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Monaco Treasure Scam – Evidence Revealed!

If you do not want to be scammed, then I suggest you read this full review of Monaco Treasure. You will come to find out exactly how this scam works and why it is a scam!

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Monaco Treasure Review


Owner: Alfred Malone

Price: $250

Industry: Binary Options

Recommended: NO


What is Monaco Treasure?

Monaco Treasure is a binary options trading robot that you invest in. This robot is supposedly going to beat the daily markets investing automatically for you and earn you close to $850 daily.

Monaco Treasure claims that their artificial intelligence is able to buy and sell trades and never lose. You will always have a 100% success rate when using Monaco Treasure.

Does it sound to good to be true? Yeah, well it is!


Who owns Monaco Treasure?

We are told that the owner of this binary options trading scheme is Alfred Malone. He is the genius behind this AI trading bot.

The main problem is, the Alfred Malone that Monaco Treasure shows us is simply a stock photo purchased from Shutterstock.

monaco treasure reviews

The actual owner behind this scam is unknown. Because clearly, Alfred Malone is not real.

Do you really want to put your money into a trading program where they lie about who owns it?


Fake Testimonials about Monaco Treasure App

You might have been grabbed by the claims of earning a million dollars in one week. Yes, in their sales video the presenter says he earned $1,000,000 in 1 week.

Maybe, the Rags to riches with testimonials made this seems like a legit scheme. Remember these two people?

is monaco treasure a scam

Well, these two have never made any money from Monaco Treasure. The only time Monaco Treasure paid these two, was $5 to record a fake testimonial video!

These two are paid actors and you can hire them on Fiverr.

monaco treasure scammonaco treasure scam







Jessica and Steve have never invested with Monaco Treasure so anything they have to say about it is 100% a myth. Scams hire these people so they can dupe you into joining in blindly, but you are smart and are doing your research!

  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake owner

Do you need to see more?


Outrageous claims

The money making program claims it has had “82 people go from rags to riches.”

This is fabricated because this system is a total scam and no one who has joined Monaco Treasure has made a single penny. In fact, almost everyone who has joined has lost money!

We are lead to believe that this trading bot is so intelligent it can earn us $850 daily.

This is never going to happen.

100% risk-free. Not a chance, there is never going to be a guarantee when it comes to trading stocks.

Monaco Treasure wants you to start off by investing $250. From there, they are going to tell you that if you want HUGE returns on investment, then you should invest thousands of dollars. Yes, they want you to invest $10,000.

Do not give this company any of your money. This is a scam that is lying to you and you are going to lose your hard earned money!

Monaco Treasure is a scam.


A better option to make money online

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