passive income decoded review

Passive Income Decoded Review

It should be noted that I am not an affiliate for Passive Income Decoded. This is a third party review to determine if this is the right venture for you to begin with. To see my #1 recommended program online click here.


Name: passive income decoded


Owner: Alex


Passive income decoded overview

There has been a massive refocusing on the various sources of income from the real world to a more internet based medium. This has resulted in the establishment of several setups and avenues on the internet to generate a stable source of income. It is no secret that one must offer a marketable service in order to earn actual income and this is also true on the web.

Most people have taken up this strategy and offer several services that often involve networking and lead generation in order to build a business. However, passive income decoded provides an avenue where members can set up their own system that will keep generating funds for them in the long run.

The ultimate end goal is to create a self-reliant and automated system that does not involve any form of soliciting in order for members to earn and it requires absolutely no experience as everything needed is provided to users through training and tutorials.

The idea is quite simple, the founder, popularly referred to as Alex in the testimonials on the site proposes that his technique can be replicated by anyone and give them an avenue to earn passive income.


The good

  1. It requires no prior experience of online business or marketing. This means that anyone can join sign up to the program to learn more.
  2. There is an initial 3-free-lesson package that is sent to you upon signing up. This allows you to understand exactly what you are getting into before you actually do.
  3. It involves the use of proven systems and resources like eBay and Amazon which makes it all the more interesting.
  4. It provides you with a source to earn passive income while freeing up time to attend to other things.


The bad

  1. There isn’t a lot of information out there that provides ample knowledge of the system. This means that newbies and interested members are ultimately kept in the dark until they begin to fully participate.
  2. Its major model and business ideas are based on information that can be gotten elsewhere. Of course, it provides a good base of compiled knowledge with available proof but with the aid of proper research, individuals can actually build up similar networks by themselves without joining this system.


Who is passive income decoded for?

The great thing about this system is that the revenue being generated is entirely passive. This would mean that it avails you the time to pursue other things and live your life the way you want. It is a simplified replication strategy with constant contact, support and follows up that enables anyone at all to participate.

Therefore, it is well suited for anyone who wants to a make passive good income from legitimate and proven sources. So whether you’re a student, an online marketer, a stay-at-home mom or even someone working a 9-5 job, this system might be just what you need to get your next big break.


Passive income decoded tools, training, and support

The system has a good support system for interested participants and new members to grow their business from scratch. Those who sign up are equipped with free courses and weekly calls to aid them in their journey.

Aside this personal contact from the founder himself, the company website provides all the necessary information needed and a contact icon where members can get in touch with the support.

Users can also decide to visit the company Facebook page or the YouTube channel where there is a wealth of information available on the modes of operation of the scheme.


Passive income decoded compensation system

Before joining the system, it is important to realize that it is not a pyramid scheme or a networking system. According to the company’s site, it does not involve soliciting of family and friends and is a business that requires absolutely no experience at all.

Of course, the main idea is to learn how to make sales on eBay and Amazon from products you can source for online without having to do much. It just requires you to set up your own personal account or store and replicate the methods in the lessons to increase your sales.

Users are only provided with the sign-up fee and packages upon signing up as it is a relatively new system and much detail about it are yet to get out.


My final opinion of passive income decoded

The idea of generating a system where you can earn legitimate and passive income is extremely appealing. It is even more encouraging to know that these systems are not created from new setups but from existing avenues that have been underutilized. Passive income decoded helps to serve as a step by step guide to increased income potential and most importantly substantial passive income. If you wish to sign up, then endeavor you explore an option that is practical for you and you can actually engage in.

As this is a new system and there are no testimonials for how affect this method of setting up an online business is going to be. There is an alternative option that has helped thousands of people start and generate revenue online.

If you are interested in joining that system, take a look at their process for helping you start your own business online.

This is my #1 recommended program and a program that is trusted to teach you every aspect. To see my full review of Wealthy Affiliate click here.


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