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Matilda Jane Clothing – Business Opportunity Reviewed


Owners: Demise Demarchis.




“You only get one shot at childhood” is a statement that is rife amongst parents and particularly amongst mothers. Parents are usually quick to justify the many treats that they give their children by emphasizing that before they realize it, their kids bid goodbye to childhood and all the innocence that comes with it.

Seeing the need to preserve childhood by making age-appropriate dresses for little girls that are colorful, comfortable, timeless, modest, beautiful, and of high quality, Matilda Jane Clothing launched and practically saved the day! Matilda Jane was founded in 2005 by Denise DeMarchis an artist in Wayne Fort, Indiana. She stumbled on this business when her friend required her help in getting a seamstress.

From that time, Denise began to design creative dresses for girls with an unusual blend of colors, styles, and fabrics. Unfortunately, she died in 2015 as a result of ovarian cancer. The company’s goal is “keeping a little girl… a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning, and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness.”

Although it initially catered for little girls only, Matilda Jane clothing has gone on to make clothes for female teenagers and women. The clothing line sells shirts, floral dresses, pajamas, leggings and much more which are exclusively sold through its distributors, who are named trunk keepers.

Intending customers of the company who are usually mothers order their products on their website and check for the nearest trunk keeper to them for purchase. Its business model runs on the MLM scheme, this means that distributors make a profit through direct sales and recruitment, this makes it much more than just a clothing line.

However, distributors can only be based in USA or Canada. In this review, the lens will be in its compensation plan, it’s product and pricing, the good and the bad for existing and would be distributors, and then a verdict will be made.


The Good

Matilda Jane Clothing is a business venture that affords stay at home moms the opportunity to be entrepreneurial without compromising family life. For the following reasons, the company gets a thumbs up.

  • The company is known for its style unpredictability so its pieces are unique and unusual and thus they are highly demanded. This factor helps in two ways. First, its designs are not readily replicated by other clothing lines hence, competition is low and thus sales and constant profit are assured. This is a plus in the fashion empire that is huge on the competition. Secondly, its ‘unusualness’ is appealing to parents. Parents are usually on the lookout for comfortable, quality and free-spirited clothing for their girls, which Matilda Jane provides. Because it is high in demand, distributors will make a substantial profit. A survey of their social platforms will further convince you of this.
  • It does not sell its product through retail stores but only through its own distributors. Distributors do not have to compete with already established stores who are easily accessible to people and may even sell at rock bottom prices. Therefore, the distributors can sell at the prices that will enable profit and also enjoy constant demand.
  • Most of its products are sourced and produced in the USA, therefore it contributes to the economy and employment rate of the country. Also, proceeds from sales of the company go to charity, this information increases sale as buyers are delighted at the prospect of being an agent of change to developing countries through their purchases.
  • Matilda Jane is not overly populated by distributors, unlike several MLM companies. It is quite stringent when picking trunk keepers so as to avoid undue competition amongst them. If you happen to be one of the few trunk keepers in your region, you will be making quite a lot of cash.
  • It promises lots of bonuses, price slashes, and giveaways when you make a profit through direct sales, host trunk shows and successfully recruits people.
  • Matilda Jane’s pieces have been found to be of high quality. Either as a potential buyer or distributor, there will be almost no complaints about them. This will positively rub off on the overall perception of the company and everyone in that chain (producer, distributor, customer) get to win.


The Bad

  • Matilda Jane is not quite open on how much exactly distributors make from purchases. Also, the compensation plans for its MLM part of its business is largely unclear. Information on the amount you earn when you recruit and the type of bonuses you get is not accessible on their website. This is a big turn off as most MLMs intimate you on how much you will get and how you will profit from your downlines, using it as a leverage to gain more people.
  • To join the network, you will have to host your own truck show which entails getting enough purchases to entice invitees to buy, logistics cost, refreshment cost and a whole lot of others. Not making enough sales to cover up for these expenses will incur loses which will definitely be discouraging. In addition, most MLMs use this method and as time goes on, fewer people will attend as the naivety wears off.
  • Recruitment can be tiring. Because of the way the company accepts distributors sparingly, your recruits may not get to be accepted. This will affect you in two ways, one it will reduce your morale for the business and second it will dampen your quest to enlarge your network and make quick great profits.
  • Its products are a bit pricey. Though it is good money for a good product, not everyone will be able to afford it.
  • Since the death of Denise DeMarchis, the management structure of the company is quite vague. This may make intending recruits distrust its system as they will want to put a specific face to the company.


The Product

Mixed reactions trail the clothing line; some find it refreshingly different and adorable while others see it as odd, too loud and too colorful. Despite the dissenting voices, Matilda Jane Clothing has the love and trust of several people even with it being pricey.

It caters to the clothing of female folk from toddlers, teens and the adult female. Its pieces are limited and thus mothers try their best to get them before it is exhausted. Every summer and fall, it retires old designs and launches new ones, this sustains demand.


The Compensation Plan

The company’s website does not categorically state how much trunk keepers will be compensated with. First, distributors make money through direct sales from customers who get their contact from MJC website.

Money is made through trunk shows as kids get to choose what they like and accurate sizes are ascertained. Customers also get to see the products and make purchases through the new MJC website that each distributor handles.

Hence, typical with most direct sales compensations, distributors will earn about 20% to 30% of their sales. The other route to money making that the company offers is recruitment. There are better chances of making money through this, the more your team increases, the higher your profits will be.

Membership payments are not outrightly known, but to get involved you will have to sign up on the website, and the nearest trunk keeper to you will mentor and give you all the details you require. Obviously, you will have to make purchases for your trunk show which is a requirement you must fulfill to be a part of the network.


Who This is For

Making profits through MLMs thrive on active marketing, great interpersonal skills, doggedness, product knowledge depth, enthusiasm, perseverance and belonging to the right social network. If you know you have these and can persuade quite excellently, then this is for you. It is not restrictive and you can joggle it with several other personal and social commitments.

This is a great business for stay at home moms. We also believe there is another great business opportunity that stay at home moms should look into and you can find that here.



Matilda Jane Clothing is not a scam, it is very legitimate. Its exclusivity is one of its biggest positives as competition is low and demand will always be high. It is also a very popular brand, so you need not worry about losing money or not making enough profit. However, if you cannot recruit people, you will only make a random amount. If your social circle cannot afford it, driving sales will be difficult.

One area you must take time to consider is the shrouded manner the exact profit scheme is hidden from the eyes of the public. These days, no one goes into a business venture without counting the cost. Go out of your way to get information, your success lies largely in it.


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