pay diamond review

Pay Diamond Review – Carbon copy MLM scam?


Name: Pay Diamond

Owners: Unknown


Location: Hong Kong


Pay diamond has been the rave of the moment for a while, and like every other MLM business, there have been two camps in its appraisal. The first has been blowing its trumpet, while the second has been sounding a word of caution and labeling it a scam. Is it legit? Is it a Ponzi scheme? How does the company invest to profit affiliates?

All these answers you will find as I unravel this highly talked about the company. Why not sit back and go on this journey with me. As a company Pay Diamond has given little information about itself even on its website and marketing promotions, that part always gets skipped. All we know is that its site domain was purchased and registered on the 26th of Dec., 2014 and later upgraded on the 27th of Nov., 2015, under the name “Pay Diamond and Sales limited with a physical office based in Hong Kong.

However, research through Alexa rankings show that most of its traffic comes from South America, considering that its website is hosted on a Brazil server and the language set to Portuguese, we can then safely speculate that the real owner is in Brazil. One needs to ask why he/she is hiding and to what purpose. Secondly, Pay Diamond claims that it “procures, cuts and sells Diamonds via the Diamond exchange in Hong Kong”.

Basically, it has no virtual product and relies on people’s investment to push earnings. It is an MLM scheme that promises a return on investment (ROI) in a period of 50 weeks for affiliates and the only thing they get to sell is affiliate membership.



  • There is high turnover on investment. A 5% weekly earning on income is quite mouthwatering.
  • Earning mediums is multifaceted, apart from your own profit you get to earn directly and indirectly through residual income.
  • There is no undue pressure to be involved in recruitment, you can still get substantial profit without it.
  • After the 50 weeks maturity duration, you can decide to pull out or continue, you practically have power over your investments without undue external policies.


  • The company is practically faceless; it then is very risky to put money into investments where the precedence of the owner is largely unknown.
  • There is no proof of its investment in Diamonds, this indicates that existing affiliates are paid with the investment of new affiliates.
  • Membership is not free and you have to maintain it by paying monthly charges.
  • Affiliates have to wait for 50 weeks before getting their ROI. This timeframe looks suspicious coupled with the ongoing costs that members have to incur monthly if the system collapses before the time goes up, no single profit will have been made.


Membership Cost: membership fee is paid and renewed monthly with the intending affiliates having the choice to pick from 5 investment packages. They are:

  • Joy-$200
  • Light- $400
  • Plus- $1200
  • Master- $3600
  • Premium- $36,000


Compensation Plan

To earn with Pay Diamond you must first invest money (which will not be returned to you) and  will allow you to qualify for an ROI that pays for 50 weeks in total. The various investment packages are:

  • Joy affiliates: earn $10 ROI weekly when you invest $200.
  • Light affiliates: earn $20 ROI weekly when you invest $400.
  • Plus affiliates: earn $60 ROI weekly when you invest $1200.
  • Master affiliates: earn $180 ROI weekly when you invest $3600.
  • Premium affiliates: earn $1800 ROI weekly when you invest $36,000.


Recruitment/Sponsoring Compensation: as earlier said Pay Diamond’s system is sustained by recruitment. You earn depending on many new people you sponsor/recruit and also how much money they invest into the company. The following is how the commission is paid:

  • Earn $5 when you recruit a Joy affiliate.
  • Earn $10 when you recruit a Light affiliate.
  • Earn $30 when you recruit a Plus affiliate.
  • Earn $100 when you recruit a Master Affiliate.
  • Earn $1000 when you recruit a Premium affiliate.

Residual Income Commission: you get paid residual commission in two ways; a 3×10 matrix compensation plan and a binary compensation plan. In the matrix plan, you, your upline and downline fill the team and each affiliate are worth 50 cents. The binary compensation has two positions, one on the right and on the left (two legs). As new affiliates join the team, the positions in the team grow infinitely. Pay Diamond, however, places point value on each investment:

  • Joy affiliates- 50 points.
  • Light affiliates- 100 points.
  • Plus affiliates- 1200 points.
  • Master affiliates- 3600 points.
  • Premium affiliates- 36,000 points.


There are so many red flags in this company, you first have to deal with an unknown owner, the exact business(es) Pay Diamond invests affiliates money into, the absence of a virtual product,  the recurring fees you get to pay for membership and the very long maturity period of investment before getting them. The company highly depends on bringing more affiliates into its programs which is apparently the only way it can afford to pay current affiliates their 5% weekly ROI. You need to put in mind that that once recruitment stops, there will be no one to fund the earnings received and then scores of people will lose money. In the event that you eventually lose money, who do you hold responsible? Who will the authorities nab?

Yes, there are higher chances of making money in Pay Diamond, but can you afford to monthly make heavy investments in a system that you are not too sure of? Is it legit? I will say probably. Is it a Ponzi scheme? Yes, it modus operandi attests to this. Is it a pyramid scheme? Certainly! Now to the big one…is it a scam? Presently no, but it sure has tendencies to become one except the owner(s) become more transparent in their dealings.

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