online sales pro review

Online Sales Pro Scam – Read before Joining!

Online sales pro review


The main question I have is, is online sales pro a scam. There are a few things I look at before giving a company a positive or negative rating.

Before you decide to join OSP as an affiliate there are a few things you need to look. That is what we are covering here today is if it is worth joining to promote OSP.

Is the price of Online Sales Pro fair for the type of business they are in and the products they offer?

I want to help show you if this is the right company to be in business with or a company you should avoid altogether.

Let’s find out if Online Sales Pro is a scam.


Online Sales Pro Review

I have looked into a lot of companies. A common factor I have seen across the board with most scams is the lure of “wealth”.

Using symbols of success, money, and a lifestyle that most of us would love to have. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that this company has a plan and can make me rich.

So when I first look at Online Sales Pro to determine if it is legit is how is their sales video? Is it real and honest?


From this promo video of Online Sales Pro, we can see that they are boasting about living a lifestyle and a certain type of way most of us would wish to have.

Private planes, luxury cars, mansions, and living free.

This is the first sign that Online Sales Pro is a scam. Using a hyped video making you believe you can earn the type of money to live a “Royalty Lifestyle”.


The Leadership of Online Sales Pro

Okay, just because their sales video is pretty exaggerated with a luxury lifestyle does not mean it is not worth it.

The next thing to look at when it comes to Online Sales Pro is whether the leadership is strong and trustworthy.

The owner of OSP is Vincent Ortega Jr.

Vincent Ortega  Jr. once started a business called Internet Lifestyle Network. That business failed miserably and everyone who bought the training and paid for a subscription to Internet Lifestyle Network was left with nothing.

Did Vincent Ortega Jr. learn from his mistakes with Internet Lifestyle Network and come back to build a stronger program that would be better?

I do not believe he did.

He claims to be an internet marketing expert. How can someone be an expert with one failed business and another business that is using flashy and shiny things to lure people in?

Online Sales Pro does not believe in generating FREE or ORGANIC traffic to your landing page.

They say they have been doing internet marketing for many years and never had much success with traffic from search engines.

Does that sound like someone who is an expert in internet marketing?

Experts at internet marketing understand the importance of SEO, keyword research, content creation, and many other topics that will provide FREE traffic to your offers.

Ask anyone who is somewhat successful at internet marketing and they will tell you that organic traffic is VERY important.

If you want to be a successful internet marketer you need to understand how to generate organic traffic from search engines and social media.

The leadership of OSP is only self-proclaimed experts in the field. Following what they have to say could cost you thousands of dollars with no real results.


How is the training of Online Sales Pro

How does OSP train their members to promote OSP? Is the training worth the cost?

Online Sales Pro has upsells to their platform.  You can join for $37 a month but there are different levels of membership that will be pitched to you. An upgraded membership that costs $97 a month or a lifetime membership for $997.

Woah $97 a month or $997 for a lifetime subscription better offer some serious training.

OSP has social media and list building training.

When you are in the dashboard of OSP you will see this.

online sales pro scam

If you click any one of these social media icons, you will see something like this.

is online sales pro a scam

When you Google search Social Media Quickies, you will find that company as the first hit.

Here is what they offer for a total of $19.

online sales pro

Seems to be the exact same social media marketing except Online Sales Pro put their name on the cover and is now over charging people.

Did OSP buy the rights to these social media marketing guides?

online sales pro social media

Looking at the Copyright of Social Media Quickies, it does not seem like this is something that can be sold. It is for personal use only.

How is OSP allowed to slap their name on the cover and use it on their platform for their affiliates?

So for $37, you get social media marketing that really only costs $19 and 3 different types of training that offer the “secrets” to emails and email follow ups.

Guess what, none of those things are secrets. You can Youtube the most effect ways to do this and learn it for free.

But OSP hates FREE and would much rather you pay for their system.


Is it worth paying for?

There is little to no real substance for $37 dollars. You are receiving training that is overpriced or which you can buy for less if you just Google Search it.

You still need to have an email subscription. Something like Aweber.

The landing pages for OSP are all premade. You can customize them but honestly, it is not very difficult to build your own landing page tailored to exactly how you want it.

So what do you get for $977?

You get to customize your dashboard. What this means is when someone clicks on WHO sponsored them, they will go to your page and you can post your other affiliate links.

A chance for your recruits to buy other products you have bought too.

Is it worth $997? I do not think so.

Again, this is an overpriced way to generate leads to your affiliate links. Work harder and learn how to generate organic traffic to your affiliate links. Paying $997 and hoping the people you sponsored will join and click other promos you have posted is not worth it.


Is there any value to using OSP?

Watching these guys videos on Youtube with them driving Lamborghinis, living in mansions, and having the time of their life seems like they are doing something right.

But that is just not the case.

There is no real value to using their system besides having a premade landing page. If you are a business owner and don’t want to hire someone to do that for you then great, OSP is the perfect system for you.

But, being an affiliate for OSP is not worth it. You will not be converting leads into sales.

You will not be a digital entrepreneur chasing freedom. Their training is not offering you anything that is going to teach anything of importance.

You want to become an internet marketer there is a much better option.

There is actually step-by-step training that will teach you the ins and outs of being an internet marketer.

Learn the correct way to internet market.

My recommendation will actually give you the skills you can take anywhere with you. You will have the full knowledge and understand of what it takes to be an internet entrepreneur.


My advice to you

You cannot trust anything you see online. There are too many bogus video testimonials about people making thousands of dollars. Those people making that kind of money are the ones who joined right in the beginning.

OSP is not going to teach you everything you need to be a real internet entrepreneur.

You should look for a better option and say away from OSP.

Where I learned to become a digital entrepreneur.


  1. Hi Kurtis,
    Let me start by saying that your website is constructed beautifully. It is easy to navigate in and the content is very helpful.
    I have to agree with you on your review of Online Sales Pro. I never go for the big claims of “get rich quick” that some of these scammers put out there. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Thank you for exposing Online Sales Pro. We need more sites to expose the evils of our society.

    Scams online are tantamount to offline world hold ups, theft, robbery, and money laundering.

    Let’s all join together our hands and courageously and persistently campaign against these illegal, immoral acts that victimize the decent people.

  3. Thanks for this! It’s so difficult to find legitimate work online and I have been scammed by people like this 1 too many times(or exactly 1 time haha). It’s so easy to fall into the “you can have this lifestyle” trap when in truth they only have those things by scamming innocent people on the internet out of their hard-earned money. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  4. I nearly joined Online Sales Pro until I asked one of the members how they brought in traffic to their website. She said most advertise on Facebook and I certainly didn’t want to be hanging around Facebook all day plus how deep do your pockets have to be for advertising, too risky for me.

    You are right, their video is very flashy and takes you right into the rich kingdoms lifestyle, rather put me off to be honest as anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

    Is OSP purely a referral company where you earn commissions when your lead signs up to become a member? That’s what I gathered the process to be.

    No, Affiliate marketing is my bag, choose a niche and become established with a website within something you have an interested in and like you say, learn the proper way to run your own business online.

    Thanks, I’ll stick to what I enjoy

  5. Thanks for the OSP review Kurtis But…

    I’ve been promoting this affiliate product that converting like crazy. In thinking about your site, I thought there might be a good fit for you. There is a lot of marketing tools like Clickfunnel, Leadpages, OPS etc., and I personally know these products too.

    However, the cost is too high and low retention rate.

    This product has opened for English speaking countries recently, affiliates are killing it…Converting at 51-60% with 95% retention rate.


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