mindset 24 global scam

Mindset 24 Global Scam? Find out


CEO: Brain McLane

Website: www.mindset24global.com

Location: Kentucky, USA.



Mindset 24 Global is one of the new MLM business opportunities that sprung up in 2017. Its founder is Brain McLane and his reputation as a businessman is impeccable and free of dirt. In 2010, he was a co-founder and chief marketing officer of a company called Bellamora which later folded up in 2011 because key executives left.

He later alongside Kevin Harrington endorsed “$1000 a Week for Life” offer and then he went on to establish another MLM business called Safe ID Trust in 2015, which offered to identify recovery and restoration services. Mindset 24 Global has no virtual product, what it puts forward is a digital product it terms ‘Mindset”.

Since its product is intangible, its only offer for making money is signing affiliates so that they can be part of its marketing membership.

The vision and mission of Mindset 24 Global are commendable, and something that several people will be interested in. The mindset in its name indicates that the right shift in the mental faculty of man is needed in this age, while the ‘24’ means that everyone has 24 hours to give themselves a better life. Interestingly, it also accepts bitcoin for investments and pays out with bitcoin.

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  • The company’s product belongs to a niche that is interesting and value driven. Since people often want an upgrade in life, selling will be easy with the right skills.
  • There are several options available to choose from, no matter your social status you can comfortably find a tier that suits you financially.
  • Signing up for its program is free.
  • Direct sales are encouraged and you can make lots of money through this.
  • There is no undue pressure to recruit.


  • Although signing up is free, you cannot earn if you do not buy one of the training packages. Also, there is a yearly maintenance fee of $50
  • To qualify for some compensation plans you MUST buy or sell products in addition to recruiting a stipulated number of people.
  • There is no virtual product, and the content cannot be known until you purchase. In this way, you have little power over deciding if the product has the worth promised.



Mindset 24 Global has no virtual product, its product is digital. Its training packages whose information is geared towards helping people make better choices in making their lives better are sold to affiliates.


Compensation Plan

Mindset 24 Global affiliates earn by personally buying or selling training packages monthly. These packages are in 4 tiers and they cost:

  • Series 1-$100
  • Series 2-$400
  • Series 3-$1000
  • Series 4-$2000

Every higher series contains the training materials of the previous series, this means that the more money you spend on investment, the more superior your training package is. To qualify for the commission of each tier, you must personally purchase or sell that tier’s training package.

Nonetheless, if you can make sales of $10,000 in the first thirty days, the company qualifies you to earn commission on all four tiers.

Coded Bonus: The Company pays its affiliates residual commission through a perpetual 1-up coded bonus. Let me explain this, on every third sale you make Mindset 24 Global rewards you. This reward is paid in this order; the sales of your second, fourth and sixth training packages, then the eight, tenth and twelfth sales, this cycle goes on in threes. The exact percentage that is payable is not disclosed by the company.

Matching Bonus: This commission is earned by the direct recruitment of new affiliates (selling of membership). To get the 100% match on the coded bonuses on each tier you must do the following:

  • Series 1 Members- sell a minimum of two series 1 membership.
  • Series 2 Members- sell a minimum of two series 2 memberships.
  • Series 3 Members- sell a minimum of two series 3 memberships.
  • Series 1 Members- sell a minimum of two series 4 memberships.

Global Profit Sharing Pool: Mindset 24 Global takes 20% from its total revenue, and using the framework of its training packages divides them into nine small pools. The training package pools and the qualifications for it will be explained below:

  • 1 Star Pool: get 10% of this pool when you buy or sell the series 1 training package.
  • 2 Star Pool: get 10% of this pool when you buy or sell the series 2 training package.
  • 3 Star Pool: get 10% of this pool when you buy or sell the series 3 training package.
  • 4 Star Pool: get 15% of this pool when you buy or sell the series 4 training package.
  • 5 Star Pool: get 15% of this pool when you buy or sell the series 1 training package and personally recruit at least five 4 Star ranked affiliates.
  • 7 Star Pool: get 20% of this pool when you buy or sell the series 1 training package and personally recruit at least twenty 4 Star ranked affiliates.
  • Super Star Pool affiliates are those who make a sale of $10,000 in a month, this qualifies for 10% of the pool in each training package tier.
  • Founders Only Pool Member are those who signed up during the company’s prelaunch and had to pay $2000 in addition to recruiting at least two affiliates who also do what they did.  They qualify for 10% of this pool.


Final Comments

With the above, it can be seen that Mindset 24 Global is not a scam. Brain McLane certainly has rich experience in this kind of business if we consider his initial forays, I think the company will thrive on this. Even though contents of the training packages are largely unknown to outsiders, the prospect of a value-driven MLM business will excite and attract them. Although, you need to note that the exact percentage you earn on direct sales is not revealed. I will advise that you invest your free money and not one that will cause you to cry wolf in the event you don’t earn as much as you expected. To be a success with this company get ready to make lots of financial investment and active recruitment. If you are not cut out for this, then you should steer clear of Mindset 24 Global.


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