online job for college students

Online Jobs for College Student

online jobs for a college studentThe best jobs for college students are jobs that will not take up too much time. College students need time for classes, social life, and working on assignments.

Most jobs are going to require you to travel to work and cash in your time in exchange for a paycheck. With an online job, you can work when you want to. That is what is great about this job, you work when you want to work.

I can show you how to work for yourself online. Forget a job, how about a business all of your own while you are in school.

Let me show you the best online job for a college student.


What is it?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that will teach you how to build your own business online. This is not a job but your own real business.

As a college student, you understand there is learning involved and that is exactly how wealthy affiliate is set up. To teach you how to be successful online and make good money.

This still needs to be approached like any other job, you need to dedicate time to it but it is a lot more fun and stress-free.


How does it work?

What you will be doing with this opportunity is selecting something you already enjoy. You want to begin with something that interests you. Whether that is sports, fitness, cars, music, anything that you want!

That is what makes this the best opportunity, you will be working with a subject you enjoy.

You will then build a website. Don’t worry building a website is very easy. You can have a website built in under 30 seconds. See how I built this website in 30 seconds.

From there, you will begin using search engines to drive traffic to your website. This is the hardest part of the process. But do not worry, we can teach you the most effective methods that will help you!

The way you will make the most money online is with affiliate marketing. You can affiliate market any product that is sold online, which is awesome. Find out about affiliate marketing.

All it really is, is a 4 step process that you will learn how to do the right way.

make money online


How you will learn to do this

If you are not an expert with building websites and making money online that is perfectly okay. This platform is set up to teach beginners how to start and run a successful business online. This is where I started and learned how to make money online. You can too.

All you have to do is pick which course you want to follow.

The Entrepreneur Certification Course.

work from home training

work for retirees

This course will teach you everything.

Each lesson is filled with quality information that will help you begin. Following the course and completing the tasks will put you one step closer to making money online.

The course is filled with…

  • Daily Tasks
  • Information to learn
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Help
  • Classrooms
  • Discussions
  • Written Lessons

The other course you can choose to follow is…

The Boot Camp Course

bootcamp for college students

training for a new job

This course is great and will teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

This course is laid out similar to the entrepreneur course but is tailored to show you the correct steps to promoting Wealthy Affiliate and how to drive traffic to your website.

(I chose to go this direction when I started with Wealthy Affiliate)


Even more training

I know as a college student you are not thrilled about a job that you need to learn. Well, this is different because you will be learning how to run your own business. Your own business means, earning your own income.

There is a lot of information for you to learn from. So, how far you go is entirely up to you.

  • Entrepreneur classrooms
  • Bootcamp classrooms
  • Blog posts from members
  • Training from members
  • Tutorials
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Live classes
  • Webinars

Live Classeswealthy affiliate webinars

Video Trainingvideo training at wealthy affiliate

There is a lot of great information for you to learn from on Wealthy Affiliate. I know you are in college learning how to start a career, why not while you’re in college learn how to start your own business online?

What other people are saying

I am sure you do not care too much about what I have to say about Wealthy Affiliate. I think it is a great place to start. While you are in college, you have a laptop and you can be earning from it. But can you trust it?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the reviews people have left about Wealthy Affiliate.

jobs for college kids

wealthy affiliate bootcamp for college


online job that is your passionAre you ready to join?

There is also a ton of support and help. You will be able to find all of that once you get started.

Why wait and look for something better? Why not build your own business? If I can do it, so can you.

It is fun and exciting working on something you love every single day. I would rather work on something I love than work at a job I hate.

It is FREE to join. There is also a paid membership that costs $19 your first month. I suggest you join as a free member and see if you enjoy working online.

Click Here To Join

If you are not sure yet, you can read my full review below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you are a college student looking for an online job and have questions, please leave them below.


  1. I’m super glad you mentioned this in your article, as I can 100% stand by these claims that it is one of the best online platforms for making a full-time income on the internet. There is no hype or shiny objects here, just rock solid facts that are straight to the point. I like your article, it is very informative and well-written, so great job 🙂


  2. Hello there,

    From my experience the wealthy affiliate is a promising platform, it just needs hard work & focus then you will see the income rolling.

    Thanks for sharing & keep up the good posts.

    Cheers, Ehab

  3. That was a great angle to go to. WA is a great way to do a lot of things including making $$. you are learning a new habit and skill, you are learning a discipline while not working all your life to get to it. And of course doing WA will to break the bank. I wish WA and internet was around in my younger years as this would have been how I found myself. But , alas…

  4. Nice post here !

    I can relate to this since I’m actually a university student and I’m working with Wealthy Affiliate in my spare time as well and it is definitely doable.

