Karatbars International Scam? Full Review

karatbars reviews

Karatbars Review

Name: Karatbars international

Website: www.Karatbars.com

Owner: Herald Seiz


Karatbars overview

Karatbars International was founded in 2011 by Herald Seiz, the company deals in the sales of gold bars and gift packs and is generally involved in the gold bullion niche.

The company has affiliates that serve as both gold distributors and recruiters of other distributors in the network. Karatbars is involved in the sale of gold bars in very minute quantities, making it available for the populace. They deal in the distribution of 24 karat gold which is known to be a very refined class with no impurities.

The idea here is that the purchase of large quantities of gold may not be always possible or may be too expensive for people, therefore, there is a provision for people to buy gold in very little quantities from 1g and up.

The company has since spread to over 70 countries since inception and has an aim to expand its reach in 194 countries. The gold bars are made available in 999.9 pure Atakulche bars that are produced by an LBMA GDL refiner, Atasay. In this model, the aim is to get as many recruits as possible to aid in maximizing your earning potentials.


The good

1.) Karatbars gives you access to gold bars in small quantities allowing you to buy by the gram.

2.) It creates an avenue for you to generate income through the use of gold distribution in your network of people.

3.) Being a non-currency commodity, gold bars are a valuable means of exchange in times of economic recession which makes it a wise investment as they do not depreciate in value.


The bad

1.) There might be a problem along the line with marketing the product seeing as the gold bars being distributed at Karatbars are set at a retail price that is about 40% higher than the same quantity at market value. This means that in order to sell off your stock, you would have to get in touch with unsuspecting customers as others may know that they can get a better deal at a lower price.

2.) The venture seems to thrive on an irrational fear that they may be an economic meltdown which leads to the devaluation of the monetary currency. While this may be a plausible precaution, it is unwise to invest all of one’s resources because of a fear of the unknown.

3.) Recruitment takes center stage in this scheme as most of the revenue obtained is from the entrance of new members.


Who is Karatbars for?

Karatbars International seems to operate on a simple recruit and distribute strategy. It is a model that can be taken up by anyone who is interested in marketing such valuable products.

You can register with the company as either a customer who is solely interested in acquiring the purified gold or as an affiliate who wants to get involved in the benefits and compensation plan.


Karatbars products

As earlier established, Karatbars is involved in the marketing and distribution of gold bars in small and transferable quantities. These gold bars are made available in small shaped sizes and are embedded in credit card and sealed with tamper proof material to guarantee its purity and weight.


Karatbars support

Karatbars has affiliates with personalized links to the official website and a few others with their own third party landing site. These affiliates are always on hand to answer any questions you might have, you can also visit the official website at www.karatbars.com for more information.

  • Karatbars price
  • Earning with Karatbars is presented in different ways which involve;
  • Direct commission
  • Karatbars gold fund
  • Unilevel bonus
  • Generation bonus
  • Karatbars pool
  • Package bonus
  • Dual team bonus.

With the system, each of these packages comes with their own price structure and returns in investment. However, a karat gold bar of 1g is sold at $67 which can be resold to anyone and generate your commission. Once your income reaches a specific balance (about $30), Karatbars issues you a prepaid debit card to enable you to cash out. You must be aware that there is a shipping fee to be paid which is about $25 depending on your location per shipment. Joining Karatbars can be done through the company site or through a third-party landing site with a referral link and a one-time $10 payment.

You must be aware that there is a shipping fee to be paid which is about $25 depending on your location per shipment. Joining Karatbars can be done through the company site or through a third-party landing site with a referral link and a one-time $10 payment.


My final opinion of Karatbars

Karatbars is not like any other MLM scheme. With this type of system, one must be careful to understand all the intricacies before joining. The problem here, however, is that there seems to be an unnecessary fear mongering among its members that money is rapidly losing its value and you must invest in stable and valuable products.

This gives off the impression of “hoard as fast as you can”, panic investment is never a good idea, so endeavor to take your time to have the strategies down to the letter. Another issue here is the exorbitant prices of the products as opposed to the market alternative, therefore, if you must participate in the scheme, thread lightly and be ready to deliver your best marketing pitches to help you distribute your gold and recruit new members.

Finally, Karatbars international is not a scam network, but there is no guarantee that you will attain the income levels been promised to you by associates of the company, don’t get your hopes too high.

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