My Top Tier Business – MTTB Review

Are you wondering, is MTTB a scam? Well, in this review I am going to prove to you that this system by Matt Lloyd is just another scam.

MOBE was the original money maker for Matt Lloyd but since that system has been exposed online as being an overpriced ripoff. More people have begun to talk about MTTB.

This scam is claiming to make huge payouts on autopilot. That is the first major red flag with this program. So let’s dive into this review of MTTB and I will show you it is a scam.


MTTB Overview

Website: http://mttbsystem.comMTTB product

Type: Internet Marketing

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Rating: 2 out of 10

Price: $49 + upsell of $1,997

Recommend: No


What is My Top Tier Business?

MTTB is a 21 step training program that will teach you internet marketing. You will have to pay $49 to begin the training. When you get to around lesson 5, MTTB is going to require you to pay $1,997 to finish the training. There is no mention of this when you start your training.

Wow! So, you pay for the training and then out of nowhere in the middle of your training you are asked to pay just under two thousand dollars!

The main goal of MTTB is to promote as an affiliate Matt Lloyds initial product MOBE.

You can make small commissions if you never buy any of the upsells but the take “no” for an answer sales people at MOBE will pitch you and try to convince you regularly to buy the upsells.

Did I mention the highest upsell of MTTB?

$23,000. That is correct. There is an upsell in this platform for $23,000. You would have to be crazy to spend that kind of money on internet marketing training. There are places that offer training for MUCH less and you can find great training for FREE.


My Top Tier Business has already peaked

MTTB is failing

MTTB peaked interest in late September 2013. Since then this scam has been falling off as much more people are becoming aware of the ridiculous upsells of this internet marketing system.

This 21 step program took a nose dive right around the same time MOBE did. If your overall goal when you go through the affiliate training with MTTB is to promote and makes sales for the MOBE system, then the Google Trends should scare you.

The Google Trend is showing you that people are no longer interested in this. No one wants to get taken for $1,997 on an internet marketing scam. What would you do if you purchased the $23,000 upsell? There is no proof that buying any of the upsells is going to help you.

Be cautious and skip this program!

I started internet marketing for FREE. That’s right, I had no experience and I began my internet marketing career for free. Since then I have been working full-time from home. The platform I choose to work with gives you a 7-day free trial to test the platform and training for free!

What did this platform give me for free? Two fully functional websites to start with, 10 lesson course containing, keyword research, content building, SEO, and help to get my website indexed by Google. All of that was for free. Then, I decided to become a paid member for $49. I got to test out the platform before I bought all the training. And, there is no hidden upsells!


3 Red Flags with MTTBMTTB review

  1. When you are at the promotional video and decide to enter to the sales page, it will ask you for information and to pay $49. But, if you try to leave that page for another website. A tab will pop up offering you the system for only $19. Why? Because this system does not care about the initial cost, it is all about making money off of you from the upsells that are down the road.

2. The Income disclaimer. This page repeats the same thing over and over. The shown amounts you can make are only estimates and there is no assurance you can make this kind of money. Only a scam shows people huge commissions and does not have the ability to back it up.

3. 30-day money back guarantee. Scams love to use this as a way to lure you in. But, in reality, you will not be getting your money back. You can head over to and see all the complaints people have.


A much cheaper Internet Marketing System

MTTB is a scam. There is no doubt in my mind you will be getting taken for all your hard earned money. Stay away from this internet marketing scam. The truth is, it is not easy to become and internet marketer.

It takes time and work. There is no internet marketing system that is going to make you thousands of dollars in commission in 1 months time.

This system is not for the lazy and people looking to get rich quick because that is not going to happen.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I started my online marketing for free. You get the first 10 lessons to the entrepreneur course and the affiliate bootcamp for free. You will have access to the live chat to meet other members for the first seven days.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is a business, the whole program cannot be free. There is a premium membership which costs $19 your first month and every month after that is $49.

I went through all the free training before I decided to buy the membership. I was able to find out that internet marketing is something I can do and something that would be a lot more fun than what I was doing.


Are there hidden costs?

No, there are not. There are no upsells to this platform. It is free to join and check it out. From there you can decide if you enjoy the training and what internet marketing really is.

The cost is $49 a month. Your first month is $19.

So how does it work?

make money online

You choose what you want to promote and with Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to make money off of it.

You will have 24/7 support. Access to the owners. Overwhelming help from the community. Full access to all the training courses. Training that has been done by other members. Website hosting and website security. And much more!

All for the same cost of $49.

You can read my full review on Wealth Affiliate here.

If you are reading to join WA and would like 1 on 1 training from me then click the link below.

1 on 1 training from Alpha Entrepreneur.



  1. Thank you for the review, I know you saved me and probably a lot of others who research before acting. Any questions about this company is answered in this post.

    1. Maurice,

      Save yourself the headache of being an affiliate with MTTB. It will cost you WAY too much money. If you want to learn how to affiliate marketing and not spend all the money you have, then go with my recommendation.

  2. That’s a great review, I’ve never heard of MTTB but I’m going to share your post on my blog to make sure that none of my audience get taken by their bogus offers. I love Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad you’re letting people know about them, they are the best way to legitimately make money online

    1. Wenda,

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great alternative compared to MTTB. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The training there is on point and the support is top notch. I hope to see you over there!

  3. Hi Kurtis,

    thanks for sharing this information. I guess almost everyone who want to start an online business tries one of these scams at least once (I am not an exception). It would be nice to remove all the mess from the web and let it serve the people in the way its inventors intended – to collect documents and helpful information.

    1. David,

      That is why I created this review. I wanted to show people that this is not the system to learn online marketing with. It starts off with a reasonable price and then skyrockets to a ridiculous amount. David, go with my recommendation. You get a free trial and then if you like it you can pay for a membership. Try it before you buy it.

  4. With so many online scams it is a minefield to find one that works without the need for personal financial investment. Thanks for the heads up on MTTB and the pointer to Wealthy Affiliate. I joined WA and I can definitely say it is a thorough and effort based system with loads of training and feedback from the thousands of people following it. Have been bitten by other scams in the past,so thanks for exposing this one.

  5. I’m sure glad I found out this information, I had MTTB bookmarked to come back to because I thought it looked interesting and I found myself curious. Keep spreading the word for all of us, it’s much appreciated!!

  6. Hello Kurtis,

    I can see there still loads of scam on the internet nowadays, and the sad thing is that loads of people are falling for it, when they can get much better help for much cheaper, which is bad ! Thank you for helping the internet to be a better place I guess 🙂

  7. Thanks for this review. I agree WA is the way to go. I’ve been a member for about 2 months now and it’s a great invest of your time and money.

  8. I have heard about MTTB before, but WOW, I have not known that there is an upsell behind the front end and the price is amazingly high and it is a SCAM!
    Fortunately, I didn’t join on that time.
    Thanks for sharing this important information!

  9. I can’t believe MTTB up-sells stuff valued at $23,000. That itself is enough to suggest that it’s a scam. That’s enough money to start a small bricks-and-mortar business in my country. As far as Wealthy Affiliate is concerned I can vouch for that completely. The resources they provide for the amount they charge is definitely value for money! By the way, does MTTB even refund according to their claim?

    1. Matt from MTTB says that if you do not make a sale in your first 30 days he will refund you $500. I have not heard of anyone getting a refund. I think it is more of a reassurance to just help convince people to join.

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