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K Money Mastery Review

Name: K Money Mastery

Website: www.kmoneymastery.com

Price: $60

Owner: Stefan James Pylarinos

Overall Rank: 100/100


What is k money mastery all about?

Pronounced fully as Kindle money mastery, k money mastery is an online course that teaches you all about making good passive income through eBook publishing from scratch beginning from the point of creating the books, to publishing and then selling them on Amazon.

Kindle publishing has since been recognized as a very lucrative way to make money and a lot of people are making it big on Amazon by self-publishing and that is what k money mastery attempts to teach all those who sign up for the course.

The program was founded by Stefan Pylarinos and is geared at enabling members to achieve their dreams of financial freedom and earning a six figure income in no time at all.

Stefan proposes that to succeed in Kindle publishing using his course, members need not have prior knowledge of copywriting, internet marketing, or any other marketing skills as he promises that his course gives you the step by step procedure on how to outsource and tweak your titles in order to have them become Amazon bestsellers. The program claims to be able to show you how to write an eBook in less than 24 hours and have it published on Amazon Kindle.

According to Stefan, there are several ways of making money online and he has been involved in; affiliate marketing, selling products online and even PPC but has found that Kindle publishing is the most rewarding of them all.

This program will definitely appeal to a lot of new writers so it is imperative that we conduct a k money mastery review and check if Kindle eBook publishing is worth all the hype and can give you the opportunity to live the life of financial bliss you have always wanted.


How to succeed in k money mastery

The first thing to note is the ever changing nature of the Amazon Kindle publishing platform. This makes it extremely difficult to predict the nature of sales to be made and the profitability of each niche you choose to write on.

This means that while it is good to write on areas that you are knowledgeable on alone, this does not guarantee you sales as Stefan gladly points out. K money mastery shows you how to publish books that you have no authority over the subject matter by simply outsourcing these topics on freelancing websites like Fiverr where you can get high-quality work from skilled freelancers for a cheap price and eventually repackage it to make good, passive and regular sales.

This would mean that all of your focus should be on how to optimize sales, design great covers and put out great titles in order to get recognized. The course provides you with a lot of content on all that is involved in Kindle publishing and shows you how to build your business as an author with perks like drawing traffic to any website using eBooks.


Pros of k money mastery

1.) It shows you a step by step guide on how to break into the Kindle marketing scene. Any writer who has had some books published on Amazon can testify to the difficulty involved in getting your books to the best-selling spot. The course teaches you how to use the right keywords and how to do niche research before going about even finding a topic.

2.) There is a great potential for earning as Kindle publishing is in itself a highly lucrative venture.

3.) There is a trial period where users can have access to the course for a short 7 day period for only $7 during which they can decide on whether or not they want to enroll for the program fully.

4.) Even individuals who have no writing skills can participate as the course shows you how to outsource and get the great value for your money.


Cons of k money mastery

1.) Amazon Kindle publishing is a very saturated marketplace and requires great patience even with the right skill set. It is not uncommon for authors to experience a lot of downtimes before their books eventually pick up slowly in sales.

2.) K money mastery focuses only on the non-fiction category which may not be a problem for those who plan to outsource but might be difficult for writers who are more skilled at fiction writing.


K money mastery upsells and course extras

Aside from the full course, k money mastery comes along with a few additional offers that can help you optimize your earnings. These include;

1.) The “how to write a book in 24 hours” package which shows you the fastest way to research a good topic for a kindle book and have it written in one day and sells at $17.

2.)The “Kindle virtual assistant training program” which shows you how to hire a virtual assistant that will help you in all of your Kindle endeavors. This package is priced at $147.


K money mastery training

The course is a series of videos and a comprehensive collection of resources on Kindle publishing. Purchasing the program also gives you access to the member’s area which comprises of the lessons and bonuses.


K money mastery price

The program is advertised and priced at $60. However, Stefan has created a 7 day discounted trial at a rate of $7 to give access to interested members who wish to check it out without having to go all in.

This definitely gives it a little credibility as writers and other interested individuals can take a peek into what they are about to purchase. It is important to note that apart from this $60 fee.

They are a few other additional packages as mentioned above which come with their own extra cost.


My final opinion of k money mastery

Kindle publishing is definitely an avenue that is worth the shot and while it is an extremely populated business, a program like k money mastery provides a good base of knowledge for newbies and even experienced writers who are looking to start with Amazon. It is relatively cheap as compared to the potential for income and should not be viewed as an effortless way to make money.

Even with those who plan to outsource the labor, k money mastery clearly indicates the nature of research involved in creating and publishing your eBook.

It comes with a lot of content with more than twenty lessons and is put together nicely to make it very valuable. The fact that the program offers a discounted trial period shows that it is out for serious business.

Without a doubt, k money mastery is a credible and legitimate system with an amazing collection of knowledge for Kindle publishers and anyone looking to start eBook writing. It is not for the lazy so if you plan to take up this program, ensure that you have a lot of time on your hands and be willing to put in the hard work.

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