways to monetize this audience to your benefits.

According to the information provided on the website, Instagram provides 80% more engagement than Facebook and 63% more engagement than Twitter. These figures seem quite legitimate as we have all seen the fast-paced and trendy nature of the social media where the viral trend quickly becomes the fad of the moment until something new comes along and this often kick-starts from Instagram.

In order to make money here, millionaire mastery program proposes that this new growth in the audience is necessary for creating great leads for your business which ultimately translates into sales.

It also claims to have methods through which you can post high-quality pictures that are attractive in order to drive more influence and put your sales figures on autopilot.

Another thing that has become a lucrative source of money through social media is branding and influencing, by building a large followership, you can drive up the interest of organisations that seem to believe that your follower geographic is their target audience thereby giving you the opportunity to get paid while you push products without having to worry about delivering!


Benefits of the Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery

There seem to be quite a lot of potential with this business model. Of course, one would have to find out if they can deliver on their promise of wide promotion before getting involved. However, being practical about this exposes you to a few benefits in the program;

The program has a potential for affiliate marketing which is always a great and mostly stress-free way to make income. It also exposes you to the possibility of generating massive leads for your business.
Utilizing social media is no doubt the new dimensions that businesses are taking. This is going to get even larger as time progresses.

This means that even if you have no business of your own at the moment, you can stand a chance of earning tremendously from your hobbies and transform your account into a business.

Who is this program most suitable for?

Perhaps the reason why this is a brilliant idea is its versatility across all age groups. Building a large follower base can be applied in all endeavors. Whether it is trying to pass information quickly, trying to drive more patronage to your business or looking to get your career started with publicity, you could always use a large audience.

Therefore, just about anyone who is interested in becoming an influencer can get started on this program in quick steps.


Packages, Pricing, and levels.

There are three different products in the program. Each program is a course that comes with its own special set of packages and information. As the programs get more expensive, the available information gets more comprehensive. The three packages are;

  • Pro level training which offers you about 13 different sections on how to master the social media platform and is priced at $197.
  • The Elite level training with about 24 sections. It consists of the 13 sections from the Pro level training and an additional 9 new sections priced at $297
  • The platinum level training with 33 sections that encompass all of the information from the previous packages and additional sections priced at $897.

Each of these programs can be purchased with a 5% discount if you pay via Bitcoin

Program support.

The website hosts a “contact us” portal where users or intending clients can log in their queries and get a response within 24 hours.

My personal opinion of Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery

While the most comprehensive package may seem overpriced, reports have shown that program actually delivers on what it promises. The program seems to provide valuable information about what works and what doesn’t in getting more followers on Instagram by sticking to the effective content creation methods and using the Instagram algorithm properly. It is important to NOT get carried away by the big promises and great reviews on the website but to rather pay good attention to what the course contains; this is the only way to ensure that your expectations match the reality on the ground. Also, keep in mind that there is a lot of free information on the internet that can be made available to you through research but you may need to sift through a lot of irrelevant information to get to the good stuff. This tedious process has been made easy in the program.

Therefore, if you are going to pay such amounts of money to purchase the program, it is better than you use it for your business, brand, campaign, or something that has an actual purpose. This is the only way to ensure that you get your money and see the benefits of the program. It is safe to say that Millionaire Mafia Instagram Mastery is not a scam.


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