motor club of america scam

(MCA) Motor Club of America Scam

Motor Club of America seems to be one of the most promoted multi-level marketing companies on the internet today.

I am sure you have seen an ad for it or one of your Facebook friends has been pushing you to join Motor Club of America.

One of the biggest questions I have been asked is Motor Club of America a scam? Or is Motor Club of America Legit?

I am here to tell you that MCA is not legit. Yes, MCA is a scam!


Motor Club of America Scam

When it comes to business opportunities it best to start out looking at how it is promoted. Is the company using scam type tactics to promote their business opportunity?

Well, let’s first take a look at a promotional video that discusses this amazing business opportunity known as MCA.

The first marketing video released by MCA has a guy walking out of a mansion. The first question is “is it really worth it”.

He shrugs his shoulders and looks back at the mansion that he emerged from, trying to make us believe he build up so much income from MCA that he was able to buy that mansion.

We will also see him get into an expensive car. The whole video is all about how much money you could “potentially” make.

Some of the more outrageous claims I have seen people boasting about online are…

  • This opportunity will make you rich and you do not want to miss it.
  • You will be able to turn $40 into $80 is about 10 minutes.
  • You can earn 200% commissions on sales.
  • This is so simple a 9-year-old could do it.

Hmmm, these are all exactly what a scam would say.

How about we take a look and see how one of the top sales leader markets this company or better yet this “opportunity”.

Seems like every “proof” video of MCA has a distributor showing off how much money they have made. In no way do they actually discuss how they made with MCA or how long it took them to make this with MCA.

Flashing cash is always a good way to make people believe they will be able to earn a solid income with a business opportunity.


MCA is violating the FTC guidelines.

Income claims are discussed by MCA representatives without an income disclosure. This directly violates the FTC guidelines on promoting a business opportunity.

Second, if sellers make any claims about how much money you might make, they have to give you a separate paper with more specifics. – FTC Bogus Business Opportunites

Here is the screenshot from that page.

motor club of america voilations

As we can see from the FTC, these representatives of MCA are in clear violation of how they promote this biz opp. MCA representatives do not have an income disclosure.

Here is the income disclosure that these MCA representatives fail to tell you.

It costs $339.15 for a 17-month membership. You would get a 23% commission on that. Which is equal to $80. There is definitely not a 200% commission on the products you are selling.

If that person who bought the 17-month membership cancels before the end of the 17 months, MCA will charge back some of your commission.


MCA is unprofessional

When this company was first launched it did not have an official website. Websites are not difficult to build. It is very simple to build a professional website.

MCA did not have one, what they had was this website.

How can a biz opp be launched and sweep across the internet without an official website?

As of today, the official website is,

Before MCA had an official website there were a bunch of unofficial websites that were created by representatives of MCA.

MCA has created a marketing scam by selling this garbage as a business opportunity.

MCA is not even close to being a competitor in their niche. MCA charges close to double that of AAA for the year and offers half the amount of miles for towing. After the first tow, MCA offers the same amount of miles per tow as AAA.

MCA just throws in a bunch of crummy insurance offers to make it look like they offer more than AAA does. But, you might be wondering what about the unlimited roadside assistance that is offered.

Well, let’s see.

Good Sam (another towing company) offers unlimited towing miles to the nearest service station and unlimited of service calls for the year, at only $79.95. This can include your car, motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or camper.

Hmm, already found a much better deal for consumers than overpaying for MCA!

Well, what if you have an RV that needs to be towed by MCA?

If you have MCA and call for a tow for your RV it is going to be $100. MCA also does not offer any discounted mile packages like it does for its cars.

So, for your RV it will cost you this.

$100 for a hook up + $3.50 for every mile. = EXPENSIVE.

MCA is ripping off their customers.


What are representatives saying about MCA

One of the top sales representatives for Motor Club of America had this to say when asked if customers are buying MCA for their service.

“I don’t know and I truly don’t care”

So if the top sales rep does not actually care about selling the service, then this whole company is just about selling a business opportunity.

hmm, do you know what that is called? Pyramid scheme.

So if Motor Club of America is so terrible why aren’t more people speaking out about it?

MCA legit

Buried in the Associate agreement of MCA, you can find exactly why no ex-representative is speaking out against them.

They have signed an agree with MCA which will not allow them too. As it may be tough to read here is what that agreement says.

“I agree that I will make no derogatory comments, statements or communications in any form regarding TVC, its employees, representatives and agents and its products and programs.”

Ex-representatives are not allowed to speak out against them but since I am in no way affiliated with MCA, I can.


Motor Club of America Review Conclusion

Are you still wondering if Motor Club of America is a scam?

Their official website is horrible. A basic website that offers little useful information.

The service and products of MCA are horrible. MCA is not even close to a competitor in their marketplace.

Representatives do not care about selling the product but more about selling the business opportunity.

This company is a scam and has the makeup of a pyramid scheme.

Avoid this scam and do not waste your money.

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  1. Thanks for opening my eye. a lot of people have been scam through this process. there is a lot of unemployment this days, so immediate they come across such an advert it seems they have found there fortune.

    As you know such advert will come with flashy cars and if you are not open minded you fall into their trap.

    thank you for this wonderful piece.

  2. Great review here on Motor Club of America, at an early age I learned that if something seems too good to be true that it probably is, and this is one of those things. Some of the promises that they make seem to be a bit unrealistic, I can’t think of any legitimate company that will give you 200% on sales. I think it’s a shame that there are fraudulent companies like this that are taking advantage of people, why does the government allow this?

  3. Great post review about MCA. I hope to find more useful post about internet marketing to help with growing a business some day. Is your blog solely based on blogging for profits?

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