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PaidViewPoint Review – Paid for your opinion?

Most blogs tend to deem survey sites as a time killer. Something to do online when you are incredibly bored. Which for the most part is usually true.

The truth is with any survey site, you are not going to be making a ton of money. You are going to be earning pennies for the time you put in. If you want to make real money online, then I suggest joining a platform that will teach you how to build your own business. See my #1 Recommendation.

But there is something different about PaidViewPoint. You might be wondering is PaidViewPoint a scam or legit? Well, I have joined plenty of survey sites that are scams and I can tell you right now, PaidViewPoint is not a scam.

What makes PaidViewPoint different than other survey sites? Well, let’s dive into this review and I will walk you through it.


Getting paid for you opinions

Let’s start out by showing you the sign-up process and how simple it really is. I will get into the money making part of working with PaidViewPoint but first, you need to know…

You must be over the age of 13.

There are no location limitations. Yes, you can use PaidViewPoint from anywhere in the world!


Signing up with PaidViewPoint

All you have to do is click here. You can either sign in with one of your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) or with your email address.

Then, you will have your first survey from PaidViewPoint. The questions are all basic to help PaidViewPoint get to know you better and which surveys to send to you. Age, Location, Income, Gender. Simple questions that are all about you. and YES, you will get paid for this.

PaidViewPoint needs to get to know you, so they can send you surveys from companies that are looking for people in your demographic. You want to disclose as must information about your demographic because companies are willing to pay much more per survey when you are their target demographic and want to hear your opinions.


Minimum payout amount with PaidViewPoint

there is only one negative aspect of taking surveys with PaidViewPoint. You should understand that taking surveys online does not earn you a ton of money for each and every one you do. Some will only earn a few cents.

PaidViewPoint has a minimum payout amount of $15.

If you are doing survey’s that only pay a few cents, building up to $15 will take awhile.

The good thing about PaidViewPoint is there are ways to increase how much you are paid for each survey. This is critical if you want to be paid more and more for each survey you spend your time taking.

Continue reading to find out how you can earn more money per survey.


Making money with PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is by far the best paying survey site because the site continues to learn about you and your demographic. What this means is that the more information PaidViewPoint knows about you, the more qualified you are going to be for certain surveys. Companies are willing to pay more money to survey takers who directly fit their demographic!

PaidViewPoint has a trait score indicator. The goal is to get above 9000. When you are above 9000, you will be paid considerably higher for each survey.

Everyday PaidViewPoint will send you surveys that will boost your Trait score. These surveys only pay about 3-15 cents each. But completing these will eventually lead you to a higher score that will, in turn, lead to higher paying surveys.

The higher your trait score, the more surveys you will be sent. So, the best thing you can do is log in every day or check your email every day for a new survey to complete.

Most of these trait score surveys will only take you 2-5 minutes to complete. So keep logging in every day and growing your trait score to over 9000.

Once you are over 9000 with a trait score, you will be at the maximum amount and will be paid for every click and paid higher for every survey you take. How much you are paid depends on the company you complete the survey with.


Refer your friends and make more money

One of the best ways to earn some quick cash with PaidViewPoint is by inviting your friends. PaidViewPoint makes this very easy to do and you will be paid $25 for every friend you have join.

  1. PaidViewPoint makes it very easy to share and invite your friends on any social media.
  2. PaidViewPoint allows you to create an email to send to all your contacts
  3. PaidViewPoint can offer you a custom affiliate link to track clicks.

Very easy to invite your friends to join and I am sure most of your friends would enjoy earning some extra dollars online from survey taking.

paidviewpoint scam

Bonus: Community VIP member

If you can invite and have over 100 people join, you will become a community builder. That means for every member you have join, you will earn 20% of all their earnings. When they take a survey, you will earn a few cents. When they cash out, you will also earn a few dollars.

Create your account at PaidViewPoint


Is PaidViewPoint a scam?

PaidViewPoint scam? Far from it. If you have been searching for a survey site that is going to continuously pay you and provide you with surveys that will pay you the most money, then you have found the right one.

PaidViewPoint is a great site. My only suggestion is that you need to work at it a little bit every day. Using PaidViewPoint will require you to be patient and build your income from it over time.

Another survey site I recommend joining along with PaidViewPoint is SwagBucks. Swagbucks is my second favorite survey, search, and game site to earn money.

Join me on PaidViewPoint. It does not cost you anything but only your time. Click the link below to join.

Create an account at

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