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My Life Change 247 Review – Hot new opp. or scam?

My life change 247review

Name: My life change 247


Owner: Olsen Larsen

Joining/membership fee: A R200 minimum investment.

Overall rank: 0/100


My life change 247 overview

When reviewing a business, it is often important to take an objective standpoint that is free from bias and influenced by personal gains. Often times, companies that seem to be fraudulent turn out to be actual legitimate ventures. This is not one of those times.

My life change 247 brings you typical promises of being a once in a lifetime investment opportunity that can make you wealthy and advises you to go all in on your finances. It claims to be a “global community fund exchanging investment opportunity”. This simply means that it operates by having members donate to each other.

But there is more to this story that makes this business even more suspicious. Of course, even if this setup brings up a lot of red flags in its mode of operation, it is important to understand exactly why my life change 247 could be a scam or perhaps if there is an atom of legitimacy in this business.


How does my life change 247 operate?

Based out of South Africa, My life change 247 passes itself off as a community filled with people who are willing to help each other achieve their dreams. It operates with the use of digital currency, Bitcoin to be precise and the idea is to become a part of a mutual aid system where you can make investments and allow it to mature for a given period of 1-6 months. Sounds good so far?

However, what members are not told is where the money comes from when they plan to cash out.  It proposes that you stand to get a 75% monthly compounded growth on your investment at the end of your waiting period.

Of course, 75% investment is definitely one of the highest returns of interest on a business that claims to be a passive income avenue. This is the first red flag to observe.

Another point is the lack of any product by the company, whether digital, virtual or physical. There is absolutely no buying and selling going on but rather members moving funds from each other depending on the time of investment.


Where does your money go upon investment?

Sadly, this is not the first of such system and it is easy to recognize them by their models. Communities that claim to be mutual aid forums with such high yield claims operate on one principle; the availability of new signees.

This means that the system stays alive if and only if there are new members constantly being recruited in the system. The evidence of this is the waiting period of 1-6months. This long timing gives enough time for new members to come in and make deposits in order for old members to cash out. The funds being deposited by the new members is what amounts to the 75% growth as time progresses.

For the system to stay alive not only must there be an availability of new signees, the withdrawal must never surpass the amount of currency present in the system at any point. It is the most basic definition of a pyramid scheme.


Glaring warning signs

  • The idea of a 75% monthly growth in any investment is definitely something that is too good to be true. Especially for a company that has no offline presence or even any form of product/service being rendered.
  • This program has been marked by several bodies and has even been banned in Namibia where authorities have declared it illegal.
  • The lack of sustainability of 75% interest over a year is very disturbing. This means that signing up and making deposits does not get you any closer to getting rich. You must ensure that more members sign up and donate (read: invest) too in order for you to get paid. This process must not only be constantly repeated, it must be multiplied continuously as the number of members increases progressively which makes it doomed to eventually crash leaving the latest investors/donors at a loss.


My life change 247 support

The company has only been around for about a year and has just been renewed. There is no offline method of communication whatsoever as everything is conducted through the website. The company encourages members to host presentation events and are even advised to seek the help of my life change agents. This is also done through the website. There is a list of several recommended venues all spread out around South Africa where these presentations could be held alongside contact lines and addresses. All extra information can be gotten from the official website at .


My final opinion of my life change 247

If you have followed this review closely, then it would be definitely clear by now that I strongly believe that this is just another online scam that can neither make you money nor deliver on its promise. Investing in this website simply puts you at a risk of losing all your hard earned income. Such promises of quick wealth should never sway you as you should always endeavor to check properly before diving in. there are good ways of making tangible income online but this is not one of them. In conclusion, I do not recommend my life change 247. Put your money elsewhere.

Overall scam rank: 0/100

Verdict: NOT legit

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  1. I am following MLC247 very closely and I have not heard any member complaining about not being paid or being scammed, instead I have heard testimonies of people who are building houses, buying cars, paying fees upfront for their children and getting out of debts. Sadly because every time something that will free our people from debt is considered to be a scam. MLC247 is the same a crowdfunding.

