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Morinda Review – Scam or Legit Bizopp?

Morinda ScamMorinda review

Name: Morinda


Price: $ 35 product + upsells

Owners: John Wadsworth Kelly Olsen


Morinda overview

Initially, know as Tahitian noni, the Morinda Company was founded in 1996. It is a multi-level marketing company whose products are focused on the health and wellness niche. They are involved in the distribution of several fruit juice health supplements alongside essential oils and every affiliate with the company serves as both a recruiter and a distributor. Having been around for quite a while, the Morinda Company have been faced with a series of legal issues. These issues stemmed from the fact that the company was advertising their products as cures for various diseases at a time where the FDA had not approved these products. Morinda now markets their products now as health supplements now.

This led to a legal restriction that prevented the distributors from passing up products as treatments and using false claims to drive sales. However, this is still quite prevalent among recruiters as they use testimonials and claims of healing/health benefits to attract more people into the system. Their most common product is the Tahitian noni juice which they claim to have several, health and wellness benefits. The system provides members with a package which they can sell at a recommended retail rate while recruiting more members into the system to enable them to move up the network ladder. There is a lot of attention that revolves around whether or not Tahitian noni is a scam. To fully resolve this, we must take a look at the company ethics and operation.


The good

Their flagship product, the Tahitian noni juice has been proven through clinical research to contain iridoids that help to prevent the formation of Advanced Glycation products End-products (A.G.E.s). This A.G.E.s are responsible for certain illnesses, diseases, and premature aging.

It provides an opportunity to make good money for people who are able to create quick networks, attract new members and recruit new people into the system.

The bad

Aside from a few clinical tests, Morinda products are falsely passed off as cures to some serious illness by its members in a bid to make a profit. While this may seem like a harmful process, there is an imminent danger that exists in trying to replace actual medication with supplements.

Just like any multilevel marketing company, the Morinda system is highly dependent on the influx of new members. This implies that the survival and growth of the company not only lies in the ability to exist members to market their products but also how quick they can bring new people to join the network.

While you can join for the sole purpose of purchasing their package, there is no money-back guarantee unless you are able to participate in the marketing system. This is a typical characteristic of all multi-level marketing schemes.


Who is Morinda for?

The mode of operation of the company is quite straightforward and doesn’t involve a lot of technicalities. This makes provision for just about anyone to participate in the scheme. To really succeed here, one will need to be able to market and convince people to get involved in the company as you stand to earn more with more people you recruit. Being able to sell the products being offered is also a big point as that will help widen your base of operation.

Just like most MLM, moving up the rung in the network requires dedication and hard work and perhaps a certain degree of luck. Therefore, anyone who desires to make money through this kind of setup can join in, from students to stay at home moms. There really is no restriction. Just be willing, able and ready to sell.


Morinda tools and products

As an affiliate with the system, you are provided with a set of beauty, health and wellness products which you can sell at prices higher than the recommended range and make a good profit. Some of these products include;

  • Hiro energy drink
  • Tahitian noni fruit chews
  • Tahitian noni original concentrate
  • Noni seed oil
  • Noni leaf serum
  • Oatmeal soap skin supplement
  • Body balance cream
  • Moea body cream.

The respective prices of these products are provided to customers in retail prices on the company website.


Morinda support

The company has created a truly elaborate system to enable users to reach them conveniently without any unnecessary hassle. For inquiries about the products, you can send an email to , for comments and general questions about the system; you can direct all your emails to . Interested individuals can visit their website to check out the packages and determine if it is worth joining.


Morinda price

Morinda orients new members to strive to attain three phases in their business models which are to- establish, expand and explode their networks. It prides itself in providing 20-30% commission to members on all products sold and 10% commissions on products sold by recruited members. This means that, when new members recruited by you record massive sales in each of their product kits, you stand to earn 10% of the sales and revenue generated. There is a great emphasis placed on the importance of getting new recruits as newer members are necessary for the growth of each network.

However, to start up and join the whole process, there is an initial upfront payment of $300 dollars that provides you with both a membership in the system and the product starter kit.


My final opinion of Morinda

Morinda operates on the same principles that multi-level marketing systems are known for. However, if you have no skill to market your products or have the ability to create a valid network of people who might be interested in joining then this is not for you. Having been around for so many years, it is definitely a legitimate scheme that has been developing new products to add to the line. So proceed with caution and be prepared to be a statistic in the network while slowly working your way to the top.

Morinda is a legitimate MLM company that has been around since 1996.

An alternative option besides joining Morinda

In my opinion, one should proceed with caution before becoming a representative and distributor with Morinda. If you are someone who is seeking employment, another option is building your own business online.

