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Long Tail Pro – What is it and why do you need it?

Name: Long Tail Pro

Owner: Spencer Haws

Website: www.longtailpro.com

Location: Singapore



“Words are the currency of web business” is a statement that has come to prove true now more than ever before. There are so many websites, blogs and online businesses with different niches in the World Wide Web struggling for dominance and guest visits.

Let me give you a scenario, when you put in keywords of what you want to search for on search engines, thousands of results will show. Some come on the first page, while others feature on subsequent pages. The results that show first have higher rankings because the owners of those websites have intentionally used targeted keywords in their niches’ content that will drive a lot of traffic to their domain. Voila! You access them first and they make money while other websites without the right high traffic keywords lag behind.

Since Search Engine Optimization is very important for successful online presence, several keywords search software has been created to meet this need. Long Tail Pro is a keyword search software tool that launched in 2011 by widely respected online guru Spencer Haws. He is the brains behind Niches Pursuit, a platform that teaches and trains people how to make money in various niches online.

Long tail simply means words or phrases that have lesser monthly searches and are easier to rank. You are actually thinking, “how would that drive traffic to my site if the words have lower searches?” They will because long tail words are easier to rank and as traffic to your site increases (when you use it in your content), your site will be found for other keywords you have deliberately targeted and those you randomly included. It is from this that Long Tail Pro gets its name.

LTP, as it is usually called, is a product that is well raved about, its vision is to make available to users high ranking words/phrases with less competition that will drive the traffic of targeted audience to them.

According to research surveys, it is a very popular tool amongst affiliate marketers, bloggers, and content creators. What makes LTP different? Is it an efficient tool? Is it free? What are its pros and cons? One by one these areas will be discussed.


Long Tail Pro Features

  • Generates high ranking keywords with users’ seed keywords.
  • Calculates the keyword competition (KC) metric of generated keywords.
  • Advanced filtering of keywords.
  • Checks rankings of users and their competitors.
  • Simplified interface.
  • Constant software upgrade to improve efficiency.


What Makes Long Tail Pro Different?

There are loads of long tail keyword search software programs in the market, what then is the edge that LTP has over them. First, it works on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. It runs on Adobe Air and you need to have a Google Adwords Account to install it, it can be installed on Cloud, Mac, Windows, and PCs. In addition, when you purchase the software you get to use it on a maximum number of three (3) computers. It also lets you know the keyword competitiveness of words/phrases. Let me explain, when you click to retrieve words it accurately and immediately calculates how easier or harder it is for that keyword(s) to rank. The rank stretches from 1-100, the higher the number, the more difficult it is to rank, while the lower the number the easier it is to rank.

Long Tail Pro software can also be used in all countries and in all languages that are Google supported. A feature that other similar products do not readily have is that you get the opportunity of having your personal site/domain ranked and you also get to know the potentials your keywords have in generating income for you. These factors make Long Tail special.



  • It is very easy to use. There are no long procedures to get required data.
  • It reduces physical input and is accurate and fast.
  • It is constantly upgraded.
  • Awesome customer support. The internet is rife with how LTP has a great team dedicated to helping users get the best experiences with the software.
  • Constant discount offers for software users.
  • Overall professional feel in the company’s business approach and customer support.
  • Access to buyers’/advertisers’ keywords.
  • Training on how to use the software to achieve your expected result is usually done through videos tutorials of Long Tail boot camp and Long Tail University.
  • It tracks site rankings for different keywords.
  • It analyzes your domain and tracks its strength.
  • It helps you assess how much money your keywords can bring potentially.
  • Free 10 days trial for new users to decide if they will opt for it for $1.
  • Free backline to your site.
  • You can get your money back if you are dissatisfied with the product.


  • It can be unreliable at times.
  • LTP is expensive and there are monthly/yearly ongoing costs.
  • New users are often faced with compatibility problems when downloading the software.
  • Generating keywords result takes time and you have to wait it out.
  • Nonuniformity in software’s price because of constant discount and coupons.



Initially, when Long Tail Pro launched, it gave one-lifetime access for $97 and an extra charge for its platinum package, presently you have to pay $37 monthly or a yearly fee of $352 and there is only one version ‘Long Tail  Pro with Platinum’. There are discounts and coupons to get it at cheaper prices when you sign up on its website and through its marketing affiliates. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that is much cheaper per month.


Long Tail Pro Support

This is one area where the company gets a perfect score. Its customer support is on top of their game and quite professional. Spencer gives answers to questions that are asked on other people websites, constantly redirecting them to his team when it is necessary to do so.


Final Comments

Long Tail Pro software program looks great, with its numerous features it is definitely a good worth of one’s money. Getting the software without having the requisite knowledge of how to use it will be a total waste of money; it is then applaudable that Long Tail Pro gives educative tutorials, and organizes audiovisual boot camps on how to maximally use its software for results. It should, however, consider making the software more affordable. To this end, we can comfortably conclude that LTP is a trustworthy company that gives value for money and allows online content creators successfully drive traffic to their sites.


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