    1. I agree with you Nela no one has encountered a problem yet and people are paid daily. But I can tell you something, that there are people who will claim that MLC247 is not legit but they might members of it secretly

  2. Too good to be true indeed, but do we perhaps have any one who happened to be a victim of the supposed mylifechange SCAM? Please come forward if there s one…

      1. Hi Mbali.
        I joined the scheme in December 2017 until today I never get any payments , so I don’t know where to get help of getting my payment.

        The person I joined from her is only her who has my username and password.

        Please assist with information where to get help.

        Kind regards

        Ephraim Mbola(078 625 850 7)

  3. I can bet you that it’s a SCAM, but just for good measure I am going to test it with their minimum deposit required of R200.00. Let’s wait and see what happens after 1 month.

    1. I invested R5000 that I was supposed to get back last year(2017) November, till to-date I’m still waiting. If this is changing lives, then it is those of the site owners.

  4. My Life change 247 has more than 85 000 active members as we speak. none of them has ever complain about not being paid or being scammed. this is an online thing, so if one has a problem or complain they will bring it online, but so far we haven’t head of any and its been a year now. i started with R1000 from my own pocket, just for trying it out, for 4 month and got R9 000 + back. i took the R1000 back from where it comes from and re invest the rest again. i have been getting the promised return ever since and i have done lots of valuable things from this. so even if this scheme collapse, i dont loose anything coz my initial R1000 is back. Rule No 1 with these kind of schemes, NEVER PUT THE MONEY YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE. THE RETURN IS HIGH SO IS THE RISK. put small money that even if is a scam, losing it is not a problem, them make money from their own money without touching your hard earned money. that’s how you play this game. so some people will take from their savings and put R50 000, when it collapse they cry. that’s not being clever. Start with your spare money, take it back and re-invest from your returns, then you know you got nothing to loose. Its just that in this world, anything that set people free from financial bondage will be criticized. they always want people to be financial slaves. that’s just my 2cents opinion.

  5. I seconded your opinion Glo Rap, this is not a scam but rather it’s freeing ordinary people from Zero to Hero. Yes you donot need to invest too much money but rather “test the hot water with the tips of the fingers”. I also invested R2000.00 for 6 months and I got R57000.00 and put back the R2000 + 5000 interest from where it comes from and reinvest again the R50 000.00. Taking risk is the only way you could get out of debts just like you Kurtis Quick when you decided to join Wealth Affiliate platform is because you took action/risk and eventually you found it to be fine for you by paying $49 a month just for education/learning plus the referral commissions if you happen to have one in a month, which is total different from MyLifeChange247 no recruit if you don’t want to, no marketing, no content writing but you still make MONEY.

  6. I Username Mubasen invested also in MLC247 and find it to be a reliable peer to peer donation programme in my country Namibia where investors periodically testify about receiving pay outs on matured dreams especially on fb/twitter/whatsapp groups created by members.I am also a direct recipient of funds deposited upon my matured dream recently on 28/11/17.I there4 would like to be honors with my personal observation that those favoring other similar programs are he’ll bent to discredit MLC247 to gain cheap economic scores.

  7. I truat Mlc i invested and recieved my money after 4montha..what i dont understand here kurtis is that u advertising something else….why?

    1. I do not believe from my research that MLC is trustworthy. I understand you are involved and of course, no one wants to feel like they have been taken advantage of and the need for MLC is an ongoing recruitment into the scheme.

  8. “I understand you are involved and of course, no one wants to feel like they have been taken advantage of” – Kurtis Quick

    The same can be said about you and the company you are affiliated with. For now we only have speculations. No hard facts.

    1. Unlike you, I am not afraid to hide behind fake name to try to lure people into “an opportunity”. It is my name and my reputation attached to what happens to people who read and follow me.

      The fact is, MLC is a cheap website. that platform is shit. people are making so much money but yet no one thinks of investing it into the horrible shit website.

