nu skin scam

Nu Skin Scam or Legit Business Opportunity?

is nu skin a scam?

Nu skin review

Name: Nu skin


Owner: Chairman- Blake Roney

Vice chairman- Steve Lund

Senior vice president: -Sandie Tillotson,

CEO- M. Truman Hunt

Price: $25 membership fee


Nu skin overview

Nu skin is a networking organization involved in the direct sales of products in the health and beauty category. The company is heavily invested in the distribution and retail sales of cosmetic and skin care products.

The company is setup in a way that is just similar to every other MLM setups in the sense that members are focused on both the distribution of the company’s products and also recruitment of other members or affiliates in order to earn a commission.

The company was founded back in 1984 in Utah by Blake Roney, Steve Lund, and Sandie Tillotson. Ever since its inception, the company has gone ahead to acquire and invest in other companies to further widen its span.

They are reported to have their activities spanning across 53 countries with an estimated 950,000 marketers and distributors working for them. The company has been involved in a few investigations with the most prominent being an accusation from China of running a pyramid scheme.

However, even though the company has never admitted any wrongdoing and shortcomings, they have reached settlements and paid fines several times.


The good

1.) Nu skin has built quite a prominent reputation for itself and has been listed on the NYSE. If one is to ever participate in a networking scheme, joining one with a solid background and impressive reputation seems like a good idea.

2.) There is a lot of market for the nature of products that the company is involved in distributing and manufacturing. The health and beauty industry is one that thrives on branding; a big brand like Nu skin puts marketers in a position where it is easier for them to sell off their products.

3.) It provides an opportunity for you to build and grow a home business from residual income


The bad

1.) Regardless of the progress that this company has made in breaking into the market, Nu skin is a multilevel marketing scheme. This simply means that members would eventually have to participate in the active recruitment of other members in order to make any meaningful income.

2.) The products that the company puts out are a tad bit too expensive for your regular impulse shopper, this might make the products difficult to market and distribute.


Who is Nu skin for?

Nu skin distributes up to 200 products which are divided into 17 categories.

They have provisions for moisturizers, body nutrients, men’s products, you name it. This makes it quite easy for just about anyone to participate in the network as an affiliate and distributor.

However, before joining in, it is important for you to be able to build a network of affiliates beneath you to enable you to increase your earning potential. Anyone looking for a home business that can generate residual income can look into this network.


Nu skin support

The company is located at 75W center street Provo, Utah. Members can visit their website to check out the packages and plans.

However, for any inquiry or concern, you can call the company number at 1-800-487-1000. There is also a strong system between sponsors where downlines can find out about the company’s structure from their sponsors and uplines.


Nu skin price

Being a networking system, Nu skin thrives through the influx of new members and the distribution of their products. However, to sign up to this scheme as a member, you would need to pay a onetime membership fee of $25.

There are special cases where this fee may be waived, one of such being when you sign up for a 50 personal volume automatic delivery program, this puts you on the auto-ship system to receive 50PV per month.

Placing a one-time order of 100 personal volume at the time of sign up also gives you the benefit to waive your membership fee. Another fee which users are to expect is a monthly website maintenance fee of $25 which is automatically waived if you are subscribed to a 200 personal volume per month delivery.


My final opinion of Nu skin

In joining a company such as this, you would have to do your due diligence to research about their deep intricacies. The system comes with its own pros and cons with the most prominent issue being the pyramid scheme accusations. However, if you are in doubt as to whether or not Nu skin is a scam, you should know that it is not.

If you are going to join this company, be ready to sell and recruit as those promises of the good life from attractive sales videos only come through with extremely hard work.


Another Option for you

I understand that MLM is not for everyone. That is why I want to present you with an alternative option. This is going to still require a lot of hard work on your part but if you are willing to put in the work, you can be very successful with this.

This opportunity is based on you building your own business online. You might be thinking, “I have no idea how to build a business online.” That is why I am going to show you a platform that will teach you all the aspects of making money online.

This is their process which you can do.

  1. Choose your interest.
  2. Build a website
  3. Generate traffic
  4. Earn revenue from affiliate marketing

You will learn all of this step by step with their entrepreneur training course. You are gong to be learning things such as SEO, PPC, content creation, keyword research, and all matter of marketing online.

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If you want to join this platform, it is free to join. You will have access to 10 lessons and 2 websites to get you started. As their business is teaching people to build a business online, it is not free forever.

The first 7 days are all access, but there is a premium membership which costs $19 the first month and $49 every month after that.

As it is free to join and get started, you can click the link below to join.

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