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Jamberry Review – A beautiful MLM company?



PRODUCT: Nail wraps

FOUNDERS: Christy Lindsey and Keri Evans

CEO: Elizabeth Thibaudeau

LOCATION: Lindon, Utah

PRICE: Starter kits from $99

At some point or the other, you must have heard or come across multi-level marketing networks. Multi-level marketing companies or MLMs as they are simply known are companies that sell products or services but derive their revenue from recruiting new members.

Generally, remuneration for the participants of MLMs comes from either or both of these two sources: commission on sales made by the participants and commission on sales made by the distributors below the participants i.e. people recruited by the participants (often referred to as downlines).

Multi-level marketing systems are a bit similar to the now illegal pyramid schemes but their major difference lies in the manner in which they generate their income. Income from MLM comes from selling a tangible product while pyramid schemes make money from just recruitment or recruiting to sell an overpriced product of often minimal value.



The fingernails and toenails have been cherished and maintained as symbols of beauty by women across the ages. Since ancient times, women have been using one form of nail extensions or the other.

Noblewomen of the Ming Dynasty in ancient China wore them as a status symbol. Upper-class women in 19th century Greece wore empty shells on their nails, slowly spreading artificial nail trends across Europe.

Jamberry is a multi-level marketing company founded by two sisters who wanted to “revolutionize” the nail wrap industry. Jamberry offers nail wraps that come in an almost endless variety of styles and designs.

Some designs attempt to mimic the nails as much as possible while others deliberately stray from the usual design giving the nails a distinct and unique appearance. Whatever a woman’s preferences, Jamberry has got her covered.

Like all other MLM companies, there is a myriad of reasons why you should decide to join or not join Jamberry. The goal of this review is to help you with a little information to help you make an appropriate decision.


The pros

  1. Cheap and easy to join: For just $99, an interested marketer of Jamberry products can become an independent consultant. The $99 fee covers a starter kit comprised of catalogs, brochures, order forms, product samples, nail tools, and a 3-month access to a personalized web page.
  2. Unique and reasonably-priced products: Jamberry nail wraps sell for $15 per sheet. Each sheet contains 18 nail stickers that are available in a wide range of designs and colors. For every three purchases a consumer makes, he/she is eligible for a fourth sheet at no extra cost. Consumers can also order custom-made designs. There is also an affordable subscription service at $25 per month.
  3. Commissions and bonuses: Jamberry marketers (known as consultants) make 30% commission on their personal retail sale volumes. This can rise up to 40% if they can maintain $200 or more in their personal retail sale volumes. Consultants can also earn additional bonuses if they advance quickly through levels (Rank Advancement Bonus) as well as benefit from a host of other bonus packages.
  4. Quality over recruitment: Jamberry prides itself on the quality of its products rather than promoting a relentless recruitment drive. They sell vinyl nail wraps that can last for two weeks on the fingernails and up to four weeks on the toenails. This is due to the heat-activated adhesive that forms a waterproof seal on the nail wraps thereby enhancing their durability. This eases the stress on consultants to market regularly and aggressively.


The cons

  1. Paltry earnings for a lot of hard work: Income disclosures reveal that the average Jamberry consultant earns between $29 and $792 annually. This shows that marketing for Jamberry should not be considered as a major source of a person’s income. It should only be ventured in to augment an already existing income source.
  2. Lack of in-depth training on how to get leads: Jamberry consultants are basically left to “fly solo” without proper guidance and this greatly diminishes marketing effectiveness.
  3. Minimum personal retail volume (PRV): Jamberry consultants will not get downline commissions unless they can maintain at least $200 in personal retail volume. Consultants also have to maintain PRV of at least $600 dollars within a 12-month period else they risk losing their consultant status and getting kicked out from the organization. If this happens to a consultant, the consultant’s downlines and customer base will be transferred to another member of suitable PRV within the organization.
  4. Jamberry is a relatively new MLM company: Founded in 2010, Jamberry is relatively young and most MLM companies experience massive growth at first. Market saturation eventually occurs and most MLMs simply fade away. Jamberry and Jamberry products are still very much around but it remains to be seen what the future holds for the company. Cautious optimism must, therefore, be the watchword if one must venture into Jamberry.


Jamberry support  

For the prospective consultant, Jamberry offers a toll-free helpline that attends to queries concerning purchasing products, sampling products, hosting a party among other issues. They can also be reached via direct calls or email.

Toll-free line: (885) 416-0221

Direct line: (801) 796-2205



Final opinion/Bottom line

Jamberry is a great company as far as all MLMs goes. Just do not expect to take your financial situation to the next height by marketing their nail stickers. For the commission package on offer at Jamberry, you will have to sell nail stickers worth $5000 to make a sales commission of $1500 and when you consider the fact that a wrap sheet containing 18 nail stickers sells for just $18, then you know you are in for a hell of a task if you are going to be making decent income from Jamberry.

If you are enthusiastic about marketing nail wraps and other beauty products you might want to consider joining Jamberry. But if you are looking to eke out a source of income from multi-level marketing you might want to consider looking elsewhere. Jamberry is real but it is hard work for relatively little returns.


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