It Works Review – Should you sign up?

IT works review

it works scamName: It works


Owner: mark and Cindy Pentecost

Price: $50 membership fee


It works overview

Launched in 2001, It works is a company that deals in the sales and distribution of their own line of nutritional supplements and body care products. The organization is particularly known for its weight loss products. It has its headquarters in Florida on Riverside drive in Palmetto. Having been around for quite a while, the company has spread its activities into other countries including Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

According to popular news, the company has made over $538 million and are known for one particular slogan “have you tried that crazy wrap thing?” this is in reference to its flagship product called the ultimate body applicator which is a body wrap reputed to help you lose weight.


The good

1.) The company is quite known both on the web and off, this has made things quite easier as potential clients’ might have heard about the products even before marketing.

2.) The products have good reviews all over as a lot of people have testified to the validity of their products.

3.) The company is setup to give you an opportunity to work part time, this means that you can participate while going about your day job.


The bad

1.) There is a lot of dependence on the need for product marketing and recruiting. This is quite typical of all MLM networks.

2.) New members are usually far down the chain of command which leaves them with a very low earning potential while requiring a lot of hard work to make any real progress.


Who is It works for?

It works is just your typical multi-level marketing company where members are required to recruit other members and participate in direct sales.

It is setup in a way where anyone with a basic networking skill can easily get in on the parade. It is also suitable for trainers and weight loss therapist who are looking for new and exciting products to try on with their clients.

Generally, it is an organization that provides an opportunity for anyone to make money through marketing.


It works products

The company has several products that can be further classified into five different categories. Each category consists of a range of products and we shall indicate a few. They include;

  • Body
  • Ultimate body applicator
  • Defining gel
  • Fab wrap
  • Skin
  • Facial cleansers
  • Lip and eye toner
  • Exfoliating peel
  • Greens
  • Greens orange and green berry
  • Greens value size orange and berry
  • Greens on the go
  • Lifestyle
  • It works energy
  • Ultimate thermofit
  • Packs
  • It pack
  • Skinny pack
  • Wrap pack
  • Ultimate pack.


It works support

All information for new and existing members is provided on the official company website at where all participants can visit to get the information they need or contact the company support for personalized inquiries.


It works price

Just like any other multi-level marketing/networking company, members of It works make their money from the recruitment of new members and marketing of the company product.

Those who are willing to join can save a special percentage if they enroll in the auto-ship program where they automatically get products shipped to them every month or pay the regular membership fee to begin with.

You can start by purchasing a builder’s kit valued at $99 with an annual renewal fee of $35. There is a $50 membership fee also required for members who do not subscribe to the three months purchase agreement.

You should also note that in order to qualify for commission here, there is a minimum 80 bonus volume requirement valued at $80 or a 400 personal volume minimum requirement.


My final opinion of It works

The system is highly based on incentives and commission; there is a minimum threshold that has been set for users to attain in order to qualify for a commission. This is not a good look as it would imply that members can lose the commissions they are entitled to if they do not meet up. There is also a tendency for the products to be overhyped which might be bad if they do not live up to this expectation seeing as they are already more expensive than any type of available alternative.

Even though marketing the products might be far easier than any other alternative, this system might not be able to make you enormous amounts of money with the only exception to that being that you work extremely hard to achieve higher ranks in the scheme. Past members have also complained that their auto ship policy is difficult to cancel and they often require a certain fee to perform this action, this puts an unnecessary strain on the system and when it comes to MLM networks, strain is bad for business. As far as is known, it work products are legit and the company pays, but keep an eye out for your investments.

Verdict: LEGIT company

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