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Lead Lightning Review -Power Lead System

lead lightning review


We are going to be doing a third party review of Lead Lightning. This is a funnel system that was designed by Neil Guess. Is this low-cost marketing and funnel system really that powerful for only $7?

Could Lead Lightning be the perfect marketing system for a beginning to get into? Well, there is only one way to find out.


Lead Lightning Overview

Website: LeadLightning.info

Owner: Neil Guess

Price: $7 + upsells

Rating: 1 out of 10

Recommended: NO

Did you really think experts in the marketing world are paying for a funnel system that only costs $7? A done-for-you marketing system that will provide “red hot” buyer leads. Well, that is not the case with this product.


What is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning is an internet marketing platform that is designed to bring you leads. Leads are just another term for buyers in this situation. For $7, you will get done-for-you sales pages, emails, contact management system, and 85% commission.

Commission on what you might ask?

You will be buying all of these products to then turn around and market Lead Lightning to sign up more recruits.

Is Lead Lightning a multi-level marketing company or just a pyramid scheme to trap people into their funnel system?


Lead Lightning Products

The first thing we need to look at to see if this is an MLM or pyramid scheme is the products offered by this system.

The sales video on their website claims that this is a system that the top industry experts use, could this be the case?

What are you buying for $7?

lead lightning system

What this system really is, is an automation platform. You will be buying auto responders and premade sales funnel systems. The sales funnel system is supposed to convert leads into buyers and the auto responders will handle quite a few things for you. Such as, sending emails, tracking clicks, and following up with buyers to upsell or also known as cross-selling.

When you buy Lead Lightning you will be granted access to their Facebook support group, tutorials, and training.

This system claims to be “red hot” with buyer leads and is giving people daily commissions!

Commissions for funneling recruits into buying Lead Lightning for $7.


How much does Lead Lightning actually cost?

There are different levels of membership. Each level of membership costs significantly more than the last. At each level, the payout commission rate is much higher but there are no other products actually offered for buying that higher level of membership except the hope of being paid more.

Regular Member – $7

  • Commission for new recruits $6

Silver Membership – $29.97 a month

  • $15 commission a month for each recruit

Gold Membership – $53.97

  • $20 commission a month for each recruit

Diamond Membership – $147

  • $100 commission for each recruit that buys this level

Platinum Membership – $497

  • $400 commission for each recruit that buys this level

Lead Lightning is a system that is designed for recruiting and selling its self.

You have to be at a certain level in order to earn that commission.

If you are at the Gold level and your recruits joins and buys the Diamond membership, you will not receive that commission.

So Lead Lightning costs $7 to join but the huge commissions and payouts come from buying a higher level of membership and selling that to other people.


The testimonials are fake

The top 3 testimonials from Lead Lightning are not legit. These 3 people have been involved with numerous “scam” type businesses online.

Searching for each one of these people, I have found them to be involved with an envelope stuffing scam, with a similar testimonial.

lead lightning fake testimonials

Above is their testimonials for Lead Lightning.

Here are their testimonials for EPS.

lead lightning scam


Support for Lead Lightning

The only way to get support for your troubles with Lead Lightning is by posting in their Facebook group.

Not exactly a system that is set up to help their customers, recruits, and members.

Do you really want to have to post into a Facebook group to get support?


Lead Lightning is just Power Lead Systempower lead system is lead lightning

Power Lead System was a project that was started by Neil Guess and his partner Michael Price is 2013. Power Lead System had some real troubles with their affiliate program and gaining traction online. PLS ended up failing and Neil and Michael split ways.

It seems Neil Guess kept the idea of PLS and started Lead Lightning which basically is the same system with a new name.


Lead Lightning is a pyramid scheme

This system is not offering a product at all. Most of the tools and resources that they claim to be used by expert marketers are in fact easily excessed online elsewhere.

Creating a landing page and funnel system is not difficult to do and can be done for free if you search around the web.

The sales video does make a legitimate claim and say it is a great way to gain leads for your own “business” but if you don’t have your own business all you are doing is recruiting people into a pyramid scheme.

You are going to be using the affiliate links, banners, sales pages, and funnel system to lure people into this pyramid scheme. There is little to no information on how this system is going to work for your own “business”.

If you have your own business online then you need to understand SEO, keywords, and content creation that is going to generate organic traffic.

Lead lightning is not the system to join.


Stay away from Lead Lightning

Sure you can buy in at $7 but then who ever is the person that recruited you is going to be emailing you constantly to buy in at the next level of membership because they will make money.

If you are new to internet marketing, then there is a much better option than this.

There is a system with real training that teaches you how to run your OWN business online and not just recruit people to their system.

My #1 recommendation for Internet Marketing.

As Lead Lightning offers you sales pages and funnel pages but these are not your own website. You can actually build your own website to exactly how you want it with my recommendation.

I checked the boxes for websites and hosting but in reality, for Lead Lighting, they are only sales pages.

If you have any questions please leave them in a comment below.


  1. Wow it sounds like a modern day, twisted distortion of the chain letter scam adapted for the internet.

    So what you’re basically saying is you you’re paying to promote, it’s essentially a non-existent, hollow offer. A total downright scam.

    You say in your review, “There is little to no information on how this system is going to work for your own “business”.”

    To me, a complete lack of details about what a product does or what the work involves screams “Scam! Scam! Run away!”

    I think I’ll avoid this one, thanks for the head up.

  2. I’m still laughing at the testimonials. They even used the same names. LOL

    OK, so this does seem like a huge pyramid scheme. They may get around the legal aspects of it by saying that they are technically selling a product, but like you stated, you can find the “products” they sell for free elsewhere.

    So, if I’m understanding correctly, the only thing you get with upgraded memberships is the right to sell those same memberships and earn more commissions? If so, then yep, it’s a pyramid scheme.

    I will be watching the news online to see when they finally close this one down.

  3. Sounds like Lead Lightning is a flop. I’m sure the success rate using this service is very low. I’ve seen other sites with fake testimonials too which frustrates me. These companies need to tell the truth and not prey on people’s goals and aspirations. Thanks for the warning with this service, I will definitely stick to old fashion SEO and quality content for the organic traffic as you said.

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