nspire network scam

Nspire Network Review – Legit or Scam?

nspire network scam

Nspire Network Review

Name: Nspire network

Website: www.Nspirenetwork.com

Owner: founder-Spencer Iverson, CEO- JJ Javier


Nspire Network Overview

Perhaps you have been approached by a member of this company with an attractive sales pitch and you want to know what all the hype is about, or you are particularly interested in joining an MLM scheme and you are carrying out your research on the intricacies of the industry. Well, the Nspire network is one of the newest MLM networks created and launched in March 2017.

It was founded by spencer Iverson who is currently the company’s president. He had been involved in a few other successful schemes before starting out the Nspire network on his own. The scheme is focused on production and distribution of several products in the health and wellness category.

The Nspire network is a subsidiary company of break road international, a company whose founder JJ Javier is the CEO of Nspire network. With both founders having what seems like a solid background in the setup and running of a networking scheme, it looks as though the Nspire network may be a promising venture.

This Nspire network review aims to determine if the scheme is worth joining or just another Ponzi scam.


The good

1.) The Nspire network provides different membership packages that allow you to choose your plan depending on the level of your income.

2.) Its products are supplements that seem to be addressing some really concerning issues like fertility and virility.

3.) It is setup in a way that it avails you flexibility in your schedule.


The bad

1.) The company has put out some products which show no proof of substantial and approved testing. This might pose to be a problem along the line as the products become more prominent and the scheme gains more popularity.

2.) Just like all other MLM setups, recruitment plays a really big role in determining your earning potential. This means that a lot of marketing and advertising skills are required.

3.) There is a threshold that each participant must attain in order to be entitled to a commission. This implies that, members must hit a certain target in personal sales volume to make them eligible for the allocated commissions.


Who is Nspire network for?

Most multi-level marketing organizations are simple enough to accommodate even novices to the world of networking. The Nspire network isn’t any different.

All it takes is a little knowledge of establishing personal relationships and good marketing skills. Anyone who has a little free time on their hands can participate in this scheme. However, you must keep in mind that to get ahead in this business model, there will be a lot of hard work involved.


Nspire network products

The Nspire network has some really interesting products in its line.

These products include;

Cherish sanitary napkins- according to the company; this napkin is produced with negative ion technology that has shown great success in balancing pH and protecting against germs and bacteria. It also reduces unwanted vaginal odor and fights against irritation and infection.

Max life prostate care- some of the benefits of this supplement includes reducing of frequent urination, promoting relaxation and overall help for men with BPH and Prostatitis.

  • Empower testosterone booster
  • Sweetest for her
  • Taboo for him
  • Total recall memory booster.


Nspire network support

Alongside its website where information about the products, membership plans, network structure and company setup can be found, the Nspire network has several affiliates who are willing to provide mentorship as to the mode of the organization’s operation.

These members are also distributors and recruiters for the company and would gladly help answer all questions you might have as they are heavily invested in introducing more members to the scheme.


Nspire network pricing and compensation plan

There are three different membership plans presented to intending members of the Nspire network and you are at liberty to pick one which best satisfies your income level.

These plans are;

  • The builder package which requires a one-time payment of $99.
  • The second package requires a payment of $299.
  • While the premium package is valued at $499.

In order to earn, you can sponsor people and encourage them to pick from any of these packages. If you sponsor someone who settles for the builder package, you are entitled to a commission of $25, Sponsoring an affiliate for the $299 package gives you a commission of $75 while a premium package affiliate sponsored by you entitles you to a $125 commission.

Aside from these recruitment bonuses, you can also earn from selling and distributing the company’s products, all products sold regardless of quantity gives you a 40% commission and this includes customers whose orders are generated by auto ship.

While these commissions may be great, it is imperative to mention that there is a catch here.

In order to qualify for any bonus in this scheme, all participants must generate a personal volume between 28 and 100 every month. The personal volume simply means a number of products or sales volume you generate which may either be through retailing or personal purchases.


My final opinion of Nspire network

Having looked closely at the way the Nspire network operates, there seem to be some really good innovations with the scheme.

However, the red flags that the company has generated cannot be overlooked, the most pressing issue here is the issue of the approval of their product line as there are many unanswered questions regarding their products and testing procedure.

If you are interested in joining this scheme, that is something that you must keep in mind.

The issue of a minimum threshold is also a strong precaution you must take, joining this scheme would imply that you have to keep hitting that sales target consecutively each month in order to make any reasonable income with the company.

This may ultimately lead to a situation where the existing members lose out on their commissions if they are not able to meet up. But if you feel that your marketing skills are excellent and trustworthy, this would be a good time to join the company as it is just kicking off.

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