  5. I remember the days of being in college. I was always broke and it wasn’t fun. However, I did work at the schools bookstore so at least I didn’t have to go far to get to work. However, the job was painfully easy. I pretty much just got paid to do my homework.

    During that time I remember dabbing into affiliate marketing. I didn’t really understand it at that time. Really, didn’t know the first thing about creating a site. However, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing.

    However, I do have a question for you. How long does it generally take before you start noticing traffic and getting affiliate sales once you create a piece of content? I like to network with likeminded people so I am looking forward to your response.

    1. Garen,

      Ah yes, the jobs that bore you to death. Trust me, I remember those jobs perfectly well. Well, there is different ways to start generating traffic. I started by using my social media to share my posts which was a quicker way to start building traffic and get my website recognized by Google. I think it will take 1-3 months before someone sees traffic and sales coming in from their affiliate links. If you need any help, let me know and I will do my best.

  6. I have heard good things about WA. I think it would be a great job for college students. It provides flexible hours and is based on diverse thoughts. You have to do the legwork, but it is flexible and scalable.

    1. Enid,

      Of course, it is flexible, you can work on your website when you want too. There will always be leg work when you are working on building your own business. At least this leg work is not very challenging and will lay the foundation for an online business.

  7. Hi Kurtis,
    Without question Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best platform on the Internet in providing training, tools and community support for an individual looking to create a profitable online business for him/herself.

    I just look at the college student who needs money RIGHT AWAY and believe in that instance that WA would probably not suit his/her needs. Again understand what I am trying to say. I am talking about the college student who needs extra cash to support him/herself through the semester which can be the case for a majority of them – unless their parents constantly send them $$$ monthly.

    WA as is clearly promoted by the creators of the organization itself is NOT a get-rich quick scheme in which weeks after starting up an online business – let alone the time needed to go through the certification courses, the individual is raking in a lot of dough.

    I also know that back in the day when I was in college, decades before WA was created as well as the Internet itself that with my full-class load, plus the fact that I was also required to practice my instrument several hours per day being a music major that there would have been no way in the world that I could have possibly devoted what would realistically take a couple of hours daily on top of everything else I was doing through working on building a business and creating immediate cash flow for myself.

    Would the pre-med, engineering, biology/chemistry or pharmeuctical major have that time available during his/her daily schedule, as you would be talking about some seriously difficult academic courses be able to put in the study plus build a business at the same time?

    WA is great if that student can think long term, instead of the program being an outlet that would earn him/her cash next week for spending money.


    1. Jeff,

      I do think that this is a managable way to earn extra money throughout the semester regaurdless of which major someone has.

      My brother and I both started when we were in college and were able to manage both. We had different majors but still were able to find time.

      You just have to manage your time like you would if you had a part-time job during school. It is about the same thing except you can bend the schedule of when you do school work verse when you work on your website.

      I hope this answers your question.

      1. Hi Kurtis,
        To each his own sir. I just know that as for myself I don’t promote WA that much to college students. It’s not often a matter of managing time. I just look at it from the standpoint that many college students need cash immediately to live on. Most would not have the patience to think long term about growing a legit online business.

        As I said with my being a music major back in the mid to late 1970s something which demanded hours of practicing my instrument daily, plus hitting the books, well since there were only 24 hours in a day. . . The time would not have been there.

        As for myself in my online business and the philosophy of helping people generate legit income online; regarding college students instead I have promoted online jobs that would yield immediate money and have only mentioned WA as a long-term opportunity that would NOT produce cash for a student to live on within the next month or two. I prefer to be completely transparent to college students when I have explained to them in articles that WA is not a short-term, get-rich-quick scheme that would allow them have ready cash immediately.

        1. Jeff,

          I do not think I ever said this was going to be easy or an overnight success. It takes time for search engines to trust new websites. But, once someone has that trust with Google or any other search engine they will be ranked on the first page. That is where you start to make your money.

          The difference between you and a college student now is pretty simple. We pick up on computer tasks a lot faster. From an early age of school, we have always been on a computer. Some of the challenges that people face with WA are pretty simple and easy tasks most college kids will breeze through.

          But, you are right. It will not produce an income in the first month or two, but anyone is college has a laptop and can do this. I think it is a great opportunity for anyone in school to at least try.

          I have talked with a few people on WA who are in school and balancing their school work and running their websites. It can be down but it is entirely on the person who joins!

  8. Wealthy Affiliate is a great community, and the support you get there is tops! The video lessons are excellent too… but I don’t think it can be emphasized enough that a website is not a get-rich-quick job. You likely won’t even see a DIME for a few months of hard work… but if a college student can afford that, and is willing to put in the time, building a website is a BRILLIANT idea, one that can pay off for years to come.

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