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No Free Trial at Wealthy Affiliate – Here’s why

Did you recently try to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member and were asked to pay $49?

You were probably under the impression that you could join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member but as soon as you filled out your name, username, email, and password you were asked to pay.

This is not an elaborate ruse to trick you into thinking you could join for free and then take your money right away. Depending on where you are located in the world, some countries are banned from having a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

There is a reason why some countries are not allowed to have a free trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate but first here is the list of countries where the Starter membership is not offered.


Countries banned from Starter Memberships

If you are located in any one of these countries then you will not be able to have a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, unfortunately.

As you saw, you can still join as a Premium member but will not be able to join for free.

  • Nigeria
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • India

If you are not from one of these countries and still cannot gain access to WA as a Starter member please tell me by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.


Why these countries cannot have free memberships

Wealthy Affiliate is known for its online community of entrepreneurs. To date, there are over 800,000 members (Starter & Premium).

The community is one of the biggest draws to joining WA. As a Starter or Premium member, you have access to every single person who is active in WA. You can post on their personal profile or reply directly to any comment that a person has made inside any thread.

The members offer tremendous amounts of help and support to each other. Which is why the listed countries above are banned from free memberships.

The ownership of Wealthy Affiliate have conducted massive amounts of research and poured over the data from the banned countries.

The data from the banned countries show a high amount of scamming, conning, and gaming. As Wealthy Affiliate does NOT scam their members, they want to help protect their members from being scammed.

If a scammer or spammer from one of these countries was able to join for free, that scammer would have the ability to try to scam 800,000 people in one shot.

The ban of these countries from free memberships is to protect the existing members from spammers and scammers.


You can still join as a Premium member

Scammers from these countries never join as Premium members because it costs money and it deters them from joining. As I am sure not being able to join as a free member has deterred you from joining also.

If you are from one of these countries, you are looking for a real and honest opportunity to build a career/business online and this is that chance. I understand that $49 might seem like a lot but for all the tools, resources, and help you will receive it is honestly a bargain.

If you want to see my full review on Wealthy Affiliate again before you decide if you should purchase a membership right away, you can click the link below.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review.

As now you know, why you were not able to receive a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and understand it is not a scam designed to rip you off, you may very well be interested in joining as a Premium member. To do so, click the link below.

Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

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