PPC advertising

Pay per click search engine advertising.

What is PPCPPC

Pay per click advertising is a type of internet marketing where a site pays each time a viewer clicks on an ad that is at the top of a search engine.

It is a way to buy visitors to your website instead of earning them organically through a search engine. (organic growth of SEM explained)

Search engine advertising is the most popular form of PPC. Advertisers bid on ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links for when a person searches keywords that would be related to that business offering. (Learn about keyword searching)

For example: If you search “sports gear” into Google, you will see sponsored ads at the top of the results page and bottom.


How is PPC worth the money?

PPC is relative to what you are selling on your website. Not every click from a sponsored ad results in a sale. But each time someone clicks on your website, you have generated more traffic and the end result will be a higher rank in Google.

Higher ranks in search engines will make it easier for your targeted audience to find you and your products. There are real benefits to using PPC when you first build your website if you can afford it.

  • More visibility for viewers.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • More chances to sell.
  • First website on the results page.

Let’s say you are selling product on your website. You are selling bicycles that cost $500 brand new. You decide to use PPC and each click costs $1. If 50 people click on your website and no one buys a bicycle, that is okay. You generated 50 new viewers to your page. Now the 51st view comes and buys one of your bicycles for $500. All you had to spend was $51 to make $449 dollars profit off of your PPC advertising.

You accomplished 2 things: More traffic and a nice profit.

It takes a lot of work to have a successful PPC marketing campaign; searching and selecting the right keywords for people to find you, to organizing keywords into a well thought out campaign of ad groups. And also making sure you have PPC landing pages that are fully optimized to convert viewers into buyers. Search engines will reward successful PPC campaigns by lowering the cost per click if your campaign is useful to your audience. Making sure you have relevant and quality content ready for your PPC campaign is very important. Lower costs from PPC always will equal higher profits.

If you use PPC you will need to know how to do it right.


What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC advertising platform in the world. Advertisers create content that will land them on the results page of Google searches and other Google properties.

Adwords is the model of pay per click advertising, in which users bid on keyword searches and pay based on each click on their advertisements. Every time a search has been started, Google will search within the Adwords advertising community to find a set of “winners” to appear on the valuable ad space of the search engines result’s page.

There is a number of factors as to who are the winners of the ad space are such as relevancy, quality of content, as well as the size of the keyword bid.

Who gets to appear on the results page is based on the advertiser’s ad rank. This ranking system is calculated by multiplying these two factors together, CPC big and Quality score.(CPC- The highest amount an advertiser is willing to spend)(Quality score- a value based on your click through rate, relevancy, and content) This system helps advertisers reach customers based on their budget. It is most like an auction.


Using Google Adwords is the best option for PPC because Google has the most used search engine. Therefore you will find the most views that will click through your ads. How often your ads will appear on the search results page depends on the keywords and match types you choose. To have a successful advertising campaign using PPC you should focus on these 3 things:

  • Keyword relevance
  • Landing page quality
  • Your overall quality score (click throughs, keywords, content)


PPC keyword search

How successful you will be is all about using the right keywords for users to find your web page. This can be incredibly time-consuming for your PPC campaign. You need to use a powerful keyword tool that will provide you accurate date to further your success. You want to constantly monitor your keyword searches and alter them accordingly. Long tail keywords will be highly effective considering there will be much less competition. again, at this stage you need to focus your keywords on relevant searches, you should use long tail keywords, and always be expanding keywords.

Read my review on the number 1 keyword search tool out today.

Create a Google Adwords account to start your PPC campaign today.

I always suggest using organic growth to become ranked on the first page of search engines. Users tend to trust the websites that have organically grown to be ranked high on Google.

Read all about SEO marketing the organic growth to be ranked in search engines.


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  1. You have a really good article on pay per click. I use SemRush to analyze competitor keywords including their paid advertising. This is useful for finding good keywords to bid on. It can really get expensive using Google Adwords if you don’t set up your ads and keywords correctly. If the keywords are too general, then you will end up paying too much.

    1. Hmm, Thank you Glen. I will be looking into SemRush for myself. I know for PPC campaigns if you do not set up and start correctly its just going to get very expensive and be a waste of money! I’ll have to find out more about SemRush!

  2. HI Kurtis,
    I have not yet used PPC advertising, so your article is insightful. I had never thought about it buying visitors to my site, very interesting thought. I can see the value, but it could be rather expensive if it wasn’t done right. Do you know where we could find more information on “doing it right?” I also wondered if you are allowed to advertise affiliate products using PPC?
    Thank you for a very informative review.

    1. Yeah for sure chas, the more visitors you have reading your content it’s also going to affect your SEO! might not be worth doing PPC just for visitors on your website so you show up on page 1 of google. I’m going to be adding more information! so check back in a couple of days and I will provide a lot more details. n Yes you can affiliate market with PPC. You just have to make sure your content is going to convert when clicked or its just going to be expensive. I know the affiliate programs don’t pay a ton every person who signs up. So you have to make sure it would convert consistently for you!

  3. I have tried PPC a little bit for one of my website. I was trying to promote an eBook. I let $50 or so run before I turned it off with no sale.

    However, I used it to successfully fill an event that we put on for our catering company. It was really cheap for what we were trying to do vs. using a radio or TV ad.

    I will give PPC a try again for my website once I start getting some more sales.

    1. Yeah if its not converting into sales its not worth it! Once you have some sales its a perfect time to open up new marketing gates! like PPC you can try for a while and if its not working its either your content is not converting. or your keywords arent hitting on the right subject to convert!

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