is my club 8 a scam

My Club 8 Review – Read before you sign up


Name: My Club 8


Price: $39.95


My club 8 overview

My club 8 is a relatively new company whose domain has just recently been registered in January 2017. Not a lot of information as regards to the company ownership is provided on the site.

The company is involved in the development and sales of hemp related products. The propriety owners of my club 8 are Laguna blends who is credited to be the owner of club 8 online market.

According to the company, its products are designed to cater to a host of health-related problems. There is a huge disclaimer at the bottom of the site’s front page that clearly expresses its abstinence from suggesting results or encouraging negligence on the part of the consumer.

Myclub8 also clearly indicates that the health statements of their products have not been assessed by the FDA as relevant for use in health difficulties or cures for ailments. However, it is no secret that there has been quite a buzz lately about the health benefits of hemp-containing products and such new innovations are attracting lots of attention.

Therefore, it is imperative that we explore what the system has to offer in order to determine if My Club 8 is legit or not.


The good

  1. My club 8 is carving out a specific niche for itself. This differentiates it from a lot of other health-products-related MLM systems where most companies join the bandwagon and produce similar products under a different package. By creating a sub-niche for itself, my club 8 stands a better chance of dominating the category.
  2. It provides potential to earn good money through sales and distribution.


The bad

  1. It has the same shortcomings as all other pyramid schemes; a heavy dependence on referral in order to earn a reasonable income.
  2. It is relatively new and as such hard to predict if it is here for the long haul or just a group of people testing the waters.
  3. Aside from its affiliations with Laguna blends, the anonymity doesn’t really help its profile. Seeing as it deals in such a highly controversial component, it would be great to be able to associate the company with a face or a public figure.


Who is My Club 8 for?

My club 8 offers quite a peculiar product line for overall health and wellness. This makes it suitable for anyone at all to get in on the system.

There really are no restrictions as to who can join seeing as the health niche is quite lucrative and their products are tailored down to certain audiences.

Therefore, if you have some free time on your hands and think you have what it takes to be a great recruiter and an even better sales rep, then here’s one for you.


My club 8 support and tools.

While the site provides quite a detailed insight as to what you are about to engage in, they are no particular training systems and support structures put in place.

This may be attributed to the fact that it is a newly registered domain. However, the company’s website has a login area where members can sign in and get access to their personal dashboards.


My club 8 price and compensation plan

To join my club 8, interested individuals are to pay an initial $39.95 start-up fee which secures them an affiliate position with the company.

Members are then offered an option to subscribe to a monthly auto ship order for $99 which in turn increases their potential for earning.

According to the company, new affiliates who join the company immediately locks down a position that makes them eligible for payment throughout all five levels of the scheme.

Each affiliate receives his/her commission based on a uni-level system at a 2.5% cut from the membership fees paid by new affiliates entering into the system.

The best way to increase your earnings as an affiliate is to focus more on recruitment. By referring more affiliates, you are eligible to earn more commissions over time.


My final opinion of my club 8

Of course, it is perfectly logical to have some reservations regarding such companies especially with the time they have spent in the scène. However, the products put out by the company are in circulation and the current affiliates seem to be in good spirits.

Ultimately, My Club 8 is a pyramid scheme that would require you to recruit more affiliates if you want to earn any reasonable commission. While it seems like a good idea to go all in at the moment, there is a strong possibility that only the early adopters will realize any profit.

So if you plan to join this system, invest small and improve your lead generation and marketing skills.


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  1. I am just now looking at Club8. It is free to join right now and they say there is no monthly auto ship, but I did see a big red flag when going to order a product, which is why I was looking at the site to begin with. The only way to pay is by using either your checking or savings account. You have to enter your routing and account number. No credit or debit card options at all. That just seemed very off putting to me, so I ended up not ordering, but I had already joined. But I don’t really want to send people to a place that might be unsafe for their banking info. I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

    1. Shannon,

      I like to tell people to go with your gut feeling. If you don’t think the company is transparent and can be trusted then by no means give them your bank information. If you disagree and think the company is wholesome and trustworthy, then you are free to do as you please!

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