      Maybe MLC needs to improve the face of the company aka the website. and you “Ho’yo’doin” if you are proud of it, use your real name, show us something real, or are you a coward how needs to hide?

    1. I also joined and the page and login does not exist for the last 4 months. Why was np email send to us if there was any issue with the website?

  9. Tell me about CASSINO’S, is that also not a trick of scamming, families are devorsing because wife/man is addicted in gambling , people are selling their belongings just to gamble but don’t get big what they want. If MLC IS A SCAMMING GROUP IT’S OOK bcause ALCOHOL is also a scam.HOUSES are destroyed bcause of ALCOHOL it doesn’t give back but killing,stealing and dedtroying .Leave us to try, no one is taking this money to HEAVEN or HELL, silver or gold belongs to GOD everthing on this world belong to GOD even us,if they scam us they will pay for their SINS. Forward it for me

  10. I’m trading forex and there are times when a person looses money! The Market crash like it did in 2011 and 2008 or something like that. So must I go around telling people that forex trading is a scam? where does the money come from ? When you sell something, somebody buys it. Its after all the money in the forex market is the money people have invested, The main investors are banks, Forex brokers, Liquidity providers, Institutional investors and retail forex traders. When a trader buy and sell it on higher price to make profit. Oh and there are those who loose money in this process!!!So many people make a good living out of taking a risk and not waiting for the government or some charity organisation to fund them for a month to mouth basis.So if these people who are on mlc feel they are gaining and are well aware of the fact that it says use your spare money so why cant we let them do so. Every person has a person to go after something or to waiting and wait while others are making it out there…So if one is making money somewhere to get out of debt and poverty and helping other in their community to have food on their table while some are using the same money that is presumed that it is a scam and opening companies to help those who needs jobs why not??? Lets stop being chronic critics and instead help our families, neighbors, and those in need instead. I understand that we live in a selfish “self centered” cruel world who cares only about ” I ” ME its all about me…You might find-out that those who likes to disparage are the ones who don’t care about their parents or care to know why an old person or any person is on the streets begging. To tell you the truth some of such people have lost their houses due to foreclosure and where against the rock and a rock!! So my million pounds thought I respect a person who takes a risk and fail than the one who sits and wait for something good to happen mean while he or she didn’t try anything!! So who ever is in wealthy affiliate,mlc,forex,binary etc as long as you are not pointing someone with a gun and rob them and you are well aware of what you are doing then big up! The people who always complain are the ones who never put a helping hand when there is a natural disaster or any sort of need to people in any part of the world. They criticize how others should have helped but watch from a distance.

  11. well it has collapsed now here in south africa with my money being lost together with my freinds money.
    so i guess he was right then,let us learn from our mistake,there was kept fund,kippi,MMM mywealth24 etc and they all colapsed just as my life changed has also collapese.the truth of the matter is if new members fail to join the system and huge number of old members monies maturing,well it is clear that your monies wouldnt be paid ,becuase there is no inflow of money from new recruits.

  12. is It true that we well not able to get our refund back as it is said i am new recruit in my life change be honest and tell us because the web site does not opened as I write the e mail

  13. I invested after my friend opened a group we all pain in 1000 all in all it was 12000. we were supposed to b paid ja uary 2018 today is 27 February 2018 and the website is closed no money paid out. so yes l believe this is a scam period


  15. My niece introduced me to this scam MLC247 last year November and first time i fell for it. I deposited lots of money on it and today is nowhere to be found. Can someone assist me on how to trace and claim my money back.

  16. I invested in this thing called mylifechange24\7 with all my last cash when my wife was pregnant willing and hopping to make the life of my wife and kid good,up to now I’m starving too much with them,I can’t face my wife and tell her that I love her because in every struggle we face she point at me saying I gave all the cash to the strangers. I don’t believe in this thing at all.

  17. Good day

    Please assist to claim my money from the scheme , since I joined the scheme in December 2017 I never received any payment .
    Please I need help .

    Kind regards

    Ephraim Mbola(078 625 8507)

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