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Millionaire Biz Pro – Scam or Pro

Website: millionairebizpro.commillionaire bizpro scam

Company: Millionaire BizPro

Owner: Derek Maxwell

Price: $49 to sign up, $34.95 a month, plus tons of up sales.


Is Millionaire Biz Pro a scam? It sure does seem like it. Anytime an opportunity for employment is offering you to make over a $1,000 in a short amount of time it, it seems like a scam.

We will cover in full detail whether Millionaire Bizpro is legitimate or another scam online.


Millionaire Biz Pro Reviewmillionaire biz pro is a lie

What is Millionaire Biz Pro? Millionaire Biz Pro claims to be an online platform to make money by using a premade website to promote and sell Millionaire Biz Pro products.

Millionaire Biz Pro will create landing pages for your website. All the traffic is designed to land on one specific page of your website. This will be your closing page to make money.

The system is based around automation. Leads generate to land on your website and an auto-responder o sell your products to these leads. You will only need to work a few hours a day!

Can you make $1,000 a day following this system? After watching the promotion video on their website, I was left with a lot of questions. Something did not seem right about this opportunity.


Is Millionaire Biz Pro a Scam?

Watching all these people claim to have never made money online but now are making thousands a week seemed suspicious. I posted the exact video testimonial from Millionaire Biz Pro for you to watch.

Watch this video and see if you noticed what I did.

Going directly off of what I learned from this testimonial video I can tell this company is a scam.

Millionaire Biz Pro is hiring spokespeople from Fiverr. Would a legitimate company hire video spokespeople from Fivver and claim they are making money?

All the video testimonials are fake!

millionaire bizpro fake testimonial








Megan claimed to have NEVER MADE A VIDEO before.

Well, this is the first lie we can find out about this company because she makes a living on Fiverr!

She is paid to make fake testimonials! Here is her Fiverr gig.

millionaire biz pro scam













Her real name is Tamera.

Hello Tamera, it is nice to actually meet you.

Thank you for helping people get scammed online!

Let’s take a look at Jen, from South Carolina.

millionaire bizpro scam review

millionaire bizpro fake





















Jen is lying to us. She is just another actress who has been hired from Fiverr to create another fake testimonial.

Are any of these people making money with Millionaire Biz Pro? or were they all just hired by Derek Maxwell from Fiverr?

Wait, is Derek Maxwell who he says he is?

derek maxwell fake owner









derek maxwell from shutterstock











Well, Derek Maxwell is not who he says he is. At Shutterstock, you can purchase any picture and use it for your projects.

Millionaire Biz Pro is a scam. Derek Maxwell is hiring video spokespeople from Fiverr and not even using a real picture of himself!


Stay Away From Millionaire Biz Pro

buy into millionaire biz proYou will be paying $49 to join into this scam. Then every month being charged another $34.95.

Not only that, they will be trying to sell you more of their own products to keep making money off of you.

You will not make any money with Millionaire Biz Pro.

They will tell you how you need another product to generate more leads or this new product to close more sales.

Millionaire Biz Pro is a is a scam


Is there a better optionmake money with wealthy affiliate

Yes. If you want a real opportunity online there is a much better option.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that will teach you how to…

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This is a real online opportunity. The process is simple but takes time to be done correctly.

They offer you a free trial to begin. After that, if you enjoy what is being taught there, then there is a premium membership for $47 a month.

This is everything offered at Wealthy Affiliate for your benefit.
wealthy affiliate membership what is offered





















Read my Review on Wealthy Affiliate.

I think it is better for you to read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate before you decide if this the right opportunity for you.

If you have any questions please leave them below.

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