There is a platform that will teach you all the ins and outs of building your own business online. This platform has taught thousands of entrepreneurs. You do not need to have any experience. Their platform is designed to teach the most inexperienced user everything in a way that will give a person complete understanding.

You will learn SEO, content creation, keyword research, profiting websites, and many other techniques that will build you a full-time income online. This is not a get rich quick scheme and will take your time and effort to do.

If you are someone with zero experience with online marketing, this is the place to learn.

There is a training course that is broken down into daily lessons. The daily lessons have different tasks for you complete and you are shown how to do these tasks. There will be video walkthroughs and instructions on how to do each task, so you can follow along.

If at any point you were to get stuck or confused, there is a live chat to ask questions or you can ask any member in the sub feed of that lesson.

This is what you will learn to do.

  1. Choose your own interest/passion.
  2. Build a website.
  3. Generate traffic to your website.
  4. Earn revenue from affiliate marketing.

This is my #1 Recommended platform for people who are seeking employment. This is where I started and I now work online full-time earning great money. To see my full review of Wealthy Affiliate click here.

The platform is free to join. You will have access to 10 lessons and 2 free websites to get you started. This is a trial membership, as this is a business that teaches people online marketing, there is a premium membership. The first month is $19 and every month after that is $49.

This is where I started and I am happy I did. If you are ready to join, click the link below.

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  1. Hello,
    thank you for sharing your review about the company called Morinda. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about this company. I am glad that I ran into your website because I learned a lot. I just wanted you to know.
    Kind regards

  2. I hear tons of Multi-level marketing companies but I never hear about Morinda.

    Good to know for this company. Like you said, the system much more similar to a pyramid scheme. But did you tried out the products personally? Does it really work?

    I personally didn’t like MLM but I am using Amway products anyways because I see that their products work very well for myself as well as my family member.

    So I just wonder about Morinda. ?

    1. I did not use any of the products. I am not affiliated with the company. I wanted to try to make an honest unbaised review for people to read before deciding to join or not

  3. Hi Kurtis: You wrote such a ‘strong opinion’ about Morinda without even trying their products? How is that fair? How does that make you believable? I am a Morinda IPC and I Love their Products! No one has to come in at the $300 mark. Any Customer can become an IPC with only 1 bottle on autoship and that’s no where near $300. Not even near $50. The earnings will be smaller than what can be earned if the Order was higher than 1 bottle, but there is no pressure on anyone to come in at that amount! $300.

    Also, I know about WA; and I know that you all are taught to ‘knock down’ other Companies to promote your Own Affiliate program which is #bad vibing# to me. Why don’t you write an “HONEST” review about WA? How many Affiliates are stuck on getting their websites up and running; and yet they have to pay monthly, if they haven’t paid the Fee of nearly $400 for the whole year; on a product / training that is not good for people who do not understand Computer Technology and Website Terminology. How do I know this? Because I have been in WA and found out many shocking things for myself! Do you know that Morinda has produced well over 300 MILLIONAIRES? Can WA Confess / Prove the Same on their product/s ALONE? OF COURSE NOT! It seems like Morinda is OWED an Apology from you! And for the Record, Morinda has been going strong now for 20 Solid Years and Counting! Yes, they did change their name, and they keep getting better with New Products as well as maintaining their “Old Favorites”. And they Treat their IPC’s Well for their hard Work. In fact, they Travel in Style and Class Yearly! All around the World; and for Free to those IPC’s that have produced and received their necessary promotions to Travel on the Expense of the Company! They’re always doing ‘Fun Things’ at Morinda; and at various Cities / States / Islands. Maybe you should join and live the life you’ve always dreamed of while obtaining better / improved health and wealth; as an added bonus. 🙂

    1. Miss Blossom,

      This is not a strong opinion piece. Morinda is a legitimate MLM company and I have specified that multiple times throughout this review. Of course, there are some issues that have been addressed and I think those are important to know before someone signs up. As a distributor of the products, someone should not be making false claims about the healing abilities. You are right, I made a mistake and a representative can come in at the $35 mark.

      I am not knocking down Morinda. MLM is not easy for everyone. It requires a lot of work and is not the best option for everyone. Not everyone is going to have the ability to sell and recruit. Those skills can take years to develop.

      I am sorry you failed with WA and could not become successful with your marketing.
      Hopefully, you learned that quitting will never lead to your success with anything that you do. That even goes for being a distributor within Morinda. As MLM is not for everyone all I wanted to do is present an alternative option for people who are not interested in MLM.

      I wish you the best with your new adventure with Morinda!

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