is vasayo a scam?

Is Vasayo a Scam? Find out here.


If you are reading this review chances are that you have heard about the buzz of this new company called Vasayo or your family members and friends have approached you about joining this company. This review is going to clear the air on what Vasayo is all about, whether it is a scam or a legit business.

Everyone can use a bit of extra money in today’s climate and the way things are going in the job market. The question will then pop up ‘’are there any legitimate ways to make money online’’. Yes, there are but they most of them require a certain type of technical know-how, which not everyone possesses, or at least a bit of money to invest in.

This Vasayo review could be the answer or not. Before I go any further I need to clearly state that I am not working for Vasayo neither am I an affiliate or a member, I am writing this to give you an unbiased review based on my knowledge about MLM companies.



Vasayo was founded by two people Dallin and Karree Larsen which is a network marketing company.

They were previously involved in Monavie which was established in 2005. They were the top earners for over 10 years but some changes in the company forced them out.

As a result, he set up his own MLM Company Vasayo which he intends to go head to head with other big MLM companies.



The company has recently being launched and they offering some great bonuses for those that sign up first which is a good thing for marketers. They are offering 5 different products which are;

  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Essentials
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Energy
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Renew
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep

Based on the information posted on the website, the products are a unique mix of exotic and healthy ingredients which is meant to improve one’s physical and emotional health.

Mircolife Nutritional Essentials

According to Vasayo, this is a multi-vitamin and mineral complex combination and they say that they use advanced technology for super bio-availability.

Microlife Nutritional Neuro

This product is aimed at increasing brain functionality and mental awareness.

Microlife Nutritional Energy

It works in a similar way to energy drinks.

Mircolife Nutritional Renew

This is being designed to improve the cells in the joints

Microlife Nutritional Sleep

This is designed to help the consumer sleep well.


Apart from all the products they are offering, the most thing is their compensation plan. Their compensation plan is based on binary payment strategy which is pretty common in the MLM industry. At a first glance it doesn’t really seem special but a closer inspection at the compensation plan you will discover;

1.) There are 8 ways to earn a commission

  • You should be a pioneer on the move
  • You should be a pioneer who has built large organizations
  • You must have demonstrated initiative abilities
  • You should be a pioneer with knowledge
  • You should be a pioneer who can be trusted and is dependable
  • You should be a pioneer who is part of a group
  • You should be a pioneer who is modest
  • You should be a pioneer who is searching for significance.

2.) There is 5% executive benefit check match.

3.) All the marketing levels are moderately balanced.

Retail commission

As stated earlier there are 8 ways to make money but there is not much information thereafter. The affiliates can earn up to 60% commissions from their sales. Give or take an affiliate should earn $500 and $1000 per month.

Residual Commission

As well as the direct commissions earlier mentioned the residual income will be paid through the 7 generation binary structure. There is also a 5% bonus check and more on offer as you progress. But to begin as an affiliate you need to buy a product and this guarantees you a place in Vasayo.



  • The owners are reputable
  • There are a wide selection of products available
  • They have a great compensation plan


  • There is not enough information about the company online.
  • There is not enough information as to whether the products work or not.



All you need to do to become an affiliate is to make a purchase. There is still little information as to what other steps are needed.



Is the Vasayo a scam or legit? Is it a waste of time and money? Is it worth dedicating yourself to marketing and selling their products? The answer is NO. According to the findings available, it is a completely legitimate company that operates on a decent financial structure. But I do not recommend joining Vasayo.

The answer is NO. According to the findings available, it is a completely legitimate company that operates on a decent financial structure. But I do not recommend joining Vasayo.

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