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Kyani Review – Healthy Business Opportunity?

Kyani Review

Name: Kyani


Price: $229 sign-up fee

Owner: Kirk Hansen

Dick Powell

Carl Taylor


Kyani overview

Kyani is a multi-level marketing network that is focused on the health, wellness, food and supplement industry. They engage in the sales and distribution of these items as well as the distribution of products and recruiting new members.

There has been a particularly growing interest in this niche as more and more companies have ventured down this route, this is because of the high potential for sale and improving interest in self-help strategies.

The company was founded in 2005 and operates out of its headquarters in Idaho. The name “Kyani” is a native Alaskan word that means strong medicine which is particularly fitting as the company’s product features components from Alaskan salmon and Alaskan blueberries along with their health benefits.

The company aims to bring wellbeing to people all over the world and currently operates in over 44 countries worldwide.

Just like a lot of other MLM companies in this category Kyani has created quite a buzz since inception and it is important that we critically examine its operations to find out if it is a scam or not.


The good

  1. The company’s products are all produced with natural ingredients. With the changing focus to green lifestyle choices, this puts Kyani ahead of a lot of its counterparts making it easier to distribute and recruit.
  2. New and intending members have access to proper training in order to help them increase their earning potential. A lot of MLM schemes provide a complex system with very little information on how to operate, this leads to a lot of confusion in the long run.
  3. Its products are scientifically tested by a team of scientists and doctors in order to satisfy the required standards.


The bad

  1. The system has an expensive start-up cost. This results in quite a problem seeing as not everyone can churn out the big bucks.
  2. There is a threshold which every distributor must maintain in order to be eligible for payment. To receive commissions, distributors must sustain a 100 QV personal volume.
  3. The system is heavily reliant on referrals and sales. This means that there is a lot of work to be done before you start to experience any life-changing results.


Who is Kyani for?

With its simple network structure, Kyani is suitable for just about everyone. This means that there are no restrictions as to who can participate in the system.

It is particularly suited to those who already have a built network to distribute these products. These include spa owners, health and beauty experts, skin specialists, trainers and lots of other people.

Ultimately, Kyani provides a good base for all sorts of individuals to earn as long as they can put in the work.


Kyani tools and training

Kyani provides its distributors with training materials and several business tools to help them in their journeys, these include;

  • A personal mentor
  • Personalized tutorials
  • Videos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product guides


Kyani support

Aside from its coordinated mentorship system and well-organized training structure, Kyani provides great and resourceful information about its origin, product line, and company story.

New members can visit the company website to sign up and gain more information about its mode of operation. All inquiries can be directed to the company support through the CONTACT US portal.


Kyani price and products

Joining the company requires an initial start-up fee of $229.

Members are also offered an optional training package for $12.50 which provides them with premium management tools. By distributing the company’s products, members are eligible for a 20% commission per sale.

As they move up in sales rank, they stand to earn up to 60 percent in commissions. Other compensation plans and financial incentives include; sponsor bonuses, car programs, fast start bonuses and a host of other incentive trips.

Kyani has a lot of products, listed below are a few of the company’s flagship products that have gained good ground over the years;

  • Kyani sunrise- It features a blend of 10 vitamins, 74 minerals, and 22 super foods.
  • Kyani sunset- Specifically created to help with the absorption of nutrients.
  • Kyani nitro- A product containing nitric oxide that helps in the replenishment of body cells.
  • Kyani nitro Xtreme- An improved version of the Kyani nitro with more nutrients added.


My final opinion of Kyani

Kyani operates a very similar structure to a lot of MLM companies in its niche. This means that one would have to engage in really aggressive marketing in order to succeed.

As with every other networking scheme, the ultimate goal is to climb higher in ranks to a level where you earn a much larger income relative to the amount of work you put in. This is only achievable by recruiting a lot of down lines.

Therefore, if you have great social skills and can get people to join in the network then this is for you.


Alternative option for you

Becoming a distributor of any MLM company is not for everyone. Building your network from scratch and becoming successful is a network marketing company is not always as easy as it may seem.

MLM is not for everyone and because of that, there is another option for you.

The alternative option is for you to build your own business online.

This method of building your own business online is as follows:

Choose your own interest. Build a website. Generate traffic to your website. Earn commissions from affiliate marketing products/services and ads.

This is easier than working as a distributor for an MLM company but the good thing about this is that you are working in the field of your own choice.

If you want to build your own business online, there is only one platform online I recommend you get all the training from. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

This platform offers all the tools, training, resources, help and support for you to build a successful business online.

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